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Café China

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Chinesisches Restaurant und Szechuan-Restaurant$$$$
Garment District, New York City
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  • Angela W.Herz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    Angela WenDezember 5, 2015
    Schon mehr als 5 Mal hier gewesen
    Food is awesome but the cocktails are amazing! The decor is vintage Shanghai, the food is authentic and perfect level of spice. Get the Chungking fish and the husband wife appetizer.
  • Elika R.Herz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    Elika Real EstateJuly 19, 2018
    Shrimp Dumplings and Cumin Lamb I enjoyed. Great room, great food & great bartender. Next time will bring the family. After 24 years in NY finally a great Chinese Resturant I have found in Manhattan.
  • Al S.Herz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    Al SOktober 27, 2015
    Schon mehr als 5 Mal hier gewesen
    The spicy Chungking chicken and vegetable fried rice with mustard greens are exceptional. This is one of if not the best Chinese spot in NYC. It gets busy though so plan accordingly.
  • EDUARDO R.Herz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    EDUARDO ROMERODezember 1, 2018
    Very good. The dumplings on chili oil are delicious! Portions are big, for a couple order two entrées and a dish. It can be really crowded, but it is definitely worth it.
  • Marie L.Herz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    Marie La RueApril 9, 2022
    New updated location of this NY institution. Go with a large group to sample as many dishes as possible. Crispy eel is incredible. Mapo tofu and King Pao chicken are favorites.
  • Cole K.Herz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    Cole KennedyJuly 27, 2018
    Take a very large group of people and eat a ton of food. Preferably on an expense account. Preferably at lunch so you can use the collective food coma as an excuse to go home early.
  • Chefs Feed
    Chefs FeedOktober 2, 2015
    "The braised sole in red soup is an incredible modern adaptation of an old school dish. It's spicy with a subtle heat, and has a rich mouth feel with tofu and crunchy veggies." Chef Russell Jackson Mehr erfahren
  • Eater
    EaterOktober 8, 2013
    Cafe China serves all your Sichuan favorites in a dining room that evokes 1930s Shanghai. Standout dishes include spicy diced rabbit, baby black lamb, and "Szechuan pesto chicken." [Eater 38 Member]
  • DoubleDeuceHerz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    DoubleDeuceMärz 22, 2019
    There's definitely a good reason that it's Michelin rated. So so so good. Great to get a lot of places and share with friends. Definitely could use an extra toilet though.
  • Lori L.Herz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    Lori LuoAugust 10, 2014
    Café China continues to serve up refined takes on Sichuan cuisine. Even after many years, the Spicy Diced Rabbit and Three Pepper Chicken continue to deliver on spice and flavor.
  • ChenyuHerz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    ChenyuApril 4, 2013
    Schon mehr als 25 Mal hier gewesen
    Don't miss five spiced beef - reminds me of China. And love the tofu w celery. The dumplings are ok(thick skin - not my fav) in love with cafe china& they r on seamless with 1 Michelin too
  • Ashley C.Herz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    Ashley ChanOktober 2, 2016
    The dumplings here are the best. Come here for the pork dumplings in chili oil and xiao long bao, they're comparable to the ones you get in Asia!
  • Serious Eats
    Serious EatsFebruar 10, 2015
    A modern Sichuan restaurant decked out in vintage 1920s Shanghai decor. The focus here is on quality, not quantity, with expertly cooked proteins and a smart hand with the spices.
  • Melissa C.Herz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    Melissa ChaiDezember 30, 2015
    Authentic Chinese in midtown! Try the sautéed snow pea shoots with garlic when they're in season and tender (i.e., not in the summer)
  • Raquel G.Herz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    Raquel GCApril 20, 2017
    I would go as far as saying it was the best Chinese food i have ever had so far. Pork dumplings in chili oil are a must so is the cumin lamb
  • Lori J.
    Lori Jenkins-McClureAugust 12, 2013
    Came in right before 10pm and they still let me order take-out. I'm a vegetarian and I got steamed green beans and veg dumplings. Amazing! I wasn't brave enough to try the ma po tofu. Thx cafe china!
  • Twinkle D.Herz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    Twinkle DenoyoAugust 31, 2017
    This place is very authentic, even the waiters dont speak much english so be patient. We got the dan dan noodles and some dumplings and everything was good! Crowded spot but worth it!
  • May♍Herz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    May♍Februar 16, 2022
    Iconic Café China is your exceptional Chinese spot in Manhattan. Authentic Schezuan food, laidback atmosphere and unmatched drinks and service
  • Allen Y.
    Allen YangAugust 7, 2014
    Really good Sichuan food; can't go wrong with any of the entrees. Try the "Fish Blossom" entree, which is hard to find in NYC. Also one of the classier Chinese restaurants in Manhattan.
  • Sam W.Herz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    Sam WinnickMai 6, 2015
    Most authentic and tasty joint! I love it here! The chili dumplings, sesame noodles and spicy beef are just a few of the favorites!
  • Derek K.Herz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    Derek KanJuly 4, 2013
    Schon mehr als 10 Mal hier gewesen
    One of the best Chinese restaurants I've been in NYC. Szechuan style - but goodies from other regions as well. Deserves that 1 star from Michelin
  • Guilherme 梅.Herz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    Guilherme 梅田Oktober 28, 2016
    Ótima surpresa que uma busca no 4square me deu. Ótimo restaurante! Decoração antiga, atendimento cordial e porções grandes. E não precisa pagar tip. Noodles, eggplants e peixe! Ótimas pedidas!
  • Kayvon T.Herz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    Kayvon TehranianMai 7, 2017
    Phenomenal Szechuan food in a 1930's Shanghai setting. There's nothing as fun or tasty anywhere else in the neighborhood.
  • ChenyuHerz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    ChenyuMai 14, 2013
    Schon mehr als 25 Mal hier gewesen
    Try the mouth-watering chicken (with peanuts and sesame ) beyond expectation. Tea-smoked duck is huge portion & take long time to prepare - worth the wait :)
  • Tao T.
    Tao TaoSeptember 14, 2014
    Pork dumplings in spicy sauce, eggplant and cold noodles (appetizer) were amazing. Not cheap but excellent Chinese food. Good atmosphere too
  • Leah L.Herz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    Leah LiDezember 11, 2014
    Be forewarned that all the dishes tend to be on the salty side. That being said, everything is still delicious! Try the husband and wife, mouth-watering chicken, and cucumbers to start.
  • Travel + Leisure
    Travel + LeisureMärz 19, 2013
    The soup dumplings are an essential New York bite: Shanghainese xiao long bao with soy-vinegar- ginger sauce. More places to eat like a local:
  • Nicolette R.Herz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    Nicolette RomeroOktober 11, 2014
    Everything we tried was so flavorful! Standout dishes were the pork dumplings, dan dan noodles, kung pao chicken and the beef with green chilies. Your mouth will leave on fire!
  • Christian D.Herz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    Christian DickmannFebruar 5, 2017
    Dumplings in chili oil are fantastic. three pepper chicken is great, but be warned: it is very spicy (and I like it spicy) and has no sauce for the rice.
  • Harish H.Herz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    Harish HoonFebruar 2, 2015
    Dan Dan noodles, pork dumplings in chili oil, cumin lamb and three pepper chicken. And yeah.. the lychee cocktail washes things down well.
  • Bruce H.Herz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    Bruce HaydonDezember 14, 2017
    Great dumplings and authentic Chinese dishes. Sometimes crowded, but consistently good. Worth the wait in line. Just be aware this is not healthiest Chinese food - lots of fried.
  • Guha A.Herz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    Guha ArunkumarJuni 10, 2017
    Get the stir fried assorted fresh mushroom (and ask for it to be made spicy) irrespective of whether you're a vegetarian or not. 😋
  • Douglas Elliman
    Douglas EllimanJuly 21, 2014
    A traditional Sichuan menu with gorgeous Shanghai decorations from the 1930s. Although the restaurant is very trendy, the menu remains traditional. We love the spicy Sichuan style chicken.
  • Dee H.
    Dee HJuni 28, 2016
    Wonton soup, pork dumplings in chilli oil are phenomenal! Delivery is super fast.
  • ChenyuHerz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    ChenyuDezember 22, 2012
    Schon mehr als 25 Mal hier gewesen
    Am from China and The five spice beef cold dish made me feel like back home in china. Highly recommend ! Not a fan of their dumplings cuz the cover quite thick
  • What's Good HereHerz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    What's Good HereAugust 24, 2015
    The pork dumplings in chili oil appetizer is packed with flavor. Stir up the spices in the oil and drizzle on each dumpling.
  • Savannah P.Herz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    Savannah PetrickJanuar 8, 2016
    great decor & good food. skip the ginger duck- it's primarily peppers (?) with tiny shreds of duck & hardly any hint of ginger. I half thought they brought the wrong dish. soup buns all had holes ☹
  • Tasting Table
    Tasting TableJuni 22, 2012
    The fiery eats at this spot are a great way to spice up a Midtown lunch. Look for three dishes that are new to the menu: Lamb Hot Pot, Steamed Pork in Lotus Leaf and Chinese Broccoli: Mehr erfahren
  • Michelin Travel & Lifestyle
    Sample 3-pepper chicken with meat so tender, skin so crispy, & peppers so fiery that diners have been known to swoon. – Green Guide Editor
  • Real Cheap Eats
    Real Cheap EatsAugust 15, 2012
    Try the “mouth watering chicken." Bone-in chicken is poached & chilled, arriving in a bowl slicked with neon-colored chili-and-sesame oil. It somehow manages to be refreshing & incendiary all at once. Mehr erfahren
  • KathHerz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    KathNovember 26, 2015
    Get Dan Dan noodles!! Coming in before 7pm dinner rush. They don't take reservations for party under 4.
  • Pramod P.
    Pramod PaiMai 8, 2015
    Tea Smoked Duck – Unlike Peking duck, this aromatically smoked duck retains a fatty layer of caramel skin with deep flavor so complex that you may even forego the accompanying sauce Mehr erfahren
  • Tom L.Herz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    Tom LaiMai 12, 2017
    Everything is good! They only take reservations for large group though
  • Neel H.Herz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    Neel HajareJuly 23, 2018
    Pork dumplings in chili oil, Chungking spicy chicken, and spicy cumin lamb were all great!
  • kate k
    kate kJanuar 18, 2015
    Szechuan pickled vegetables are surprisingly tasty. Dumplings in chilli oil excellent - slightly sweet. Dan Dan noodles disappointing - dig for the greens at the bottom.
  • 7th.List
    7th.ListMai 19, 2012
    Try - Five-spice beef; spicy beef tendon; spicy diced rabbit; pork sandwiches; pickle and fish stew; chungking spicy chicken. Ambiance - A pretty and low-key attempt to summon 1930s Shanghai Mehr erfahren
  • Steph Y.Herz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    Steph YiuDezember 13, 2015
    I can't feel my tongue. The mapo tofu is good, but the Dan Dan noodles were the winner.
  • Kendall W.
    Kendall WolzMärz 15, 2014
    Awesome food. Family of four ordered four different dishes. We should have only ordered too. Lots of left overs. Loved the Kung pao and three pepper chicken
  • Tom D.
    Tom DiMaggioMai 29, 2017
    Best Chinese food and it's not even close. If you're around for lunch, the lunch specials give you plenty and for amazing prices.
  • FreshNYC p.
    FreshNYC p}-:{>Februar 21, 2015
    This Michelin-acclaimed Chinese art-deco restaurant “elegantly” dishes out authentic regional Sichuan cuisine in a “period” environment transporting diners to the “golden Era” of 1930s Shanghai. Mehr erfahren
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