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      DF/MEXICOAugust 19, 2014
      • Shoreditch, Vereinigtes Königreich

      Graphic stripes liven up the space, which serves up modern Mexican and American diner food from ancho mushroom or steak and cheese DIY tacos to NYC-style tortas with brioche buns and smashed avocado Mehr Infos

      Experte in Sachen Shoreditch, Vereinigtes Königreich
      7 Mal gespeichert
      Foxes DenMärz 4, 2014
      • Port Melbourne, Australien

      The menu expresses a sincere philosophy of healthy eating using local free-range ingredients featuring dishes like hot chicken rolls with a filling of your choice or curries served with brown rice Mehr Infos

      5 Mal gespeichert
      Ferme Saint-Simonbearbeitet März 4, 2014
      • Paris, Frankreich

      Chef Ali Iguedlane's kitchen delivers finely tuned rustic classics like suckling pig, veal sweetbreads and French Dover sole in butter with risotto and herbs. Mehr Infos

      1 Speicherung
      Ace Hotel Downtown Los AngelesFebruar 4, 2014
      • Los Angeles, USA

      Ace Hotel's new musical bolt-hole in Downtown Los Angeles hits all the high notes, while its casual all-day restaurant features the group's usual arsenal of top-notch food, coffee and drinks. Mehr Infos

      Experte in Sachen Hotels
      2 Mal gespeichert
      Quinta De LemosJanuar 13, 2014
      • Portugal

      Nestled in the heart of one of Portugal's oldest wine regions, Quinta de Lemos is spread over 50 hectares of rolling vineyard and olive groves. Mehr Infos

      3 Mal gespeichert
      Pérez Art Museum Miami (PAMM)bearbeitet März 4, 2014
      • Miami, USA

      The Pérez Art Museum Miami by Herzog & de Meuron is a bold new addition to city's downtown district. Mehr Infos

      2 Mal gespeichert
      Covent Gardenbearbeitet März 4, 2014
      • London, Vereinigtes Königreich

      Celebrating its long tradition of avant-garde design, Dior breaks new ground with its freshly unveiled beauty boutique in London’s Covent Garden. Mehr Infos

      Experte in Sachen London, Vereinigtes Königreich
      One Canada Squarebearbeitet März 4, 2014
      • Canary Wharf, Vereinigtes Königreich

      Chef Jamie Dobbin runs a raw-based kitchen in one of London's most iconic buildings. The David Collins Studio-designed restaurant's experimental mains include a scallop and shrimp burger with kimchee. Mehr Infos

      8 Mal gespeichert
      New MuseumNovember 7, 2013
      • New York City, USA

      To coincide with the opening of its Chris Burden exhibition earlier this month, New York's New Museum unveiled a new eatery, Hester Street Cafe, operated by its neighbour, Hester Street Fair. Mehr Infos

      Palais de TokyoOktober 28, 2013
      • Paris, Frankreich

      The French contemporary artist Philippe Parreno was handed free rein to curate a show at the Palais de Tokyo. The result is the mutli-disciplinary: 'Anywhere, Anywhere out of the World' exhibition. Mehr Infos

      8 Mal gespeichert
      Andaz London Liverpool StreetOktober 23, 2013
      • London, Vereinigtes Königreich

      The restored masonic temple inside the Andaz Liverpool Street, a fin de siècle mansion that was formerly the Great Eastern Hotel, is a hidden gem that was un-earthed during restoration Mehr Infos

      Experte in Sachen Hotels und London, Vereinigtes Königreich
      4 Mal gespeichert
      BoulestinOktober 22, 2013
      • London, Vereinigtes Königreich

      The 60-seat bistro comprises a private dining room and the more casual Café Marcel. Both serve up menus of mostly classic French fare, such as jambon persillé and cassoulet Mehr Infos

      Experte in Sachen London, Vereinigtes Königreich
      3 Mal gespeichert
      Coya LondonSeptember 5, 2013
      • London, Vereinigtes Königreich

      Tasty array of Peruvian delights such as 'Conchas con ají limo' (scallops with limo chilli crumbs), immense grilled meat and the unforgettable ceviche of corvina and truffle. Mehr Infos

      Experte in Sachen London, Vereinigtes Königreich
      11 Mal gespeichert
      Miku RestaurantAugust 27, 2013
      • Vancouver, Kanada

      Enjoy a spectacular view while dining on the seafood rich menu, spiced up by the likes of brown butter wasabi prime rib and exotic rum and ginger beer cocktails. Mehr Infos

      10 Mal gespeichert
      Harrison'sAugust 8, 2013
      • London, Vereinigtes Königreich

      Wash down the lamb shoulder shepherd’s pie, and chilled crab trifle with a jug of the house pour Mehr Infos

      Experte in Sachen London, Vereinigtes Königreich
      4 Mal gespeichert
      Scholz am ParkAugust 5, 2013
      • Stuttgart, Deutschland

      Traditional French fare is given a twist with local ingredients and a vertical rotisserie roasts meat, fish and veg to perfection Mehr Infos

      4 Mal gespeichert
      Elliot'sbearbeitet July 22, 2013
      • London, Vereinigtes Königreich

      Hard to resist gorging on the fresh baked bread before the meal arrives - but hold out for the pork belly salad or sprouting broccoli with brown butter eggs

      Experte in Sachen London, Vereinigtes Königreich
      16 Mal gespeichert
      Big Fernand MontorgueilJuly 9, 2013
      • Paris, Frankreich

      Uniquely french take on the American burger last year, with an interesting choice of meats: Charolais beef, Limousin veal, lamb or chicken. Buns are baked daily to the restaurant's own recipe. Mehr Infos

      21 Mal gespeichert
      Veganistabearbeitet July 2, 2013
      • Wien, Österreich

      Lush vegan ice cream for the summer - try basil or roasted coconut - served up in an equally lush parlour. Mehr Infos

      14 Mal gespeichert
      CatalunyaJuly 1, 2013
      • 灣仔, Hongkong

      Chef Alain Devahive Tolosa’s signature Catalunya tomato tartar and suckling pig is a culinary highlight. Mehr Infos

      5 Mal gespeichert