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Petaling Jaya
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Kuala Lumpur
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Kota Bharu
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Tanjung Sepat
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Chiang Mai
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George Town
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Yuen Haw
36 aktualisierte Orte Juni 4, 2018
36 Orte einschließlich Dinh Độc Lập / Dinh Thống Nhất (Independence Palace / Reunification Palace), Phở Phú Vương, Xa Loi Pagoda, Municipal Theatre
Yuen Haw
12 aktualisierte Orte Mai 31, 2018
12 Orte einschließlich Chùa Từ Đàm, Thế Tổ Miếu, Madam Thu Restaurant_Local Specialty Restaurant, Hưng Tổ Miếu
Yuen Haw
30 aktualisierte Orte Mai 30, 2018
30 Orte einschließlich Vườn Hoa Lý Thái Tổ (Ly Thai To Park), Đền Bạch Mã (Bach Ma Temple), Cộng Càphê, Nhà Hát Lớn Hà Nội (Hanoi Opera House)
Yuen Haw
32 aktualisierte Orte Juni 4, 2018
32 Orte einschließlich Phở Sướng, Lăng Tự Đức, Cơm Tấm Ba Ghiền, Bún Thịt Nướng Chị Tuyền
Yuen Haw
29 aktualisierte Orte Mai 21, 2017
29 Orte einschließlich Tamahide, Nodaiwa, Yoroiya, Kagari
Yuen Haw
37 aktualisierte Orte Dezember 18, 2016
37 Orte einschließlich Chiang Mai, Big Bee Farm (Chiang Mai), N B K Leather, Wat Inthakin Sadue Mueang Museum
    Aktuelle Tipps von Yuen Haw
    "Their chicken wings are made of 40% meat, 60% batter. Highly recommended if you like to eat fried batter more than fried chicken."
    Yuen HawYuen Haw · Januar 19
    · Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
    "Before leaving Tokyo, treat yourself to one of the best Tonkatsu meals ever. Perfectly breaded juicy pork fillets. Bottomless rice and cabbage."
    Yuen HawYuen Haw · Dezember 30, 2017
    · Tokyo, Japan
    "The line can get really long, but its totally worth the wait. One of the best Tsukemen experiences ever. Go for medium as large can be quite overwhelming for some."
    Yuen HawYuen Haw · Dezember 30, 2017
    · Tokyo, Japan
    "Superb chicken broth served as an appetizer. Heavenly good Oyakodon. Totally worth the long queue to get inside. The only drawback will be the small portion."
    Yuen HawYuen Haw · Dezember 30, 2017
    · Tokyo, Japan
    "Braised beef Gyudon is unlike any other Gyudon I've ever tasted. Excellent and flavorful, perfect on a rainy morning, and even better when paired with beer!"
    Yuen HawYuen Haw · Dezember 30, 2017
    · Tokyo, Japan
    "Try their horse meat Sashimi and horse meat stew for a unique experience."
    Yuen HawYuen Haw · Dezember 30, 2017
    · 長野市, Japan