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      National Museum of American HistoryOktober 30, 2010
      • Washington, USA

      When on a guided tour of a history museum, at every civilization, ask whether the men of that era ever had an overpowering urge to dress as a woman and be caressed by a big, strong man.

      63 Mal gespeichert
      Yankee StadiumJuly 26, 2010
      • Bronx, USA

      Local Coverage: Slashed Ticket Prices Allow Lesser Nobility To Attend Yankees Games Mehr Infos

      52 Mal gespeichert
      LaGuardia Airport (LGA)July 26, 2010
      • East Elmhurst, USA

      If you plan to be gone more than a few days, set an automatic timer to turn your lights on and off five times a second while pulsating techno music plays. Mehr Infos

      309 Mal gespeichert
      Museum of SexJuly 26, 2010
      • New York City, USA

      Local Coverage: Trojan Introduces ‘No One’s Pleasure’ Condoms For Bitter, Resentful Couples Mehr Infos

      87 Mal gespeichert
      The Metropolitan Museum of ArtJuly 26, 2010
      • New York City, USA

      Beware: Some museums are more reputable than others. The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City? Pretty reputable. The Flagstaff Groundhog & Jackalope Hall of Fame? Less so. Mehr Infos

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