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Paige C

Paige C


I thrive on trying new things, visiting exotic places & noshing on delicious foods. Constantly looking for dog friendly spots that my pups will like.

New York, NY · Superuser icon?Superuser Level 5
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Top-Städte von Paige
New York
65 Listen erstellt · 142 Tipps
39 Listen erstellt · 5 Tipps
Port Washington
33 Listen erstellt · 8 Tipps
San Francisco
31 Listen erstellt · 10 Tipps
Los Angeles
25 Listen erstellt · 1 Tipp
San Diego
17 Listen erstellt · 5 Tipps
17 Listen erstellt · 4 Tipps
12 Listen erstellt · 9 Tipps
Tel Aviv
18 Listen erstellt · 2 Tipps
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Paige C
29 aktualisierte Orte April 28, 2020
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Paige C
21 aktualisierte Orte April 28, 2020
Things to do and places to eat at in New Orleans!
Paige C
29 aktualisierte Orte August 15, 2019
All around Paris
Paige C
8 aktualisierte Orte September 2, 2019
The best menus, deals, service etc
Paige C
31 aktualisierte Orte Dezember 13, 2019
31 Orte einschließlich Maison Pickle, Seamore's, The Dutch, Sarabeth's East
Paige C
10 aktualisierte Orte April 28, 2020
10 Orte einschließlich Salty Paws, Hyatt Place Dewey Beach, Woody's Dewey Beach, The Coffee Mill
    Aktuelle Tipps von Paige
    "Very poor quality. Cheap and greasy."
    Paige CPaige C · Februar 13
    · New York City, USA
    "This place is disgusting. Food is poor quality, cheap and all over the place. They are so stingy too."
    Paige CPaige C · Februar 2
    · New York City, USA
    "Don’t order from here. Food was ice cold and came without any silverware. Everything (the meat, sides, salad and dips) were all smushed together in one container in a very sloppy way. Not impressed."
    Paige CPaige C · Januar 15
    · Brooklyn, USA
    "I liked the food but if it’s crowded, which it always is, you’re just basically standing on top of people who are dining and cramped into a space very awkwardly. They have no lobby/waiting area."
    Paige CPaige C · Januar 12
    · Yonkers, USA
    "Slices were very thin but the crust was great!"
    Paige CPaige C · Januar 12
    · New York City, USA
    "Bagel quality has declined unfortunately."
    Paige CPaige C · Dezember 30, 2019
    · Mahwah, USA