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I'm so many things but mostly Head of Digital, globe trotter, beach connoisseur, early adopter, rooftop enthusiast... Obsessed w/ fitness, health & meditation

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New York
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San Francisco
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Las Vegas
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Miami Beach
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Los Angeles
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Playa del Carmen
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Léna Le Rolland
2 aktualisierte Orte Oktober 18, 2019
Léna Le Rolland
3 aktualisierte Orte August 30, 2019
3 Orte einschließlich The Bund, IFC Mall, Lujiazui Central Green Space
Léna Le Rolland
47 aktualisierte Orte Oktober 22, 2019
47 Orte einschließlich Foiegwa, Le Glacier Bilboquet, Beautys Luncheonette, Place du Canada
Léna Le Rolland
13 aktualisierte Orte Oktober 6, 2018
13 Orte einschließlich Maison Blanche, Toit-terrasse Molitor, A. Noste, Le Recamier
Léna Le Rolland
21 aktualisierte Orte August 4, 2018
21 Orte einschließlich The Wrigley Building, Michigan Avenue Bridge, Lurie Garden, Clarence Buckingham Memorial Fountain
Léna Le Rolland
21 aktualisierte Orte November 8, 2018
After studying at Harvard I know alllllll the good spots
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    "Honestly WOW. What a great experience, the food is absolutely incredible! Everything is so well done, tasty, fresh, we couldn't get enough. Service was impeccable. Ambiance is great too. YES YES YES!"
    Léna Le RollandLéna Le Rolland · Februar 18, 2020
    · Bondi Beach, Australien
    "renovation hasn't been a good thing for them, the store is very unpractical and not thought properly. They do have great options especially in the meat/cheese & bread sections. Staff: if you're lucky"
    Léna Le RollandLéna Le Rolland · November 30, 2019
    · Bondi Beach, Australien
    "cute & cozy place with great food and drinks options. Just very disappointed staff & service every single time"
    Léna Le RollandLéna Le Rolland · November 30, 2019
    · Bondi Beach, Australien
    "Pizza is always a good idea especially a Doughboy Pizza. Pick up or delivery the quality is always on point. Ingredients are tasty & fresh. It's my goto and it never disappoints. Always great service!"
    Léna Le RollandLéna Le Rolland · November 30, 2019
    · Bondi, Australien
    "Tbh appart from the view, this place has nothing, the food was all frozen or came from a can.. so many good places around this place is not worth is & don't get me started on the 10% extra on weekends"
    Léna Le RollandLéna Le Rolland · November 30, 2019
    · Bondi Beach, Australien
    "Food was good, service was meh and didn't love the constant trying to upsell you"
    Léna Le RollandLéna Le Rolland · November 30, 2019
    · Sydney, Australien