Hadoota Masreya Restaurant & Cafe

Hadoota Masreya Restaurant & Cafe

Ägyptisches Restaurant$$$$
الصفا الأولى, Dubai
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  • Eman A.Herz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    Eman AbdulazizApril 16, 2018
    Absolutely amazing Egyptian restaurant. The food is tasteful and being served hot. I very much liked the Kushari, mixed grill, Sahlab, and Kushari mint tea. Don’t miss the live music nights.
  • Zubair A.
    Zubair AhmedSeptember 30, 2014
    Unique, creative, timeless, wide ranging, elegant – this is how we describe HTS Interiors. Our creative designs with the best quality services make us one of the most sought interior decorators in UAE Mehr erfahren
  • Shady N.Herz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    Shady NabilOktober 11, 2016
    Schon mehr als 5 Mal hier gewesen
    One of the best Egyptian and Arabic restaurants in Dubai, with the Egyptian mode! Huge variety for the main course and don't miss the shisha!!
    vor 2 Wochen positiv bewertet
  • Salem 2.Herz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    Salem 23Januar 16, 2017
    This place is really amazing. Food is so good. Really good!!! Prices are reasonable. Service is fine, ambiance & atmosphere is nice & friendly. I had a 10/10 experience. Definitely will be back 4 more
  • NmHerz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    NmSeptember 25, 2016
    Highly recommended for Egyptian food .. Go for Koshari and Kofta !!
  • NujudHerz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    NujudSeptember 15, 2016
    A great spot for shisha lovers. Even if you dont shisha you'll have fun. Its a happy place. They have plenty of dishes in their menu and they serve egyptian food also.It smelled good to be honest.
  • BaderHerz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    BaderSeptember 8, 2017
    Enjoyed the time here.. many options for authentic Egyptian food.. Kushari + Molokya were tasty!! Also the Basbosa was an excellent choice to end the meal.
  • Mohammed A.Herz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    Mohammed Abu HajarMärz 5, 2017
    Schon mehr als 5 Mal hier gewesen
    الريش والملوخية والبامية والبصارة والحمام المحشي وشيشة عنب نعناع وأدعيلي
  • Ramy M.Herz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    Ramy MahrousJuni 17, 2016
    Schon mehr als 5 Mal hier gewesen
    I tried lots of places especially open buffet in Ramadan, I've not seen all these varieties/quantity like in Hadoota plus theh have many many oriental Egyptian dishes.Thanks for your great hospitality
  • Tooshz ( Faten B)Herz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    Tooshz ( Faten B)November 30, 2015
    أفضل مكان جربته للاكل المصري .. الاكل بكل مصداقيه لذيذ .. لازم تجربون الكرنب ، الملوخية ، الباميا ، الفته مع الفريك ... كل شي كان لذيذ ١٠٪‏١٠
  • Mohammed A.Herz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    Mohammed Abu HajarFebruar 6, 2015
    Schon mehr als 5 Mal hier gewesen
    أحسن مطعم مصري في دبي جرب البصارة والطحينة كقبلات والرقاق باللحمة والمشاوي المشكلة وطبعا الحمام المحشي بالفريك وشوربة الحمام
  • Rawan
    RawanSeptember 20, 2014
    وسيع صدرو و أكلو لذيذ , nice place with very tasty food
  • Y. A.
    Y. AhmedOktober 29, 2014
    The best Egyptian restaurant in Dubai. Fully divided into a cafe and restaurant. Great taste. Good variety. Service was fine. Not very clean.
  • Roma B.Herz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    Roma BakshaniFebruar 28, 2018
    The best shisha in Dubai - try with ice pipe. Their Alexandria falafel and koshari are fantastic, and for dessert do not miss the zabalaya dipped in Nutella!
  • Kanwal S.
    Kanwal SaeedSeptember 8, 2015
    As a 1st timer in authentic egyptian restaurant, tried molokheya with chicken as per egyptians recommendation. Not a disppointment at all. Soup tasted very distinct. Chicken was tender & juicy. 👍🏻
  • -
    -July 7, 2019
    The food is yummy & very chill vibes. Highly recommend the vanilla shisha.
  • SehamHerz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    SehamDezember 17, 2018
    The food is awesome❤️wanted to try everything in the menu
  • Fatima A.Herz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    Fatima Al HashimiAugust 30, 2014
    Amazing Egyptian food. Had the koshari & stuffed pigeon, really good. Also try their Egyptian Mango juice.
  • Odai M.Herz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    Odai MarieAugust 15, 2014
    A little bit pricey, satisfying selection of Egyptian cuisines. Fairly good service, I only tried grape & mint Shisha and it was good. They take the last order at 12:30 AM and usually close at 1:00AM
  • Dana A.
    Dana AbulabanJuni 16, 2012
    Hadoota Masreya have the very best Egyptian food! The place looks great as well. Service is very attentive. Try the 7awawshe, Koshare, feteer and the amazing Ta3meyya amongst many other amazing dishes
  • AG✨💍Herz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    AG✨💍Februar 19, 2014
    koshary koshary it's Amazing once you start you'll not stop digging don't forget to put the sauces.
  • NorahHerz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    NorahAugust 26, 2018
    Great Egyptian food .. go for the Molokhyah, Nagrisco, Koshari and Feteet Meshaltet Yummy!!!
  • Deema M.Herz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    Deema MZApril 5, 2015
    Koshri👌👌👌 nice Egyption atmosphere ... Lovely songs .. If you fan of shesha you will love it I think .,
  • Joe A.
    Joe AkkawiAugust 22, 2013
    Schon mehr als 5 Mal hier gewesen
    The food is amazing. Kushari, Falafel and Kuftah are highly recommended. Sheesha is great too. Worth the money.
  • Fahad A.Herz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    Fahad AhmedJanuar 6, 2019
    One of the best restaurants in dubai must try it.
  • Marwa Y.Herz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    Marwa YehiaApril 20, 2013
    Check out the open buffet on Friday, they serve amazing collection of food and make sure not to miss the dessert "umm Ali"
  • Dr.Reham G.Herz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    Dr.Reham GaryMärz 26, 2017
    الأكل كان لذيذ و العاملين مرا بشوشين و طيبين جدا حبيت المطعم المزه بالفته و الممبار جدا لذيذ و شوربة العدس جدا طعمة تقيمي ٩/١٠
  • Hany M.Herz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    Hany MokhtarMai 24, 2015
    Schon mehr als 25 Mal hier gewesen
    Nice variety & nice food but be aware don't order a lot because they have big dishes even in appetizers & may b u won't be able to finish all.. Also take care coz they use lots of oil & fats!!
  • NouraHerz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    NouraMärz 13, 2016
    The best Egyptian restaurant you have to try ( رقاق- ملوخيه- باميه-ممبار- كشري ) its a must !! 😋
  • Nöôr D.
    Nöôr DwïkâtOktober 10, 2014
    Tasty food.. One of a kind mango juice.. Yummy peach shesha.. Friendly stuff.. Unfortunately with a bad service
  • Salem S.Herz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    Salem SalemApril 7, 2017
    Excellent food good place, they have variety choices in menu
  • Hany M.Herz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    Hany MokhtarJanuar 4, 2019
    Schon mehr als 25 Mal hier gewesen
    Best Egyptian resturant in Dubai!!
  • The C.
    The CeoDezember 6, 2013
    Perfect Egyptian food. Go for t3meya , kushari , hawawshe all cooked to perfection. Music just was too loud.
  • Ali 〰
    Ali 〰Dezember 12, 2013
    حمام بالفريك وملوخية بالفراخ ومعهم طبق المشوي كفته وكباب ...حاجه عظمه ي عم
  • RashonaHerz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    RashonaJuni 20, 2018
    Everything is amazing and delicious
  • Osama N.
    Osama NattoOktober 11, 2014
    مخلل الطماطم من افضل اذا مو الأفضل من ما جربت pickled tomato is one of the best if not the best from what I tried
  • Rashed A.Herz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    Rashed Al-MunaiaAugust 28, 2019
    Schon mehr als 5 Mal hier gewesen
    Great Egyptian place and delicious food.
  • Osama N.
    Osama NattoOktober 11, 2014
    الحواوشي طازج و لذيذ و دسم يمي يمي hawawshi is fresh , delicious and very fatty yummy yummy
  • Bashair M.Herz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    Bashair MelibariSeptember 9, 2019
    Mulokheya , fatta and mosgaa are all good also lemon mint ♥️
  • RawanHerz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    RawanDezember 30, 2017
    Best Egyptian food, don't hesitate with any order. Specially when it comes to shisha they are the best.
  • Hanadi M.Herz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    Hanadi MoonAugust 22, 2015
    صراحة مطعم جميييييييل والشيشه جميله عجبني كل ما أزور دبي ان شاءالله راح اروح له انصحكم فيه آه نسيت اقولكم أسعاره كويسه مو غالي
  • Hanouf A.Herz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    Hanouf AlSanadNovember 8, 2019
    الكشري رائع و الملوخية حكاية.
  • Loly A.Herz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    Loly AlqFebruar 7, 2017
    One of the best places in dubai for Egyptian food dont miss mlokheh and double apple sheeshh
  • Abdullah A.Herz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    Abdullah Al-KhalifahOktober 23, 2019
    Tasty & value for money.
  • suad
    suadFebruar 24, 2016
    Best on saturdays for live arabic/oud music. their Kushari and Béchamel are to die for.
  • Memo ..
    Memo ..Dezember 8, 2014
    اكل مصري على اصوله يجنن مرره الكشري والمحاشي والملوخيه والباذنجان بالثوم روووعه من زمان ما اكلت اكل مصري كذا
  • Raneem M.
    Raneem MGAugust 20, 2017
    The koshary and eggplant with garlic & vinegar is a must! The overall atmosphere is nice!
  • Tooshz ( Faten B)Herz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    Tooshz ( Faten B)April 27, 2016
    They are getting down .. In my last visit the food was over salted couldn't complete my dish اصبحو سيئين في اخر زيارة الاكل زائد الملوحة باستثناء الملوخية مازالت طيبه
  • Noha A.Herz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    Noha AMärz 15, 2023
    جربنا الملوخيه مره مالحه، الكفته لذيذه، فطير مشلتت ناشف مره، الباشاميل لذيذه و الملفوف جيد بس في أحلى
  • LaylaHerz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    LaylaJanuar 18, 2018
    everytime i visit dubai i have to come here. the food is really good ❤️
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