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Emily Roy

Emily Roy


upstate NY lover, city liver.

New York, NY
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  • New York
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  • Waltham
  • Ballston Spa
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New York
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Saratoga Springs
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Ballston Spa
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San Francisco
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Jersey City
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Emily Roy
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Emily Roy
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Emily Roy
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Emily Roy
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Emily Roy
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Emily Roy
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    Aktuelle Tipps von Emily
    "Newly renovated and gorgeous! Great machines and challenging teachers."
    Emily RoyEmily Roy · Oktober 1, 2019
    · New York City, USA
    "Cleanest / nicest Starbucks bathrooms I’ve ever been to!"
    Emily RoyEmily Roy · April 20, 2018
    Coffee Shop
    · New York City, USA
    "The most wonderful, friendly and helpful staff. Food is good and reasonably priced - check out hibachi night and morning pastries in the store. Ask your concierge for the “back of the house” tour!"
    Emily RoyEmily Roy · Januar 25, 2018
    · Playa del Carmen, Mexiko
    "Nice outdoor areas and clean, new rooms/bathrooms. Very expensive - come prepared to spend big on literally everything."
    Emily RoyEmily Roy · Dezember 28, 2016
    · Hamilton, Bermuda
    "Coat check disaster at Kaskade. 1 hour line and when we get to the front, no hangers are left! Guys, if you're wearing a long sleeve dress shirt - don't check a coat!"
    Emily RoyEmily Roy · Februar 1, 2016
    · New York City, USA
    "Go first thing- opens at 8 am, get in line at 7:45, and you'll be in and out very quickly. You need to wait in line first to get any paperwork and then get back in line to get your number to wait"
    Emily RoyEmily Roy · July 18, 2015