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Minor internet celebrity (retired). Geek of all trades. Rock Band enthusiast. Bassist and secretary-general of Goat Southeast.

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Anthony Youhas
0 aktualisierte Orte Februar 2, 2016
A Valentine's Day road trip. Driving out all day on Saturday 2/13; heading back all day on Sunday 2/14. Gonna see a zoo and some beaches and some redwoods along the way, but open for other suggestions
Anthony Youhas
8 aktualisierte Orte November 26, 2018
Local joints, mainstream or otherwise, that are go-to staples for me and folks I might be keen on impressing.
Anthony Youhas
7 aktualisierte Orte
7 Orte einschließlich Tres Potrillos Taqueria, Viva Taqueria, Super Duper Burger, Poke Poke Fish Bar
Anthony Youhas
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116 Orte einschließlich Agnew Park, Amazon Lockers - Thadeus, Precise Auto Repair, Netskope
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    "Don't trust Google Maps! Enter the complex from Walsh, not Scott, and follow the signs. Great place, though. Friendly dudes, open & honest about your car needs! Strong recommend."
    Anthony YouhasAnthony Youhas · vor 1 Tag
    · Santa Clara, USA
    "Honest awesome mechanics! They're excellent, and I recommend them! But Google Maps will lead you astray. Enter via Walsh and follow the signs. Entering via Scott leads you into inaccessible dead ends."
    Anthony YouhasAnthony Youhas · vor 2 Tagen
    · Santa Clara, USA
    "Local Costco makes the parking bonkers at times! But it's otherwise great. Cheese pizzas, tasty chilis, mac and cheese, every salad under the sun - lots of excellent options."
    Anthony YouhasAnthony Youhas · Juni 11, 2018
    · Sunnyvale, USA
    "Not a fan of having the car rental terminal so far from the airport proper, shuttle or no. Doubly not a fan of my reservation at Budget somehow crashing their computer system entirely, twice :("
    Anthony YouhasAnthony Youhas · September 1, 2017
    · Cleveland, USA
    "It's a touch pricey - though really, what do you expect from an airport bar? But the staff was supremely awesome to me during my time there. Superb service."
    Anthony YouhasAnthony Youhas · September 1, 2017
    · Cleveland, USA
    "If I didn't know the place existed, it'd be hard to find. (In an industrial park? Next to a machine shop?) But it's so fun, and so chill! Seth & Stephanie are the regulars, and are super-great hosts!"
    Anthony YouhasAnthony Youhas · July 7, 2017
    · Santa Clara, USA