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Osaka Eats
Jinrui Mina Menrui (Human Beings Everybody Noodles) is one of Osaka Eats.

1. Jinrui Mina Menrui (Human Beings Everybody Noodles)

淀川区西中島1-12-15, Ōsaka, Osaka
Ramen-Restaurant · 淀川区 · 64 Tipps und Bewertungen

Elisa E.Elisa Ey: The best ramen ive ever had in a charming joint. The noodles are outstanding. The broth tastes amazing. Go for 'macro' for a cleaner taste, and 'micro' for a soy infused broth.

Umeda Mixed Juice is one of Osaka Eats.

2. Umeda Mixed Juice

北区梅田1-1 (阪神大阪梅田駅 B2F 東改札口前), Ōsaka, Osaka
Saftbar · 梅田 · 57 Tipps und Bewertungen

IsabelIsabel: Very hidden and hard to find when there's no line. Follow signs for Hanshin Railway/Umeda Station (east gate). Go down the escalators and it's the booth to the left, right before platform entrance.

TAKAMURA Wine & Coffee Roasters is one of Osaka Eats.

3. TAKAMURA Wine & Coffee Roasters

西区江戸堀2-2-18, Ōsaka, Osaka
Weinhandlung · 西区 · 11 Tipps und Bewertungen

Harika B.Harika Bilici: Heaven for coffee & wine lovers 😍 Their single origin coffees/espressos are good & cheap, but cappuccino was too milky. After an extra espresso shot, it's perfect! Just finer taste in music needed!😉

LiLo Coffee Roasters is one of Osaka Eats.

4. LiLo Coffee Roasters

中央区西心斎橋1-10-28 (心斎橋Mビル1F), Ōsaka, Osaka
Coffee Shop · アメリカ村 · 68 Tipps und Bewertungen

Boris K.Boris Kolozsi: Best espresso I had in Japan. Small coffee shop with few tables but they have like 10 different single origin sorts of coffee beans... Must see for coffee lover in Osaka

お茶漬けバー オオノ屋 is one of Osaka Eats.

5. お茶漬けバー オオノ屋

中央区東心斎橋2-8-12 (大阪屋ゴールドセンター 2F), Ōsaka, Osaka
Japanisches Restaurant · 中央区 · 3 Tipps und Bewertungen

Sarah L.Sarah Lim: This is a tiny (four-person max) bar, not a restaurant as it's listed on 4sq. Order a drink and chat with the owner and some locals.

Moeyo Mensuke is one of Osaka Eats.

6. Moeyo Mensuke

福島区福島5-12-21, Ōsaka, Osaka
Ramen-Restaurant · 福島区 · 12 Tipps und Bewertungen

Michael S.Michael Susi: The duck ramen is terrific! If you don't read Japanese, bring pictures!

Hanadako is one of Osaka Eats.

7. Hanadako

北区角田町9-16 (新梅田食道街 1F), Ōsaka, Osaka
Takoyaki-Laden · 梅田 · 42 Tipps und Bewertungen

Soon F.Soon Fei: One of the best takoyaki outlets in Osaka. Octopus in each dumpling is larger than other outlets. Best eaten immediately after it is cooked

Ramen-so Rekishi wo Kizame is one of Osaka Eats.

8. Ramen-so Rekishi wo Kizame

(ラーメン荘 歴史を刻め)
東淀川区下新庄5-1-59, Ōsaka, Osaka
Ramen-Restaurant · 東淀川区 · 21 Tipps und Bewertungen

⚓️🍊😈大生🏁🏎💨⚓️🍊😈大生🏁🏎💨: 関西では有名な二郎系のラーメン屋で、普通が350gで730円・豚ラーメンが900円です。完成前に店員さんが「ニンニク入れますか?」と聞いてくるのでその時にヤサイ・ニンニク・背油の量、カラメ、トウガラシをコールします。店員さんの雰囲気も割と良く、店内では結構アニソンが流れている気がします。写真はラーメン350gヤサイアブラマシマシニンニクマシ。

Pommier is one of Osaka Eats.

9. Pommier

浪速区日本橋5-17-20, Ōsaka, Osaka
Teestube · 浪速区 · 29 Tipps und Bewertungen

Athirach H.Athirach Hutasingh: Katsudon here is so good, I had to make a second visit before leaving Osaka. About a kilometer walk from Namba Station.

Brooklyn Roasting Company is one of Osaka Eats.

10. Brooklyn Roasting Company

中央区北浜2-1-16, Ōsaka, Osaka
Coffee Shop · 中央区 · 57 Tipps und Bewertungen

AllieAllie: Lovely coffee shop. Baked goods are fresh and the views are beautiful. Menu is all in English. Definitely worth a visit. I had Mexican French press and caramel crumble donut.

Kyu Yam Tetsudou is one of Osaka Eats.

11. Kyu Yam Tetsudou

北区梅田3-1-3 (LUCUA B2F), Osaka, Osaka
Japanisches Curry-Restaurant · 梅田 · 16 Tipps und Bewertungen

Hanami F.Hanami F: 今回は贅沢に3種類のカレーに2種類のライス、女性には少し多かったです。

Takeuchi Udonten is one of Osaka Eats.

12. Takeuchi Udonten

北区豊崎5-2-19, Ōsaka, Osaka
Udon-Restaurant · 梅田 · 14 Tipps und Bewertungen

Jo M.Jo Massie: Super good and huge portion. They have an English menu - definitely recommend

Ginzaya is one of Osaka Eats.

13. Ginzaya

北区梅田1-1-3 (大阪駅前第1ビル B2F), Ōsaka, Osaka
Sake-Bar · 梅田 · 6 Tipps und Bewertungen

Wellesley B.Wellesley Boboc: In the train station area B2 floor, building 1. Use the maps to help you find it, it's on a small alley in the center!

鶏soba 座銀 にぼし店 is one of Osaka Eats.

14. 鶏soba 座銀 にぼし店

中央区南船場3-9-6, Ōsaka, Osaka
Ramen-Restaurant · 中央区 · 16 Tipps und Bewertungen

Brian Y.Brian Yu: Chicken ramen here is just amazing! A must try in the area:)

Wanaka is one of Osaka Eats.

15. Wanaka

(たこ焼道楽 わなか 千日前本店)
中央区難波千日前11-19, Ōsaka, Osaka
Takoyaki-Laden · 中央区 · 60 Tipps und Bewertungen

Maarten Z.Maarten Zant: A must try takoyaki place! Ordered with molted cheese, bonito flakes and side dish.

Endo Sushi is one of Osaka Eats.

16. Endo Sushi

福島区野田1-1-86 (大阪市中央卸売市場本場), Ōsaka, Osaka
Sushi-Bar · 福島区 · 53 Tipps und Bewertungen

Grry G.Grry Gh: Definitely worth waking up early for their sushi, very fresh and prices are reasonable. To avoid crowd, reach at 8am. Do shop around the market nearby for interesting and cheap Japanese ingredients.

Ichiran is one of Osaka Eats.

17. Ichiran

(一蘭 道頓堀店本館)
中央区宗右衛門町7-18, Ōsaka, Osaka
Ramen-Restaurant · 道頓堀 · 51 Tipps und Bewertungen

Neil R.Neil Rosos: Very unique. Order your ramen from a machine, then sit in a private dining stall. Give your tickets to the mystery waitstaff behind the blinds. Then eat amazing tonkatsu ramen made to your liking.

Tsurutontan is one of Osaka Eats.

18. Tsurutontan

(つるとんたん 宗右衛門町店)
中央区宗右衛門町3-17, Ōsaka, Osaka
Udon-Restaurant · 道頓堀 · 43 Tipps und Bewertungen

Ian C.Ian Chee: This has to be one of my top udon places in the world. The noodles here are possibly perfect! Personally, I loved their creamy udon bowls that are a lot larger than your face!

Sakanaya Hidezo is one of Osaka Eats.

19. Sakanaya Hidezo

(魚屋ひでぞう 立ち呑み店)
中央区難波千日前9-1 (佐々木ビル 1F), Ōsaka, Osaka
Sake-Bar · 中央区 · 16 Tipps und Bewertungen

Ai M.Ai Mee: Friendly staff, accommodating of tourists. Recommend the sashimi sampler with five types of fish, oysters in ponzu, fried fugu. Nice for the izakaya experience and reasonable prices

Cellar Infini is one of Osaka Eats.

20. Cellar Infini

北区曾根崎新地1-1-16 (クリスタルコートビル B1F), Ōsaka, Osaka
Weinbar · 梅田 · 8 Tipps und Bewertungen

Kazu K.Kazu Kawa: Very rare whisky and wine. And good meals. The oldest Restaurant and Bar in Kira-Shinch of Osaka. Some stuff can speak English a little.

じねん 梅田お初天神店 is one of Osaka Eats.

21. じねん 梅田お初天神店

北区曽根崎2-5-24 (中央ビル 1F), Ōsaka, Osaka
Sushi-Bar · 梅田 · 13 Tipps und Bewertungen

Tomi A.Tomi Alanko: Incredibly good sushi. The grilled salmon was excellent!

Aoba-ramen Honmamon-ya is one of Osaka Eats.

22. Aoba-ramen Honmamon-ya

(青葉らあめん ほんまもん屋)
中央区瓦屋町1-7-22, Ōsaka, Osaka
Ramen-Restaurant · 中央区 · 64 Tipps und Bewertungen

Marica N.Marica Nordqvist: This place is absolute must in Osaka! The best Ramen we had on our 3 week long trip in Japan. The pork is so tender!! And the owner is very friendly and helps you translate the menu.