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  • Hazim H.
    Hazim HamzahAugust 25
    30 minit siap, staf efisien.
  • @MC Zap!© K.
    Come & line up by 7am. They open at 730am! Quite efficient, can collect passport immediately, just have to wait your turn. 😊
  • Lilian W.
    Lilian WongNovember 28, 2016
    Very peak on school holidays
  • Ahmad L.
    Ahmad LooseramaApril 21, 2016
    Good service
  • Ahmad L.
    Ahmad LooseramaApril 21, 2016
    Came in at 10.30 AM. New passport was ready by 11.03 AM. 👌👌👌
  • @MC Zap!© K.
    @MC Zap!© KennethMärz 15, 2016
    Open from 730am but come early to get in queue...
  • Que M.
    Que MuhammadDezember 2, 2015
    Come to make new passport at 1430, got my passport on 1515. Fast service. I wish all government services are efficient like this
  • groovy
    groovyJuly 29, 2015
    Efficient service. 5 yrs is now rm200
  • groovy
    groovyJuly 29, 2015
    It has become efficient to such extent that they take your passport photo at the place you sit down while meeting the officer. Passport ready within an hour of stepping into the dept ( came at 8am)
  • Thomas SKS
    Thomas SKSApril 30, 2015
    It's considered fast service already. I reached here around 12:00 noon, to renew my passport. I got my new 48 pages international passport at 1:45pm afternoon. Spent RM200 :-)
  • Intan Anira
    Intan AniraJanuar 17, 2015
    Renew passport skrg hanya ada Utk 5 tahun @ RM 200.00
  • Kiro L.
    Kiro LeeSeptember 30, 2014
    Service is fast and good. Got my passport renewed in 40 minutes. Well done!
  • Cman F.
    Cman FinnJuni 27, 2014
    Very fast service.. Get my passport less than hour.. Well done!!! No need to bring photo, photo service available at the counter and it's free..
  • mizuu7
    mizuu7April 28, 2014
    Only half an hour and my passport process was done. Great! ❤
  • NizDec
    NizDecApril 20, 2014
    Datang seawal 7am, org x ramai. Pej imigresen pn dah buka. Kat kaunter perkhidmatan sgt memuaskan & servis pantas within 5mins. X pyh bwk gmbr sbb kt kaunter dah siap ada kamera
  • mr j.
    mr james khaiApril 20, 2014
    Friendly and fast!! This is the best place to make a new passport.. I went to putrajaya but this one even better, but their building is creep but their people is so nice!
  • Aida B.
    Aida BaharuddinApril 11, 2014
    Fast services.....and staff r friendly
  • Hyeob U.
    Hyeob Ui MiMärz 22, 2014
    This is much better and faster than kelana jaya branch.. It took me from 6.30am until 2pm in kelana jaya but here, even i reach here at 7 i manage to get number
  • Aiman Fadzly
    Aiman FadzlyMärz 19, 2014
    Fast service. 15min done. Thumb up!
  • Tammy Ng 태.
    Tammy Ng 태미오März 16, 2014
    The imbecile immigration officer said I needed a photocopy of IC for passport renewal. I was like your website & other branches don't need it. She was like "Only this branch we do." #dumbgovtofficers
  • Jia Q.
    Jia QiMärz 5, 2014
    Spend 2 and 1/2 hours for 100giliran, and 30minutes to wait for the passport. Quite fast.
  • Sing Fui L.
    Sing Fui LohFebruar 22, 2014
    Super duper bad service and attitude of staff.
  • Sing Fui L.
    Sing Fui LohFebruar 22, 2014
    The staff mentioned it can be collected in 20 minutes because I get the first few queue number, but they never call my number after 40 minutes. They only mentioned vendor system down when I ask them.
  • Sing Fui L.
    Sing Fui LohFebruar 22, 2014
    Staff is totally not friendly. They never put notice when the system is down, and make us wait like an idiot.
  • Calvin G.
    Calvin GohJanuar 20, 2014
    After making payment you are able to collect new passport within 45mins.
  • Calvin G.
    Calvin GohJanuar 20, 2014
    Disabled people, children under 2 years old, seniors aged 60 and above and pregnant women have special counter/service. You will get your new passport within an hour for renewal.
  • Calvin G.
    Calvin GohJanuar 20, 2014
    2 years RM100 ; 5 years RM 300 (can transfer remainder months from old passport - max 6 months) Fixed 48 pages.
  • Amalina A.
    Amalina AzhanDezember 10, 2013
    The service is quite fast . Just for 45 minutes for renew pasport even though there's so many people there .
  • Mohd A.
    Mohd AtiqOktober 22, 2013
    Very slow. As expected from government servant. Only know how to chit chat, coffe break, extra allowance but slow like turtle.
  • Taufiq H.
    Taufiq HeliosOktober 20, 2013
    tak payah buat kiosk kippas kalau tanak bukak. bazir duit rakyat je! even weeken pon bukak jelah kiosk tu. ada masalah ke cemana
  • Tyra S.
    Tyra SyazaSeptember 30, 2013
    Right now, system down and i've been here from 7.30am !!
  • Narrmada R.
    Narrmada RovindirSeptember 30, 2013
    Slow as usual... So many people yet only one counter for semakan borang permohonan.. Pellik!
  • Terance J.
    Terance JrSeptember 22, 2013
    This is the amount of ppl at 7.30am on a Sunday... Click on the picture for a full panorama view
  • Hanafi H.
    Hanafi HaniffAugust 15, 2013
    Get more waiting chairs, hire more people to cope with the amount of people during school holidays. Waited for 5 hours to renew passport. Improve the service please. Wasted my time
  • Pling C.
    Pling CheeJuni 8, 2013
    Passport size portraits changed from blue background to white background.
  • Rick L.
    Another 1 hrs to open...already 30people queing!!!!
  • Eds A.
    Eds AbanicoFebruar 27, 2013
    any idea how to check if the working approval is real or fake?
  • Johnson Auguston
    Johnson AugustonFebruar 14, 2013
    16kaunter only open 1 passport msia 1 juruwang 1kutipan passport.. 400+ ppl waiting for just 1 kaunter each? This is what u all call good service?patient? Im patient now hahaha !
  • mrmjmlh
    mrmjmlhFebruar 1, 2013
    Have to come before 6.30 am. Or else que for 2 hours -.-'
  • Saiful R.
    Saiful RamadzanJanuar 25, 2013
    25/01/2013 sistem offline ke?
  • Saiful R.
    Saiful RamadzanJanuar 25, 2013
    Dont want to go here anymore.
  • Wan N.
    Wan NorhaizaNovember 27, 2012
    Tak cari tempat lain dah, di sini memang terbaek, pantas dan cekap.
  • Akmal M.
    Akmal MahazarSeptember 18, 2012
    Dtg la kul 8... Pukul 11 pun blum tentu dah siap. Sbb que panjang
  • Helmi V.
    Helmi ViatorAugust 27, 2012
    Fast service n friendly officers..thumbs up \m/
  • Mohd F.
    Mohd FadzulJuly 20, 2012
    Ramai orang yang nak g luar negara huhu
  • Sara S.
    Sara SamsudinApril 12, 2012
    Servis yg tersangattt pantas, walaupun penuh org, kitorang duduk xsempat panas buntut, kaunter dah panggil.
  • Ahmad F.
    Ahmad FirdausApril 10, 2012
    I suggest to come before 8 am in the morning to avoid very long queue
  • Tm T.
    Tm TanApril 1, 2012
    Smiling and friendly services, thumbs up!
  • Mutiara Qaseh O.
    Mutiara Qaseh OLynnMärz 13, 2012
    Dtgla slps subuh, lbih afdal.Leh dpt no 1. Xyah beratur pjg.Hehehe
  • Shannen M.
    Shannen MarrissaMärz 8, 2012
    Makcik cleaner kt cni baiknye, tertinggal dompet td bg blik kt saya, baiknye, thanks makcik, moga Tuhan murahkn rezeki makcik
  • Armizee S.
    Armizee ShahFebruar 24, 2012
    Kalau renew passport kene gambar berbeza dgn passport lama..
  • Holddie C.
    Holddie ChenFebruar 10, 2012
    Don't come here during Fri!!! Long Q. Reach here ard 9.30am get my passport around 2.15pm .gosh
  • Holddie C.
    Holddie ChenFebruar 10, 2012
    So many people....argh
  • Siew C.
    Siew Chee-ChungFebruar 1, 2012
    Location far compared metro kajang. :( suggest put a sign board outside before right turn. Tak nampak
  • Hasriah Al-Haniff
    Hasriah Al-HaniffJanuar 31, 2012
    passport for baby below 2yr being attended immediately.. bagus!
  • Qizz
    QizzJanuar 30, 2012
    come early.. 7.10am.. 20 ppl q already.
  • Afra M.
    Afra Make UpJanuar 3, 2012
    The staff here are super rude
  • Aizzat R.
    Aizzat RoslanOktober 30, 2011
    Schon mehr als 5 Mal hier gewesen Saturday and Sunday.....always long queue.......hahahahaha........
  • Titus Q.
    Titus QuaikOktober 14, 2011
    Wtf offline 3 days = ="
  • Abang K.
    Very prompt and fast service. Within 1hour passport is done.
  • 5ruz
    5ruzAugust 18, 2011
    u may renew ur passport via online n come collect it the next day
  • Afiq
    AfiqAugust 1, 2011
    lembab la mase satu ramadhan ni..hadoiii..wat pasport x siap2 pe ke hal nye..
  • Sofiany H.
    Sofiany HasmiJuni 13, 2011
    Perempuan gemuk nama Latifah kurang ajar. Suka hati marah2 coutomer. Tp staff nama Noraziah baik
  • A Y.
    A YasirMai 9, 2011
    Yes, my experience with MY Immigration officers both at Wangsa Maju 2 years back, and now here is great! Patient, helpful and smiling faces all around!
  • Wafi H.
    Wafi HarisMai 3, 2011
    Kaunter 4 terbaek dan pantas!! Pada 3 may 2011!
  • Wong J.
    Wong JKApril 10, 2011
    The officers are friendly, helpful and always put on a smiling face. And the passport is ready in a hour. Definitely no complaints at all!
  • WanXin L.
    WanXin LimApril 5, 2011
    Get your passport within one hour! Weekdays :)
  • Jaja Y.
    Jaja YusofMärz 28, 2011
    Pasport ready less an hour!
  • Ahmad R.
    Ahmad RosliMärz 14, 2011
    tak mesra la..1 staff 1 tugas jer kalo staff cuti dh tak leh buat keje lain
  • AmaliNadia A.
    AmaliNadia AdnanMärz 7, 2011
    Service so fast! Very good staff!
  • Lukman Hakim H.
    Lukman Hakim HusinMärz 4, 2011
    Laju dan Pantas
  • Shahril A.
    Shahril AzwinDezember 22, 2010
    park at rooftop. less hassle. especially when with kids
  • Ahmad K.
    Ahmad KhusyairiNovember 23, 2010
    Come early.. Everythings going to be smooth & easy ^__^
  • Winnie W.
    Winnie WongNovember 8, 2010
    KiPPas is available here
  • Amin M.
    Amin MOktober 7, 2010
    Ojan best was here!!!
  • Bagus Suryo I.
    Bagus Suryo IswantoMai 29, 2010
    Schon mehr als 5 Mal hier gewesen
    Kantor cabang imigrasi di wilayah kajang dan sekitarnya.
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