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(Fontana di Trevi)
Springbrunnen, Denkmal / Wahrzeichen und Historischer Ort
Trevi, Rom
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  • Philip C.
    Philip CaspariJuly 4, 2016
    Eine der Hauptattraktionen Roms; stets komplett mit Touristen überlaufen, die alle meinen eine Münze über die linke und/oder rechte Schulter zu werfen, weil es ihnen der Reiseführer vorschreibt!
  • Jo L.
    Jo LuchtyJuni 14, 2015
    Eine unbeschreibliche Atmosphäre. Kultur pur.
  • Julia
    JuliaSeptember 30, 2016
    Überlaufen von Touris und Verkäufern.
  • Louis Vuitton
    Louis VuittonJanuar 27, 2012
    Even if you won't replay Anita Ekberg cult scene from "La Dolce Vita", feel the irresistable romance of one of the most spectacular fountains of the World.
    vor 1 Woche positiv bewertet
  • Naz C.
    Naz CostanteMärz 20, 2016
    its the most famous fountain in the world. its massive and beautiful. it will be very crowded, so yeah everyone wants a good photo and flip the coin, brace yourselves⛲️👌🏼
    vor 1 Woche positiv bewertet
  • Monica V.
    Monica VargasJanuar 17, 2016
    Historical place: when you stand there contemplating its size and beauty, the water running through it from beneath your feet comes from ancient Rome's last functioning underground aqueduct. Superb!
    vor 1 Woche positiv bewertet
  • Kate T.
    Kate TJuly 6, 2017
    I would like to say ,its the most famous and beautiful fountain in the world. Take a good photo and flip the coin, make a good wish all my dreams come true. Love Rome ❤️
    Oct 5 positiv bewertet
  • Ayca
    AycaJuni 5, 2016
    Sabah da akşam da çok keyifli Yan tarafında bulunan dondurmacılardan dondurmalarınızı alıp Aşk Çeşmesi önünde merdivenlerde oturup anın keyfini çıkarın tabii ki para atmayı da unutmayın😉
    Sep 20 positiv bewertet
  • Frt D.
    Frt DrJanuar 8, 2015
    su arayan askerlere su kaynağının yerini gösteren bir kızın efsanesine dayanmaktadır. İmparator Augustus'nun damadı Agrippa, akan suyu Vergine su kemeri ile Pantheon'a kadar ulaştırmıştır.
    Aug 24 positiv bewertet
  • Fuyuhiko T.
    Fuyuhiko TakayaSeptember 11, 2014
    Wikipediaによると「投げるコインの枚数によって願いが異なるとされる。コイン1枚だと再びローマに来ることができ、2枚では大切な人と永遠に一緒にいることができ、3枚になると恋人や夫・妻と別れることができると言われる。」。そしてコインはカトリック団体に寄付されるとのこと。全く、コインの枚数で叶う願いが違うところなんかは「宗教biz」臭が露骨に出ててなんかいやらしいな~。 Mehr erfahren
  • Anderson G.
    Anderson GomesJanuar 4, 2015
    Lugar espetacular com uma fonte imensa em meio a estátuas monumentais ao estilo Italiano se não for a maior é uma da maiores do mundo!Local cheio de turistas e diversas lojas nas proximidades da fonte
    vor 3 Wochen positiv bewertet
  • VacazionaViajes
    VacazionaViajesAugust 31, 2012
    La fuente más bonita y espectacular de Roma, millones de personas la visitan cada año y arrojan una moneda al agua esperando que el mito se convierta en realidad.
    Oct 13 positiv bewertet
  • SametBasak G.
    SametBasak GuerlekJuni 12, 2014
    Efsaneye göre çeşmeye bir bozuk para atan bir gün Roma'ya mutlaka geri döner, iki bozuk para atan buraya kalbindeki insanla bir gün mutlaka gelir, 3 tane atan Roma lı bir kızla evlenir..
    Sep 3 positiv bewertet
  • Fluying ✅.
    Fluying ✅September 7
    It’s all about honoring water. Nicola Salvi baroque masterpiece represents here the ocean, winged horses represent cresting waves, tritons, shells, and water in every form.
    vor 3 Wochen positiv bewertet
  • Fred B.
    Um local que merece duas visitas: uma durante o dia; e uma noturna para ver o monumento iluminado. À noite, com um número menor de turistas, é possível inclusive levar e aproveitar um vinho no local.
  • Ashley D.
    Ashley DandoSeptember 2
    Mental fountain that is busy with tourists. Come early or late to avoid the crowds. Throw a coin in with your right hand, over your left shoulder into the fountain if you want to return to Rome.
    Oct 1 positiv bewertet
  • Bardia N.
    Bardia NavvabianAugust 15, 2017
    Wonderful, a lot of people, taking photo, making wishes and droping coins and there are lots of small street shops around. There's a church in the corner and it had a free Concerto the day we visited.
  • Petr M.
    Petr MAugust 22, 2012
    Throwing 1 coin gets you back to Rome and throwing 2 coins gets you married. If you throw 3 ones, you ´ll get divorced, so be careful guys. Anyway, do come over here @ night, the view is worth it !
  • Naoki F.
    Naoki FerrioDezember 22, 2015
    The famous fountain with the legend of throwing lucky coins. Visiting this fountain with a tour guide is recommended. U could find a lotta souvenirs shop and gelato bar around here also.
  • Fоursquаrе по-русски
    Нужно стать спиной к фонтану и бросать монетки правой рукой через левое плечо. Одна монетка - одно желание! Принимается к рассмотрению только Евро валюта :)
    Sep 27 positiv bewertet
  • Alex J.
    Alex JJuly 14, 2015
    Lindo lugar para estar na cidade. De dia e de noite. Além disso, ao seu lado existe a loja segatori, que vende as gravatas com melhor custo benefício do mundo
    Oct 11 positiv bewertet
  • Ron P.
    Ron PJuni 3, 2017
    Very beautiful fountain with large statues and ornaments. It was jam-packed with visitors, but worth the visit anyway. Great photo sessions.
  • Petros B.
    Petros BouloumpasisDezember 23, 2016
    If you want to make great pictures, visit the fountain after midnight. Rest of the day is overwhelmed of people and selfie sticks.
    Sep 30 positiv bewertet
    SELÇUK TAVLAKSeptember 17, 2016
    Roma denilince akla gelen ziyaret edilmesi gereken noktalardan biri. Küçük bir sokağın sonunda müthiş bir çeşme,kalabalık ve olağan üstü bir ambiyans
    Sep 7 positiv bewertet
  • Jermaine J.
    So crowded but a really cool place and a must visit when in Rome. Selfie Stick is needed for some cool picture of your back facing the Fountain. Bring some coins!
  • Ralitsa I.
    Of course Rome is always amazing and Trevi stands there collecting ovations forever. There is no greater fountain out there and it’s always packed with people regardless of the hour.A must see in Rome
  • Miguel Angel B.
    Recently renovated and whiter than ever. Packed is to say the least but there are a few very good gelatterias (ice cream). Take your picture and keep moving!
  • Los Viajes d.
    Los Viajes de PituApril 16, 2016
    Una de las fuentes más bonitas de Roma y del mundo. Muy turístico y espectacular tanto de día como de noche👍👍👍
  • Sofia C.
    Sofia CabritaApril 15, 2016
    Most amazing and beautiful fountain! A must see of rome. The size is impressive. Newly remodeled. Always a crowd around is the only negative.
  • AlAnoud A.
    AlAnoud AlGhunaimAugust 19, 2016
    Favorite spot in all of Rome.. Come here between 5-7 am, gather up your wishes and embrace the magical ambience✨
  • Mark B.
    Mark BJuni 12, 2016
    Fantastic. Beautiful sculptures on the fountain. In a small square and can get very crowded. Don't forget to toss in a coin for good luck.
  • Gato M.
    Gato MongeDezember 28, 2013
    HISTORIC CENTRE OF ROME - World Heritage UNESCO Founded by Romulus and Remus in 753 BC Rome was first the centre of the Roman Republic, then of the Roman Empire, and the capital of the Christian world Mehr erfahren
    Oct 6 positiv bewertet
  • Dave S.
    Dave SawyerJuni 16, 2016
    Better renamed as Tourist Fountain. Your best chance to experience this with a few hundred people instead of a couple thousand is between 3AM–7AM. Otherwise, plan to get very cozy.
  • Chris N.
    Chris NickersonJuni 9, 2016
    Beautiful work of art. Go there on the way home from a late dinner to beat the crowds and have it all to yourself to enjoy.
  • Thorsten S.
    Throw coins over your shoulder into the fountain. One coin leads to a safe return to Rome, two coins make you fall in love with a Roman, three coins lead to a marriage with the person in question. 😊
  • Renata S.
    Renata SantiagoMärz 31, 2013
    La Dolce Vita is here! Despite of tons of people around it this is a GORGEOUS place. You imagine yourself like Anita There is metro station close by, Barberini. And then take a walk to the Roman Forum
  • Vicente M.
    Vicente MartinezApril 23, 2017
    3 días estuve en Roma y 3 días que visité La Fontana. A pesar de estar muy concurrido, con paciencia se acaba encontrando un hueco para sentarse y admirar tan fantástica obra. Imprescindible.
  • Humaid B.
    Humaid BinyelaiyelAugust 28, 2017
    This legend claims that you should throw three coins into the fountain. The first coin guarantees your return to Rome, the second will ensure a new romance, and the third will ensure marriage.
  • Talyta C.
    Talyta CapitanMärz 17, 2016
    One of my favourites places in Rome. You should visit during both day and night times. Do not forget to throw a coin! 😊
  • Deniz S.
    Deniz Sezen AkgungorFebruar 14, 2016
    One of the most beautiful places in Rome especially at night. I threw a coin last time I was here and I am back again now, so don't be ashamed and give it a try!😀👍😘
  • Omar M.
    Omar Muñoz LoyaApril 24, 2017
    increíble, maravilloso, insuperable, este lugar es mágico... a pesar del tumulto, escuchar el murmullo, el agua... grandísima experiencia, para volver mil veces más y pasar horas sentado disfrutándola
  • Henri L.
    Always packed so just go and try to get a good spot to take pics. Though having a selfie stick is advisable cause it gives you more height.
  • Catarina L.
    Catarina LaiJanuar 5, 2013
    it is ILLEGAL to throw coins into the fountain. if you love ROMA this much, you will come back WITH or WITHOUT the COIN =) anyway, the city of Roma will thank you for the change ... goes to charity
  • Bugra C.
    Bugra CelikJanuar 25, 2016
    I have been at Tirevi in all hours of a day. I can suggest early in the morning like 8 am, or late at night like 10-11 pm to make a wish and take pictures with no hassle
  • Tanis C.
    Tanis CoolbaughMai 26, 2014
    Great place to visit. Lots of little shops. But don't pay what they are asking. You can pay less at a different shop. Act like your leaving, and they'll meet your price.
  • Ashkan F.
    Ashkan FaramarziJuly 23, 2017
    Its an impressive fountain, its so crowded, make a wish, throw a coin, take a photo, and go around after for a delicious gelato!
  • Konstantina
    KonstantinaMai 20, 2017
    Beautiful sculptures, impossible to stay there for more than a minute. Always crowded and the bright sun is not helping the wait. Love the idea of a wall-fountain! 👌👏
  • Anna K.
    Anna KrasovskayaNovember 21, 2016
    Место, которое хочется рассматривать каждый день и в разное время суток! Фонтан прекрасный! 💜
    Oct 11 positiv bewertet
  • Jennifer G.
    Jennifer GardnerApril 8, 2017
    Beautiful - great photo opportunity. Crowded take your pictures and move on. Beware of people trying to sell out kids toys and selfie sticks
  • Katherine A.
    Dar vuelta en una calle y encontrarse con la Fontana di Trevi es uno de los momentos mas lindos y emocionantes del día.Solo me queda decirles solo observen y disfruten de sus magnificas arquitectura!!
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