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Delta Sky Club

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  • Dan D.
    Dan DawsonJanuar 4, 2014
    Definitely the most crowded Delta Sky Club I have been in due to the high volume of passenger moving through Concourse B. Still, the free wifi and snacks make it worth the stay.
  • Gary W.
    Gary Walderich Jr.Mai 28, 2013
    This is a small sky club. My favorite is the concourse E sky club. Huge and plenty of seating available. A close second is concourse A in the atrium.
  • Preferred Traveler
    Preferred TravelerMärz 28, 2012
    Luxe bar inside, you may opt for a top shelf liquor for a small price. Great drinks! The lounge is tiny, prepare for standing room only during peak hours.
  • Lee M.
    Lee ManevitchMai 5, 2013
    Schon mehr als 5 Mal hier gewesen
    Nicely decorated but very crowded due to its small size. If you have the time head to the other Sky Club at the other end of B Concourse for a much more relaxed atmosphere.
  • Ted M.
    Ted MeyersOktober 29, 2013
    Schon mehr als 10 Mal hier gewesen
    The smallest and most overcrowded of the Sky Clubs at Hartsfield. If you have the time, go to the club at Gate 25. Only pro with this one is the bathrooms are individual and spacious.
  • Bryan K.
    Bryan KujawskiMai 14, 2013
    A lot of folks seem to complain about this club being too small, etc. I suggest everyone be appreciative that Delta has multiple clubs available in the first place. Thank you Delta!
  • Coolassmike B.
    Coolassmike BowersMärz 23, 2010
    It's the worlds busiest airport and a main hub for Delta. Have patience and explore the many food and shopping options available to you. It's a big ass airport too! Good black history throughout too!
  • Susan P.
    Susan PraterMärz 31, 2013
    The Gate B10 Sky Club is small and always crowded. The other Sky Club by Gate B25 is much more spacious and newer looking.
  • Joseph M.
    Joseph MessinaJuni 10, 2013
    Delta lets everyone in so the 'club' is packed and serves Gordon branded drinks. Save your time and money, and cancel your Sky Club membership.
  • Bev O.
    Bev Opie-OrtlandSeptember 30, 2013
    Schon mehr als 10 Mal hier gewesen
    The smallest Sky Club ever and always full. You're lucky to find a seat or a plug-in!
  • Elizabeth S.
    Elizabeth SmithMärz 3, 2012
    Schon mehr als 25 Mal hier gewesen
    Free adult bevs, free Wi Fi, comfy places to relax, and club angels to help with flight irregularities!
  • Justin C.
    Justin CookFebruar 14, 2011
    Schon mehr als 25 Mal hier gewesen
    Amazing job with the remodel/renovation! Doesn't even look like the same location. It is still on the small side, but Delta did a beautiful job sprucing up one of the worst Sky Clubs in ATL...
  • Ryan H.
    Ryan HodsonJuly 22, 2012
    Agree with other reviews, way too small and very busy. So busy it's hard for the staff to keep it as clean as I would prefer. In their defense, they are trying but with only 6 empty seats it's hard.
  • LT L.
    LT LTFebruar 8, 2013
    Schon mehr als 10 Mal hier gewesen
    If you have time, go to the other Sky Club in Concourse B. this one is too small, too crowded, and a mess with every one's bags blocking the walk ways. Not enough plugs even if you could get a seat.
  • Katie P.
    Katie PiroltJuly 1, 2014
    Not sure you can call this a sky club, it's just like sitting at a small overcrowded gate. Take a walk down to B25 for more room.
  • Adhir C.
    Adhir ChobeOktober 7, 2012
    Schon mehr als 5 Mal hier gewesen
    The best Bloody Mary ever! Ask for the kitchen sink to be put into it.
  • Michelle B.
    Michelle BeckMärz 31, 2013
    They are super nice to Crystal! Such a relief for her to be out of the sky bag...
  • Clay W.
    Clay WalkApril 6, 2014
    A New York City subway car during rush hour is less crowded than this Sky Club.
  • Debbie F.
    Debbie FSeptember 7, 2013
    This is just a lounge, very small. Feel like I am sitting in upgraded terminal seating. Staff very friendly.
  • Adhir C.
    Adhir ChobeSeptember 7, 2012
    Schon mehr als 5 Mal hier gewesen
    It's a smaller sky club, but hey if this ones crowded and you have the time go to the one on the other side of the terminal
  • Darcy K.
    Darcy KFebruar 28, 2014
    This is worse than a can of sardines! Delta: Make the lodge big enough for the promotions & flights you run, please!!
  • Mark G.
    Mark GNovember 21, 2010
    Paid the 25 to get in, staff made me feel unwanted and like I didn't belong. Arrived at 6am and found a seat right away, get here at 7 and you'll be trying to steal a chair from the office cubicals!
  • Scott C.
    Scott CNovember 4, 2011
    Schon mehr als 5 Mal hier gewesen
    Trevor is great @ the bar and there is free wireless and charging!
  • D D.
    D DaughertyMai 1, 2011
    Schon mehr als 5 Mal hier gewesen
    A little loud at times and small but comfortable and convenient to gates on this side of B.
  • Diana H.
    Diana H.Februar 23, 2013
    Schon mehr als 10 Mal hier gewesen
    Worst SkyClub except for the staff here. They are awesome... front desk, service & bar. Tell em so cause they have to work in this pit!
  • Brian W.
    Brian WilliamsonJuni 6, 2013
    Schon mehr als 10 Mal hier gewesen
    Of the airport appears to be busy, just go to the one near B25. This is just a small sky club.
  • Derrick T.
    Derrick TennantSeptember 20, 2012
    Schon mehr als 10 Mal hier gewesen
    Tony the bartender is a cool dude with great service. Tell him Derrick the Jets fan says hi.
  • Tyler M.
    Tyler MuñozDezember 10, 2011
    Tons of outlets here for easy device charging. Great job Delta!
  • Roberto M.
    Roberto MachorroJuni 16, 2013
    This is arguably the most crowded SkyClub in ATL. If you have the time, go to B25 instead.
  • Robert S.
    Robert StackMai 24, 2013
    Schon mehr als 10 Mal hier gewesen
    Still trying to understand logic for designing such a small over crowded Sky Club. Rare that it isn't standing room only. What were Delta's execs thinking?
  • Alexander J.
    Alexander JacobyDezember 7, 2013
    Why best staff? Are you talking about the staff walking around with rubber cloves? Are the food and drinks they serve there so dirty that staff can't touch it when clearing? If they come at all....
  • Adam B.
    Adam BrownMai 31, 2012
    Schon mehr als 10 Mal hier gewesen
    It's tiny, but has the best staff of any of the ATL Sky Clubs!
  • Michael S.
    Michael SchusterJuly 16, 2013
    Tip the barkeep!
  • Carla B.
    Carla BryantJuly 28, 2011
    Schon mehr als 5 Mal hier gewesen
    Nice, recently upgraded, but probably the smallest Delta club I've been in.
  • Catie M.
    Catie MarksApril 13, 2012
    Stirrings mixers! They are worth the $11 upcharge.
  • John S.
    John SmehylDezember 15, 2013
    Schon mehr als 10 Mal hier gewesen
    It's affectionately known as the sky hut since its the smallest, most crowded club delta has
  • Anthony R.
    Anthony RalloJanuar 28, 2012
    When this one is overcrowded head down about 1000 feet to gate B25 where the club is 4X the size and empty.
  • Sam F.
    Sam FiorellaNovember 10, 2010
    Crazy slow elevator. Always overcrowded!! Too few work stations. Bring back the chocolate espresso!!
  • Jenny D.
    Jenny DeVaughnMärz 10, 2011
    Schon mehr als 10 Mal hier gewesen
    Sweet new wire free charging station near the windows by the bar.
  • Robert S.
    Robert StackJuni 4, 2013
    Schon mehr als 10 Mal hier gewesen
    Definitely my least favorite Sky Club. Overcrowding is norm here.
  • ˜ ˜.
    ˜ ˜August 27, 2011
    Schon mehr als 10 Mal hier gewesen
    tip your bartender... they will make your next drink count. ;-)
  • ButtersweetBakery
    ButtersweetBakeryJuly 30, 2010
    If you have the time and don't mind clearing TSA security, try the cupcakes @ Edy's in baggage claims food atrium
  • John S.
    John SmehylMai 22, 2014
    Schon mehr als 10 Mal hier gewesen
    3rd time in a row I have left within 2 minutes of checking in because there are no seats. Don't know why I even bother. My friend and I have dubbed it "The Skyhut"
  • Will H.
    Will HancockMärz 21, 2011
    Remodeled recently, but way too small and very overcrowded! There is another SkyClub at B25 that is at least 3 times larger than this one!
  • Donna O.
    Donna OssoJuly 25, 2013
    Worst Sky Club in the Atlanta airport. Small, hot and always crowded. Must have been a closet in a former life.
  • Ed G.
    Ed GriffinMärz 21, 2010
    Schon mehr als 10 Mal hier gewesen
    There's a couple power outlets in the small area between the bathrooms and the TV room. It's quiet but you can't stretch you legs out. Not good if you have a bunch of luggage as it's a walkway.
  • Hillman L.
    Hillman LentzSeptember 10, 2014
    Most relaxing here waiting for our flight to Miami.
  • Tabatha P.
    Tabatha PirtleDezember 26, 2013
    I have no complaints walk to B25 if you like
  • Christopher G.
    Christopher GatesNovember 25, 2011
    If possible, head to B25 sky club for a roomier experience!
  • Jeff A.
    Jeff AllenFebruar 7, 2012
    Schon mehr als 5 Mal hier gewesen
    May be small, but staff is very welcoming.
  • Jonathan S.
    Jonathan SpeignerJuly 19, 2011
    Always packed. Good luck finding a seat or getting a drink at the bar.
  • Steven L.
    Steven LeeOktober 30, 2010
    Remodeled and much nicer alternative for to that over-glorified room aka SkyClub at B9..
  • Chris O.
    Chris OlearyNovember 3, 2013
    Schon mehr als 5 Mal hier gewesen
    Tip : find a different sky club. The ac can't even keep up with all the body heat generated
  • Terry T.
    Terry TingleMärz 15, 2013
    What do you do with an empty closet? Open a Sky Club!
  • Bev O.
    Bev Opie-OrtlandNovember 4, 2013
    Schon mehr als 10 Mal hier gewesen
    Check your plug-in! Lots of them don't work!
  • RJ B.
    RJ BNovember 19, 2013
    Schon mehr als 10 Mal hier gewesen
    They should really give you a discount if you have to use this one more than a few times.
  • Justin R.
    Justin ReeseFebruar 22, 2011
    Schon mehr als 100 Mal hier gewesen
    Great new space, same small footprint.
  • Christopher H.
    The most crowed Delta Sky Club I've ever been in.
  • Keith T.
    Keith TNovember 30, 2011
    Nicely remodeled - but very small - and crowded.
  • D T.
    D TJuly 14, 2014
    Smallest. Sky Club. Ever.You're better off by your gate.
  • Suzanne W.
    Suzanne WestSeptember 12, 2013
    So small especially during peak hours and charge for Crown Royal. Shameful.
  • Matt T.
    Matt TrevathanDezember 3, 2012
    Nice bathrooms but small and over crowded.
  • Audrey J.
    Audrey JohnsonOktober 26, 2013
    Very small, crowded, and lots of kids!
  • ATR
    ATRMärz 14, 2011
    Unless you are leaving from a gate around B10 go to the Sky Club at B25 it is worth the walk.
  • Skip O.
    Skip OremFebruar 10, 2013
    This is about just 1/2 step from sitting at the gate
  • Terry G.
    Terry GardnerJuni 30, 2013
    A small club. There a nice one B25
  • Jimmie R.
    Jimmie RutledgeApril 27, 2013
    Smallest Skyclub, least amount of features. Crowded.
  • Andy M.
    Andy MillerAugust 28, 2014
    Schon mehr als 10 Mal hier gewesen
    Nothing - worst sky club/ airport lounge. No room, always crowded and generally a dump. Avoid this place - better to grab a seat at the gate.
  • Tango H.
    Tango HotelMai 25, 2012
    Way too small & packed! But still better than being in the terminal!
  • Lewis B.
    Lewis BroadnaxMärz 25, 2014
    Agree.... Overcrowded and small.. Head down to 25
  • Paul N.
    Paul NovareseOktober 12, 2015
    This club is overcrowded and miserable. No views unless you like looking at the back of a jetbridge. There are literally 10 other skyclubs in ATL, go to any of them to avoid this dump.
  • Lonny L.
    Lonny LeitnerFebruar 21, 2013
    Way too small - you will have a difficult time finding a seat.
  • Phil T.
    Phil TApril 26, 2013
    Schon mehr als 10 Mal hier gewesen
    Kathy the bartender is awesome.
  • Necessary Indulgences
    Necessary IndulgencesOktober 1, 2012
    Schon mehr als 5 Mal hier gewesen
    Tiny and always busy.
  • Hayden G.
    Hayden GraffDezember 29, 2010
    The Northwest club was better. They had fountain pop.
  • Steve N.
    Steve NimsJuly 29, 2011
    Best. Bloody. Mary. Ever.
  • John B.
    John ButlerAugust 11, 2013
    Very small - can't find a seat - go to B25
  • Clay W.
    Clay WalkOktober 2, 2013
    Standing room only - nowhere to even open your laptop. Pointless.
  • Ian H.
    Ian HummelFebruar 14, 2013
    This club is a damn circus. Tiny and way over crowded. I'll skip it next time.
  • Kathy M.
    Kathy MartinJuni 13, 2013
    Well, aside from being way to small and way overcrowded, they have started charging $7.20 for a shot of Bailey's. What am I paying that annual fee for again?
  • Dan A.
    Dan AndersonJuly 25, 2014
    Way too small. Take a hike to any of the other sky clubs.
  • Biz T.
    Biz TraveldudeOktober 21, 2014
    Awesome breakfast
  • Tom Z.
    Tom ZimmerFebruar 7, 2013
    So small in here. Good luck getting a seat.
  • Scott J.
    Scott JustvigAugust 12, 2013
    No more free drinks. Fees for the bathroom are next.
  • George H.
    George HillerNovember 4, 2014
    Very overcrowded.
  • Rachel K.
    Rachel KantoskyDezember 5, 2012
    Avoid this very small Sky Club - go to the one on the other end of the B concourse!
  • Michael M.
    Michael MikolayAugust 5, 2010
    This place is always cramped making seats hard to find.
  • Mark
    MarkAugust 16, 2011
    Restrooms are badly designed. Knee hits toilet paper dispenser! And I'm short, must be terrible for tall folks.
  • Jeff R.
    Jeff ReadyMai 31, 2012
    Walk to B25 instead. Much bigger.
  • Joe V.
    Joe VitaleJanuar 18, 2013
    Schon mehr als 5 Mal hier gewesen
  • Nirmal N.
    Nirmal NandakumarFebruar 19, 2012
    Bloody Mary is killer
  • Callie C.
    Callie ClemonsJuni 13, 2012
    Free Sweetwater on tap!
  • Dan K.
    Dan KetchelMärz 6, 2010
    Best tip is to tip your bartender...
  • Michael K.
    Michael KogonJuni 11, 2011
    Schon mehr als 5 Mal hier gewesen
    Great breakfast here
  • Suzanne W.
    Suzanne WestSeptember 12, 2013
  • Bobb G.
    Bobb Grandsard 🐺November 6, 2013
    Schon mehr als 5 Mal hier gewesen
    This Sky Club is a joke. Why keep admitting people when there is no where to go!
  • Rob R.
    Rob RodgersJanuar 30, 2011
    Schon mehr als 10 Mal hier gewesen
    They have champagne in this Sky Club!!
  • Julia P.
    Julia PattersonJuni 20, 2011
    Tiny slice of heaven. Mehr erfahren
  • Keith N.
    Keith NeelyMai 13, 2013
    This place is way too small. Impossible to find a seat.
  • Dee Dee G.
    Dee Dee GwinnDezember 13, 2011
    small. go to B25 if you have time
  • George B.
    George BockApril 1, 2012
    Avoid if you can! The attendants are plain nasty. It is unfortunate that I had to fly Delta.
  • Taru M.
    Taru MrPromotahMärz 24, 2012
    Kinda overrated but still cool
  • Michael F.
    Michael FriesApril 9, 2012
    Worst sky club I've ever been in. It's horribly small, and the remodel makes it feel like a hospital room.
  • Bev O.
    Bev Opie-OrtlandMai 9, 2012
    Schon mehr als 10 Mal hier gewesen
    Very small!
  • JR S.
    JR SturmDezember 6, 2012
    Worst Skyclub in the ATL. Absolutely packed all the time. Way to small. Look elsewhere.
  • Ludmilla W.
    Ludmilla WellsMärz 10, 2013
    Way too crowded, way too small, and grossly hot.
  • cyndi m.
    cyndi mastersFebruar 5, 2012
    Atlanta + Delta = crowded mess
  • Terry G.
    Terry GardnerJuly 5, 2010
    NB: this is the smallest Delta Fortress Sky Club.
  • Jason H.
    Jason HershOktober 17, 2012
    Private bathrooms
  • Santos P.
    Santos PesanteApril 14, 2011
    Delta sky club terminal b is over crowded.
  • Laureen H.
    Laureen HApril 11, 2012
    Schon mehr als 10 Mal hier gewesen
    Worst remodel & unisex bathrooms is so inappropriate for a business lounge
  • Chris S.
    Chris SmithSeptember 9, 2011
    Nicely remodeled
  • Ted P.
    Ted PerlsteinMärz 21, 2010
    Chilis in concourse A is surprisingly good
  • Lee L.
    Lee LathamNovember 18, 2013
    Schon mehr als 5 Mal hier gewesen
    Needs a redo. Worn out.
  • Jennifer H.
    Jennifer HuckebaSeptember 23, 2011
    Overcrowded and messy. The agent at the desk didn't even tell me that my departure gate changed when I checked in. Thanks.
  • David K.
    David KellyNovember 16, 2011
    Smallest Sky Club in ATL. Avoid this one.
  • Blow M.
    Blow MeFebruar 20, 2012
    Forgot how damn tiny this one was :(
  • Meghan F.
    Meghan FreedOktober 24, 2011
  • John C.
    John ConverseDezember 9, 2011
    Too small and overcrowded. Don't like the remodel
  • Sarah R.
    Sarah RossioJuly 9, 2012
    Do not go to this location. Unfriendly, and filthy unisex restrooms.
  • Melba L.
    Melba LopezNovember 11, 2013
    Don't bother coming here...its gross and crowded
  • Jeff W.
    Jeff WonserNovember 3, 2012
    SkyClub members AVOID THIS LOCATION! It's too small. Go to the one near B27 instead.
  • Jeff P.
    Jeff PoorSeptember 13, 2013
    Schon mehr als 5 Mal hier gewesen
    Too small. Go to the other club in the B terminal
  • Geoff L.
    Geoff LilienfeldJuly 17, 2012
    Very small. Go to B25
  • Rich M.
    Rich MNovember 14, 2011
    Schon mehr als 5 Mal hier gewesen
    Sky club at Be 25 is closed for renovations this week. :(
  • melissa
    melissaDezember 10, 2010
    Anyone here?
  • Jessica B.
    Jessica BakunasNovember 17, 2012
    Single female traveller? Stay away from this one.
    STEVEN DODSONApril 14, 2010
    Worst club at ATL. Small and always overcrowded
  • Rob
    RobFebruar 12, 2012
    Schon mehr als 5 Mal hier gewesen
    Way too small
  • John
    JohnApril 6, 2012
    Worst sky club at atl
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