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Hagia Sophia

Cankurtaran, Fatih
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  • Nicolay O.
    Nicolay OfnerApril 27, 2014
    ehemalige byzantinische Kirche, spätere Moschee und heutiges Museum; letzte große Bauwerk der Spätantike, war die Hauptkirche desByzantinischen Reiches und religiöser Mittelpunkt der Orthodoxie;
    vor 1 Woche positiv bewertet
  • simone p.
    simone peApril 2, 2013
    Tickets vorher online kaufen, ausdrucken und entspannt an der langen Schlange vorbeigehen
    vor 1 Woche positiv bewertet
  • Mahmut Enes K.
    Mahmut Enes KayaalpSeptember 16, 2016
    İstanbul'u İstanbul yapan yapı. Nam-ı diğer fetih camisi. Zamanının ötesinde bir mimari ve emeğin ürünü. Tarihi birikimin ayakta tuttuğu zaman üstü bir yapı. Osmanlı (Türk) camilerinin ilham kaynağı.
  • Thamer A.
    Thamer AlGhafeesJanuar 19, 2017
    One of the most oldest churches since 500 AD. with a lot of details & great mixture between both Christian and Islamic cultures.
    vor 1 Woche positiv bewertet
  • Hännelore C.
    Hännelore ChavierOktober 7, 2016
    1500 years of history - Originally a Greek Orthodox Cathedral, converted to a Roman Catholic cathedral for a period, later an Ottoman mosque, & now a secularized museum.🕌📿👳🏻🕋📯⛪️🇹🇷
    vor 2 Tagen positiv bewertet
  • Olga B.
    Olga BSeptember 12, 2015
    Потрясающе!Айа София-это одно из самых красивых мест, где мне доводилось побывать!Чего стоит только энергетика!А архитектура,а размеры...!Впечатляет!Хочется вернуться еще раз и уделить больше времени
  • The Telegraph
    The TelegraphNovember 20, 2012
    Right across from the cistern is the greatest single building in a city full of wonders, the Hagia Sophia or Aya Sofya (£8.70, closed Mondays). It was a church, then a mosque and is now a museum.
  • Kamyar F.
    Kamyar FatemifarDezember 21, 2016
    Islamic Architecture & Christian Combined To Create This Great Work of Architecture , A Mosque & A Church , I Believe Church Used to be Better Though , Yet For Best Islamic Architecture Check Isfahan 
    vor 1 Woche positiv bewertet
  • Rakhman M.
    Great museum in Istanbul, great ornaments that you can see combination of Christian and Moslem culture. Makes it the only one in the world. Great!
    vor 1 Woche positiv bewertet
  • Özden I.
    Özden InalJuly 24, 2017
    Dolmabahçe ve Ayasofya en iyi tarihi mekanlar
    vor 1 Woche positiv bewertet
  • Serhii L.
    Well this place is amazing. It was first built in the 3rd century!!! Very interesting for orthodox people. The line is crazy but you can get an excursion with skipping the line for about 7 euro.
    vor 1 Woche positiv bewertet
  • MC M.
    MC MamuJuni 1, 2017
    İstanbul'un yurtdışında tanınmasını sağlayan,görkemi ve mimarisiyle herkesi büyüleyen bir başyapıt.Tek eksik girişte adam gibi gezi haritası verilmemesi. Yıllardır süren restorasyonda bitsin artık.
    vor 1 Woche positiv bewertet
  • Turkish Airlines
    Turkish AirlinesOktober 21, 2011
    Haghia Sophia is considered one of the finest architectural works in the world. Although it was occasionally damaged and repaired, its essence remains untouched especially since 1453.
  • Ozan V.
    Ozan VuralMai 31, 2017
    On the second floor, walk directly and turn left as the directions. In the left, you will see a small marble with runes on it. From the year 900's and it says "Halfdan was here", a Viking rune.
    vor 1 Woche positiv bewertet
  • Fatmanur B.
    Fatmanur BezirciNovember 14, 2017
    Ecdadın sanata saygısı iyidir hiçbirşeye dokunmamış ki bugün bu şekilde hayranlıkla gezebiliyoruz ama yeni neslin ecdadına saygısı yok şu an müze de olsa yarıçıplak gezilmemeli burası 2 dindede kutsal
    vor 1 Woche positiv bewertet
  • Besh s
    Besh sApril 2, 2017
    40 TL per person and with the tour man extra 100 TL nice and amazing historical place and islamic place from 10 to 5 pm
    vor 1 Woche positiv bewertet
  • Martin A.
    Martin AngelettiAugust 11, 2014
    Its really really big, noisy, crowded, saint and diverse. The ceilings r super tall, the stairs a nice place for cool pictures. Its even better if you are retracing Robert Langdon steps in Istanbul.
  • edna_ellena ..
    edna_ellena .November 10, 2017
    Breathtaking place. On the first floor has a column with hole in it. Its named wishing column and it has interesting story. Make a wish by rotating your thumb inside the hole making full circle.
    vor 1 Woche positiv bewertet
  • Oznur G.
    Oznur GokhanOktober 11, 2017
    İmparator Jüstinyen'in 537'de yaptırdığı, dünyadaki en önemli mimari eserlerden birisi. Fatih İstanbul'u fethettiğinde camiye, Atatürk'ün emriyle de 1935'de müzeye çevrilmiş.
    vor 1 Woche positiv bewertet
  • Reemo A.
    Reemo AlmanieJanuar 29, 2015
    Hagia Means holy wisdom. This museum was a cathedral(church) from 573 to 1435 then a mosque till 1931 and finally a museum. Hagia Sophia was an inspiration for many other Ottoman mosques.
  • Dens
    DensJuly 31, 2013
    If some guy outside tries to sell you tickets that allow you to cut line, it's cool & legit (we did it) and saved us like 20 min in line. Pro tip: once inside, do tje tour backward, starting w/ exit
  • Rodolfo G.
    Rodolfo GabrielOktober 9, 2016
    Take a deep breath and enjoy years of history and art. Just beautiful and unique. Museum card applies to it.
    vor 1 Woche positiv bewertet
  • Bianca B.
    Bianca BuenoAugust 11, 2014
    Of course you won't miss the impressive work of art, history and culture impressed on the walls and architecture of it. And do yourself a favor and read a bit about before getting in. ;)
  • Pavan
    PavanDezember 29, 2014
    Awestruck at the gigantic masterpiece. It's a must for anyone going to Istanbul. If you plan on visiting two or more of the historic sites, check the museum pass,you may save some money...
  • Ahn B.
    Ahn BustamanteSeptember 28, 2014
    Get here early in the morning to avoid long queues. The second floor is no longer leveled. There's a restaurant just beside it just in case you feel hungry after touring the museum.
  • Shawn C.
    Shawn CallahanNovember 29, 2015
    The idea that this church was built in the 500s AD and was the largest church in the world for 1000 years and I can walk around it today and even see Viking graffiti blows my mind.
  • Beste G.
    Kilise'den camiye... Oldukça görkemli. İstanbul'a gidenlerin ziyaret etmesi gereken manevi huzur bulunan yerlerden biri.
    vor 1 Woche positiv bewertet
  • Tan O.
    Tan OzturkJuni 11, 2013
    This beautiful rebuilt mosque takes your breath away!The history it encloses should be appreciated so I suggest you take a tour to learn&understand better everything. Take your time, enjoy and sink in
  • Kostas
    KostasFebruar 20, 2015
    From Orthodox church to Latin cathedral, to mosque and eventually as a museum the diamond of Isidoros and Anthemius still stands today as a brilliant showcase of architecture. Absolutely breathtaking
  • Noah W.
    Noah WeissSeptember 23, 2014
    This is the top MUST SEE in Istanbul. A church converted to a mosque converted to a museum tells the story of the city.
  • Varvara D.
    Varvara DeevaFebruar 3, 2017
    Mixing of cultures, religions and different periods of history! Architecture and atmosphere are breathtaking!
    vor 1 Woche positiv bewertet
  • Lillian S.
    Lillian SwordNovember 27, 2014
    my favourite attractions in Istanbul. There is so much history of Christianity the restoration is incredible. Pictures do not do it justice. Beautiful attraction, I cannot wait to visit again!
  • Fathima D.
    Fathima DadaFebruar 12, 2017
    Muslim world meets Christianity and the world doesn't end. Turkey should lead the way in blending culture and religion and it starts here at Hagia Sofia.
    vor 1 Woche positiv bewertet
  • Stergios
    StergiosMai 26, 2015
    The most beautiful Greek Orthodox Church in the world. Skip the Turkish architectural attrocities and find grace. Αγία Σοφία, the cradle of orthodox world.
  • Stefan D.
    The queue can be for hours. But you'll be offered guided tours for a smaller fee. This Will take you in front of The que and give you a guided tour for about 100tl/per person.
    vor 1 Woche positiv bewertet
  • Thanos A.
    Few meters in the right hand from entrance,there's a counter where you can take your personal Ayasofya guide ( number plastic guide with earset pen or sth like that with). It's worth for 20 TL.
  • InterContinental Hotels & Resorts
    Hagia Sophia was the world's largest church until 1520, at which time it was converted to a Mosque. It is now a must-see Museum that showcases some of the finest Byzantine art pieces. Mehr erfahren
  • Tania M.
    Tania MartinezOktober 20, 2015
    This place is amazing. You can see christian and muslim icons everywhere, under the same roof. And the columns were taken from greek temples.
  • Asya C.
    Asya CatzJuly 21, 2013
    During Ramadan the whole area around and between aya Sofia and blue Mosque is transformed once the sun goes down. Tourist crowds disappear to give space for local to have their 1st meal. Must see
  • E.
    7.5 m lik levhalarda Allah (c.c), Hz. Muhammed (s.a.v), Dört Halife; Hz. Ebu Bekir, Hz. Ömer, Hz. Osman, Hz. Ali ve Hz. Hasan, Hz. Hüseyin'in isimleri yazmaktadır. Müze kart geçiyor.Freskler de harika
    vor 1 Woche positiv bewertet
  • Abdulaziz A.
    Abdulaziz Al-FadhelNovember 18, 2016
    تحفة معمارية يعود بناءها الى عهد قسطنطين العظيم، بقيت كنيسة حتى عهد الفاتح محمد فصارت مسجدا ثم حولها اتاترك متحفا، بجانبها يقع مسجد السلطان احمد.
    vor 1 Woche positiv bewertet
  • Fóursquare Türkiye
    Fóursquare TürkiyeMärz 14, 2013
    İstanbul'a gelen turistlerin ilk rotası... Alt galerideki minberle üst galerideki freskler başka yerde bulamayacağınız mükemmel bir sentez. Dev kubbesi ve kubbeye çıkan yol baş döndürüyor Mehr erfahren
  • Ehma J.
    Ehma JohnstonOktober 17, 2014
    Although the enormity of Ayasofya is overwhelming, make sure you don't miss all the small things... Like the tiles in almost hidden corner niches and the viking's graffiti on the second floor.
  • iHARA
    iHARAJuni 12, 2015
    Um museu em frente a Mesquita Azul, com arquitetura e pinturas da época! Atualmente parte dela esta em restauração! Magnifico! L$ 30,00 ****
  • Drn F.
    Drn FrtDezember 24, 2014
    15th century art and history of this structure standing among the masterpieces of architecture in the world and has become a symbol of Byzantine architecture with a large dome.
  • Bahram M.
    Bahram MovahedJuly 16, 2017
    This is the first place you should visit in istanbul. It is absolutely astonishing.
    vor 1 Woche positiv bewertet
  • Dean J.
    Dean JohnsonMai 9, 2015
    Beautiful architecture. I visited in mid April '15 and there was a good amount of construction but it didn't stop me from enjoying it
  • Mehmet G.
    Mehmet GünyeliJuly 4, 2016
    Mimarlık tarihinin başyapıtı 532-537 yıllarında İmparator Justinianos tarafından mimarlar Milet'li İsidoros ve Aydın'lı Anthemios 'a yaptırılan Bizans'ın Mimarlık Şahaseri ..
  • Anna
    AnnaFebruar 15, 2013
    Read more about it, it's quite an important piece of history. Its architectonics reflect the cross / body of Christ. Wonderful cathedral, and you can imagine how glorious it was in Byzantine times
  • Turkey Tourism
    Turkey TourismMai 15, 2013
    Hagia Sophia is a former patriarchal basilica, later a mosque, now a museum in Istanbul, Turkey. Aya Sofya is universally acknowledged as one of the great buildings of the world. Mehr erfahren
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