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Pandora Kat

Pandora Kat

"I am ready to meet my maker, but whether my maker is prepared for the great ordeal of meeting me is another matter." -Churchill

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New Orleans
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Las Vegas
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Salt Lake City
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4 Tipps
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San Diego
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La Jolla
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Pandora Kat
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2 Orte einschließlich True Food Kitchen, Bottlecraft Beer Shop & Tasting Room
Pandora Kat
20 aktualisierte Orte
20 Orte einschließlich Palms Casino Resort, Pasta Mia West, Westfield Valley Fair, Starbucks
    Aktuelle Tipps von Pandora
    "Had a perfect white chocolate mocha and a regular brew. Great to sit and enjoy a cup or two and browse the excellent selection of coffees, gear and t-shirts. Love they are Veteran-owned!"
    Pandora KatPandora Kat · August 21, 2019
    Coffee Shop
    · Salt Lake City, USA
    "Vons is asking customers to ignore the individuals soliciting signatures. Hard to do when they bother you upon entering and exiting. They get paid by the signature and don't even tell you!"
    Pandora KatPandora Kat · Juni 3, 2016
    · San Diego, USA
    "WiFi is free for Marriott Rewards members and free premium WiFi for Platinum level. Excellent rewards program! Concierge happy hour access alone is worth it! Delicious!"
    Pandora KatPandora Kat · Juni 3, 2016
    · Fremont, USA
    "Excellent selection of luxury and retail stores. But again, those overly aggressive kiosk vendors need to go. Now completely avoid walking the bottom level."
    Pandora KatPandora Kat · November 6, 2015
    · Santa Clara, USA
    "Always helpful & friendly baristas. Great suggestions. Bacon & Gouda sandwich perfect road trip food. Last Starbucks before El Centro. Keep in mind, not an easy immediate on/off freeway stop."
    Pandora KatPandora Kat · Oktober 19, 2015
    Coffee Shop
    · Alpine, USA
    "First visit here & pleased with great service. Tried Fleur-de-Lys cocktail, lemon drop martini & pepperoni pizza. Pizza is very well sized. Easily a portion for two. Friday's close at midnight."
    Pandora KatPandora Kat · Oktober 19, 2015
    · Fresno, USA