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Jana A. Kri

Jana A. Kri

Prague 5
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Jana A. Kri
44 aktualisierte Orte September 4, 2019
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Jana A. Kri
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Jana A. Kri
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Jana A. Kri
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Jana A. Kri
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Jana A. Kri
1 aktualisierte Orte April 29, 2017
1 Ort einschließlich Jalus
    Aktuelle Tipps von Jana A. Kri
    "They truly know their beers here!Exquisite selection on tap (always one Belgian lambic present),as well as unique offer from the bottles. World-class beers,cool atmosphere, Czech crafts and good vibes"
    Jana A. KriJana A. Kri · vor 1 Woche
    · Prag, Tschechien
    "Disappoiting. It used to be a nice place to hang out, but arrogant and unprofessional staff turned it into a cafe you don’t feel well in. Food is average, drinks are average, and it’s cash only."
    Jana A. KriJana A. Kri · vor 2 Wochen
    · Poděbrady, Tschechien
    "Incredibly atmospheric coffee spot with Vietnamese (coffee- and food) specialties. Square Mill coffee, which is a rare guest in CZ. Cool vibe, great playlist, friendly staff. A true oasis in Karlin."
    Jana A. KriJana A. Kri · vor 2 Wochen
    Coffee Shop
    · Prag, Tschechien
    "One of the worst fitness clubs in Prague. The only advantage is its centric location at Andel. Other than that very small, almost claustrophobic, outdated machines, rather low-cost facilities."
    Jana A. KriJana A. Kri · Mai 14
    Fitnessstudio / Fitness
    · Prag, Tschechien
    "They changed their concept a few times in the last years, but one thing remained unchanged: great service, exquisite coffee (Nordbeans blends), tasty desserts. More on the pricier side, but glorious!"
    Jana A. KriJana A. Kri · Mai 13
    · Prag, Tschechien
    "Czech food with a twist! Everything is absolutely delicious, unexpected combinations and unique flavors. Dalešicke beer, homemade spirits out of celery or cumin and kombucha. Simple but oh so good!"
    Jana A. KriJana A. Kri · Mai 13
    · Prag, Tschechien