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Chef L Canonico

Chef L Canonico

"I don't LIKE food; I LOVE it. If I don't love it, I don't SWALLOW." ~Anton Ego

Baltimore, MD
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  • Waco
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1 Liste erstellt · 31 Tipps
Ellicott City
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Ocean City
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Aktuelle Listen von Chef L
Chef L Canonico
1 aktualisierte Orte Januar 13, 2020
1 Ort einschließlich Brothers Sushi
Chef L Canonico
23 aktualisierte Orte Februar 19, 2020
23 Orte einschließlich Great Harvest Bread Company, Royal Taj, Dangerously Delicious Pies, Grilled Cheese & Co.
Chef L Canonico
26 aktualisierte Orte Februar 3, 2020
26 Orte einschließlich The Catch-Waco, Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum, Mr. Greek Grill and Grocery, Common Grounds
Chef L Canonico
42 aktualisierte Orte April 26, 2019
42 Orte einschließlich Pike Place Chowder, The French Laundry, Burton's Comfort Creamery, Louis' Lunch
Chef L Canonico
84 aktualisierte Orte Mai 16, 2019
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Chef L Canonico
37 aktualisierte Orte Januar 7, 2020
37 Orte einschließlich Pinkerton's Barbecue, Brindles Ice Cream, The Big Bib BBQ, Black's Barbecue
    Aktuelle Tipps von Chef L
    "Very friendly owners and chefs! Lots of bold Vegan, gluten free and vegetarian options or exchanges. Like soy chorizo, tofu, bean corn salsa, gluten free wraps and pickled veggies. Try crapes too."
    Chef L CanonicoChef L Canonico · vor 12 Stunden
    · Ellicott City, USA
    "Split Lemon ricotta EZ platter ask extra berry sauce, or custard sauce with bulgogi, chorizo or spicy pork. Try kimchi fried rice, strawberry ricotta toast, crapes or Nashville hot chicken & waffles."
    Chef L CanonicoChef L Canonico · vor 12 Stunden
    · Ellicott City, USA
    "Low carb version: regular or grilled sandwich with lettuce instead of bun, extra pickles and a side kale crunch salad. Get more chicken then nugget meal too. Both lemonades are too sweet for me."
    Chef L CanonicoChef L Canonico · vor 4 Tagen
    · Columbia, USA
    "Skip dinner and go breakfast; sunshine sampler. My favorites are cured ham, fried apples and biscuits. There is no heavy cream at this location, so grits and gravy are made with water and milk :(."
    Chef L CanonicoChef L Canonico · vor 1 Woche
    · Salisbury, USA
    "Skip food & get a large white chocolate bread pudding to go. Watery gumbo though the etouffee & shrimp bisque were rich and thick. Over priced for basic flavors & small portions. Good comeback sauce."
    Chef L CanonicoChef L Canonico · vor 1 Woche
    Fisch & Meeresfrüchte
    · Vicksburg, USA
    "Free 3 alcoholic drinks per guest! Great tacos, grits, grilled veg mix, grilled seafood & hot beignets. I ship the gumbo and hurricanes. Try poeboy and broiled platters."
    Chef L CanonicoChef L Canonico · vor 2 Wochen
    Fisch & Meeresfrüchte
    · Waco, USA