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Joey Tran

Joey Tran

тo ѕee тнe world, тнιngѕ dangeroυѕ тo coмe тo, тo ѕee вeнιnd wallѕ, draw cloѕer, тo ғιnd eacн oтнer, and to feel. Instagram: Joeytran94

San Francisco, California
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  • San Francisco
  • Berkeley
  • Daly City
  • San Mateo
  • Los Angeles
  • Ramona
  • Fremont
  • Industry
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San Francisco
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4 Listen erstellt
Daly City
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San Mateo
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Los Angeles
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Newport Beach
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Joey Tran
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    Aktuelle Tipps von Joey
    "Judy is awesome. Very sweet. You does an amazing job. (:"
    Joey TranJoey Tran · Juni 26, 2014
    · San Francisco, USA
    "Love this place. Always come here to study or do my homework. Their potato salad is amazing! So healthy and good."
    Joey TranJoey Tran · April 11, 2014
    Feinkost / Weinkeller
    · San Francisco, USA
    "We came in, and was given a table. We sat then there for 5 mins waiting for the menu. -__- however, the upside is that the food is pretty good."
    Joey TranJoey Tran · Dezember 23, 2013
    · San Francisco, USA
    "First time at Off The Grid? you must try Koja and chairman Mao (:"
    Joey TranJoey Tran · Dezember 18, 2013
    · Daly City, USA
    "Much more fancier than the other King of Thai 2 blocks away. Perfect place for a cheap lunch date with a friend. Their server's are really nice too. :P"
    Joey TranJoey Tran · September 3, 2013
    · San Francisco, USA
    "Best place to just sit, relax, and do some homework and browse the Internet if you have a day off or have a coffee date with a friend."
    Joey TranJoey Tran · September 1, 2013
    · San Francisco, USA