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I like to explore & share unique destinations, across the USA. Recently moved to Phoenix from Chicago. Check out my YouTube Channel: GetMeOuttaHere Erik

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St Louis
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Los Angeles
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Las Vegas
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Kansas City
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Des Moines
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Erik Rowley
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Historic Route 62 Roadtrip across the USA that links Mexico to Canada!
Erik Rowley
57 aktualisierte Orte September 19, 2022
57 Orte einschließlich Durant's, The Farmhouse Restaurant, Phoenix Burrito House, Los Dos Molinos
Erik Rowley
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Erik Rowley
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Erik Rowley
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A list of all National Parks in the United States.
Erik Rowley
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49 Orte einschließlich El Paso Museum of Art, San Jacinto Plaza, Whataburger, Garufa Argentinean Restaurant
    Aktuelle Tipps von Erik
    "Love Dutch Bros, but this one has an awkward drive thru, they always cone it off weird and there’s no convenient way to turn around if you’re heading west after leaving."
    Erik RowleyErik Rowley · vor 5 Tagen
    Coffee Shop
    · Chandler, USA
    "This gas station is horrible, car wash doesn’t work. Computer system froze up with my payment pending, & cashier locked the front door leaving an “away for bathroom break” sign. Avoid this dump."
    Erik RowleyErik Rowley · vor 5 Tagen
    · Phoenix, USA
    "Mention the name Donald Trump, and the look on the barista’s face will heat your latte to exactly the perfect temperature."
    Erik RowleyErik Rowley · vor 5 Tagen
    Coffee Shop
    · Phoenix, USA
    "It’s like a village of auto repair shops in this lot surrounding the Jiffy Lube. Guess i came to the right place, solid service here. Just thought it was funny seeing this civilization of mechanics."
    Erik RowleyErik Rowley · vor 1 Woche
    · Tempe, USA
    "Phoenix is the Fast Food mecca of the USA! Only city you can find In’N Out, Whataburger, Shake Shack, Portillos, Waffle House, Culvers, & White Castle all in one place."
    Erik RowleyErik Rowley · vor 1 Woche
    · USA
    "Tacos are basic, I didn’t understand the hype until I tried the hot sauce. Hot sauce is essential here. Also watch out for the broken curb chunks laying in the drive-thru."
    Erik RowleyErik Rowley · vor 1 Woche
    · Phoenix, USA