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Foodie. Traveller. Photographer. Food is culture. Live to eat. Camera usually eats first.

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Leo C.
54 aktualisierte Orte März 19, 2019
54 Orte einschließlich Maisen, Mamou, Tap Station, Oven & Fried Chicken
Leo C.
13 aktualisierte Orte Februar 3, 2019
Because life is too short (and Singapore is too bloody expensive!) to drink crappy beers.
Leo C.
5 aktualisierte Orte März 19, 2018
5 Orte einschließlich Chin Chin Eating House, Five Star Hainanese Chicken Rice Restaurant, Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice 天天海南鸡饭, Delicious Boneless Chicken Rice
Leo C.
4 aktualisierte Orte März 28, 2017
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Leo C.
11 aktualisierte Orte Januar 21, 2016
11 Orte einschließlich Market Street (Golden Shoe) Food Centre, Tiong Bahru Market & Food Centre, Maxwell Food Centre, Hong Lim Market & Food Centre 芳林巴刹与熟食中心
Leo C.
9 aktualisierte Orte März 17, 2014
9 Orte einschließlich Kehoe's, Gravity Bar, Mulligan's, The Stag's Head
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    "Beers are good. Food sucks! Mussels overcooked, arancini balls are dry, meatballs were so-so, and the calamari is a disappointment. Stick with the beers. Service wasn’t good either."
    Leo C.Leo C. · vor 1 Woche
    "Drinks are reasonably priced and food is excellent. Top tip: they get their chef’s recommendation items on a Tue, so come on Wed for the freshest stuff possible!"
    Leo C.Leo C. · vor 1 Woche
    · Singapur
    "Used to like them better at the old outlet. In the new place, it’s much more cramped. Service is average. Food so-so. Not sure if I’ll be back again."
    Leo C.Leo C. · Februar 3
    "The pig skin has gotten much tougher and chewier recently. It’s no longer braised as well. The rest of the items are still fine."
    Leo C.Leo C. · Februar 3
    · Simei, Singapur
    "Nicky is the best! Reserved and somewhat formal in demeanour, he gets men’s haircuts done really well. And for a director, his charge is not high at all. I’d recommend my friends to come."
    Leo C.Leo C. · Februar 3
    Beauty & Gesundheit
    · Singapur
    "A tasty and inexpensive Thai restaurant set in unfortunate surroundings aka Orchard Towers, aka “Four Floors of Whores.” But rest assured the food is legit Thai and well worth a try!"
    Leo C.Leo C. · Januar 24
    · Singapur