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History badge
Union Station is one of History badge.

1. Union Station

50 Massachusetts Ave NE (at Columbus Cir NE), Washington, D.C.
Bahnhof · NoMa · 662 Tipps und Bewertungen

HISTORYHISTORY: Completed in 1908, the station was the largest train station in the world at the time it was built. In fact, if put on its side, the Washington Monument could lay within the confines of the station.

2. National Air and Space Museum

655 Jefferson Drive SW, Washington, D.C.
Wissenschaftsmuseum · Southwest Washington · 640 Tipps und Bewertungen

HISTORYHISTORY: Originally called the National Air Museum when it was formed on August 12, 1946 by an act of Congress, some pieces in the National Air and Space Museum collection date back to 1876.

United States Botanic Garden is one of History badge.

3. United States Botanic Garden

100 Maryland Ave SW (Independence Ave), Washington, D.C.
Botanischer Garten · Southwest Washington · 112 Tipps und Bewertungen

HISTORYHISTORY: The garden is a living plant museum & was established by Congress in 1820. The Conservatory reopened in Dec 2001 after a four-year renovation,with approx 4,000 seasonal, tropical & subtropical plants.

U.S. House of Representatives is one of History badge.

4. U.S. House of Representatives

U.S. Capitol Building, Washington, D.C.
Parlamentsgebäude · Southeast Washington · 37 Tipps und Bewertungen

HISTORYHISTORY: The Capitol is among the most architecturally impressive and symbolically important buildings in the world. Begun in 1793, the Capitol has been built, burnt, rebuilt, extended, and restored.

Ford's Theatre is one of History badge.

5. Ford's Theatre

511 10th St NW (btwn F St NW & E St NW), Washington, D.C.
Theater · Downtown-Penn Quarter-Chinatown · 71 Tipps und Bewertungen

HISTORYHISTORY: On the second floor of the Theater, you can see the boxseat where Abe Lincoln was sitting when he was killed. On the lower level the museum displays exhibits about Lincoln’s life and his tragic death.

Smithsonian Institution Building (The Castle) is one of History badge.

6. Smithsonian Institution Building (The Castle)

1000 Jefferson Dr SW (btwn 9th & 12th St SW), Washington, D.C.
Geschichtsmuseum · Southwest Washington · 90 Tipps und Bewertungen

HISTORYHISTORY: The Smithsonian Institution was founded for the "increase and diffusion" of knowledge from a bequest to the United States by the British scientist James Smithson, who had never visited the US himself.

Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History is one of History badge.

7. Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

1000 Constitution Ave NW (at 10th St NW), Washington, D.C.
Wissenschaftsmuseum · Northwest Washington · 422 Tipps und Bewertungen

HISTORYHISTORY: The Smithsonian Institution was founded for the "increase and diffusion" of knowledge from a bequest to the United States by the British scientist James Smithson, who had never visited the US himself.

Capital One Arena is one of History badge.

8. Capital One Arena

601 F St NW (at 7th St NW), Washington, D.C.
Basketballstadion · Chinatown · 290 Tipps und Bewertungen

HISTORYHISTORY: This center is home to the Georgetown Hoyas, Washington Wizards & Washington Capitals. In 2003 Michael Jordan scored 43 points & became the 1st player over 40 to score more than 40 points in a game.

National Museum of Crime & Punishment is one of History badge.

9. National Museum of Crime & Punishment

575 7th St NW, Washington, D.C.
Museum · Penn Quarter · 58 Tipps und Bewertungen

HISTORYHISTORY: On April 1 1845, Samuel Morse opened the world's first telegraph office on this location. Messages were sent in a coded alphabet consisting of electronic dots & dashes which became known as Morse Code

National Gallery of Art is one of History badge.

10. National Gallery of Art

6th St and Constitution Ave NW (at Constitution Ave NW), Washington, D.C.
Kunstmuseum · Northwest Washington · 151 Tipps und Bewertungen

HISTORYHISTORY: Opened in 1941, this museum, founded by financier Andrew Mellon, has some 116,000 works of Western art dating from the Middle Ages to the modern era.

11. Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool

W Potomac Park (btwn Lincoln & World War II Memorials), Washington, D.C.
Springbrunnen · Southwest Washington · 71 Tipps und Bewertungen

HISTORYHISTORY: The pool, measuring some 2,000 feet long, was built soon after the 1922 dedication of the Lincoln Memorial; both were designed by architect Henry Bacon.

African American Civil War Memorial is one of History badge.

12. African American Civil War Memorial

1925 Vermont Ave NW, Washington, D.C.
Gedenkstätte · U-Street · 9 Tipps und Bewertungen

HISTORYHISTORY: This monument, titled the "Spirit of Freedom," honors the more than 200,000 African-American soldiers who fought during the Civil War.

Washington Monument is one of History badge.

13. Washington Monument

699 Washington Pl (at Mt Vernon Pl), Baltimore, MD
Historischer Ort · Mount Vernon · 45 Tipps und Bewertungen

HISTORYHISTORY: This massive pillar was commenced in 1815 and completed in 1829. It is the first monument dedicated to the “Father of our Country." There are 228 steps to the top.

Tudor Place Historic House and Garden is one of History badge.

14. Tudor Place Historic House and Garden

1644 31st St NW (Q St), Washington, D.C.
Garten · Georgetown · 5 Tipps und Bewertungen

HISTORYHISTORY: Tudor Place was built by Martha Washington's granddaughter, Martha Custis Peter & her husband, Thomas Peter in 1816. The site opened to the public in 1988 under the stewardship of the Tudor Foundation

Eastern Market is one of History badge.

15. Eastern Market

225 7th St SE (at North Carolina Ave. SE), Washington, D.C.
Bauernmarkt · Capitol Hill · 144 Tipps und Bewertungen

HISTORYHISTORY: The market operated from 1873 until 2007. At the start of the 20th century the market was recognized as the unofficial "town center" of Capitol Hill. Badly damaged by fire in 2007, it reopened in 2009

Bohemian Caverns is one of History badge.

16. Bohemian Caverns

2001 11th St NW (at U St NW), Washington, D.C.
Jazz-Club · U-Street · 27 Tipps und Bewertungen

HISTORYHISTORY: Founded in 1926, the premier jazz venue booked many of the leading jazz musicians of the 1960’s including Bill Evans, Miles Davis, Shirley Horn, John Coltrane, Eric Dolphy & Bobby Timmons.

Thomas Jefferson Memorial is one of History badge.

17. Thomas Jefferson Memorial

16 E Basin Dr SW (at Ohio Dr SW), Washington, D.C.
Denkmal / Wahrzeichen · Southwest Washington · 143 Tipps und Bewertungen

HISTORYHISTORY: President Roosevelt asked the Commission of Fine Arts about the possibility of erecting a memorial to Thomas Jefferson. Construction went from 1938-43, & Roosevelt laid the first cornerstone himself.

United States National Arboretum is one of History badge.

18. United States National Arboretum

3501 New York Ave NE (at Hickey Ln NE), Washington, D.C.
Botanischer Garten · National Arboretum · 61 Tipps und Bewertungen

HISTORYHISTORY: The arboretum was established in 1927 by an act of Congress & functions as a major center of botanical research. It has a library with 10,000 volumes & approx. 90 publications on botanical literature.

Library of Congress is one of History badge.

19. Library of Congress

101 Independence Ave SE (btwn 1st & 2nd St SE), Washington, D.C.
Bibliothek · Southeast Washington · 186 Tipps und Bewertungen

HISTORYHISTORY: Created in 1800 the library is the nation's oldest federal cultural institution & the largest library in the world. In 1815 Thomas Jefferson sold his entire personal collection of books to the library

Supreme Court of the United States is one of History badge.

20. Supreme Court of the United States

1 1st St NE (at E Capitol St NE), Washington, D.C.
Gerichtsgebäude · Northeast Washington · 50 Tipps und Bewertungen

HISTORYHISTORY: After the federal government was established in Washington, the court was housed in a basement room in the US Capitol until 1929, when Chief Justice Taft argued successfully for their own building.

National Geographic Museum is one of History badge.

21. National Geographic Museum

1145 17th St NW (at Sumner Row NW), Washington, D.C.
Museum · Connecticut Avenue - K Street · 49 Tipps und Bewertungen

HISTORYHISTORY: The National Geographic Society formed in 1888 for the advancement and diffusion of geographical knowledge. You'll find artifacts ranging from expeditions to temporary exhibits on the world's cultures

Omni Shoreham Hotel is one of History badge.

22. Omni Shoreham Hotel

2500 Calvert St NW (at Connecticut Ave NW), Washington, D.C.
Hotel · Woodley Park · 114 Tipps und Bewertungen

HISTORYHISTORY: Mickey Mantle would lead his teammates to the rooftop of this hotel hoping to see nudity when the team was in town to play. In 1941, the Yankees held a surprise party in room 609D for Joe DiMaggio.

RFK Stadium is one of History badge.

23. RFK Stadium

2400 E Capitol St NE, Washington, D.C.
Stadion · Southeast Washington · 68 Tipps und Bewertungen

HISTORYHISTORY: This stadium has been home to a number of professional sports teams: the Washington Redskins of the NFL (1961-96), the Washington Senators of MLB (1962-71) and the Washington Nationals, also of MLB.