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Janey P

Janey P

Hong Kong
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Hong Kong
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Janey P
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Janey P
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    Aktuelle Tipps von Janey
    "Not authentic Korean food, mediocre taste and not so great service."
    Janey PJaney P · Juni 7, 2015
    · Sai Ying Pun, Hongkong
    "One of my top 3 brunch spots with great coffee, burgers & oven roasted tomato. There is also wifi, so this makes for a good work/food spot. 브런치 음식 바르셀로나에서 탑 3. 햄버거랑 오븐 로스트 토마토 그리고 카패 콘 래채. 인터넷 연결가능."
    Janey PJaney P · Dezember 11, 2013
    · Barcelona, Spanien
    "Excellent meat especially the meat cooked on a stone place, but incredible terrible service. Management should actually start to care."
    Janey PJaney P · Oktober 4, 2013
    · Barcelona, Spanien
    "One of the best Korean BBQ and meat restaurants I have been to in my life. You definitely pay for the quality, so don't be alarmed by the bill. Order the Korean style beef tartare (육회)!"
    Janey PJaney P · July 25, 2012
    Koreanisches BBQ
    · Seoul, Republik Korea
    "냉샤부 넘 맛있어요! 샤브힐 스페셜~ 저렴하고, 양도 많고, 최고로 맛있음! Order the cold shabu. ShabuHill specials are a great deal - lots of food for a reasonable price. Definitely worth a visit!"
    Janey PJaney P · July 24, 2012
    · Seoul, Republik Korea
    "Best NY style pizza you will find in Korea & even Asia. Try the cheese pizza with garlic powder + red peppers (legit NY style condiments), wings & garlic fries. Staff is incredibly friendly! Must try!"
    Janey PJaney P · July 10, 2012
    · Seoul, Republik Korea