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Becky Alyssa C

Becky Alyssa C


Bournemouth, UK
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New York
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Winter Park
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Aktuelle Listen von Becky Alyssa
Becky Alyssa C
24 aktualisierte Orte Juni 21, 2012
24 Orte einschließlich Electric Ballroom, Southampton Guildhall, O2 Academy, Southampton University Students' Union
Becky Alyssa C
37 aktualisierte Orte August 31, 2016
37 Orte einschließlich Beyond Retro, LOLA's Cupcake & Coffee Bar, Brick Lane Market, Itsu
Becky Alyssa C
42 aktualisierte Orte Mai 20, 2013
I'm in 2nd year at AUCB and have lived in Dorset my whole life, so like to think I know the area well. I've compiled this list of the ultimate places to eat, shop &party for students in Bournemouth...
Becky Alyssa C
34 aktualisierte Orte August 7, 2014
I've been visiting Orlando on a regular basis (1-2x year) since the age of 7 and have family living there. Being a Fashion student I'm a big fan of good value shopping as well as all-American cuisine.
Becky Alyssa C
14 aktualisierte Orte Januar 9, 2013
Tried and tested. I am a massive fan of Italian food as well as just about everything else. I have lived in the West Country all my life, so like to think I know my stuff.
Becky Alyssa C
1 aktualisierte Orte
1 Ort einschließlich Mission Burrito
    Aktuelle Tipps von Becky Alyssa
    "Rude staff who don't seem to comprehend how to make an iced latte - save the hassle & your money, grab a bottled drink instead."
    Becky Alyssa CBecky Alyssa C · September 4, 2012
    Coffee Shop
    · Fleet, Vereinigtes Königreich
    "Delicious, messy lunchtime burritos (pork belly! yum). I will give money to whoever can eat one gracefully."
    Becky Alyssa CBecky Alyssa C · September 4, 2012
    · London, Vereinigtes Königreich
    "Finally the mecca of beautiful amazing underwear comes to the UK. So many cute things, stop me buying everything.."
    Becky Alyssa CBecky Alyssa C · September 4, 2012
    · London, Vereinigtes Königreich
    "Best selection of delicious Indian food, generous portions and good service. Take home what you can't finish."
    Becky Alyssa CBecky Alyssa C · Dezember 13, 2011
    · Orlando, USA
    "TB4life. Mail me a deluxe burrito meal and a few tacos to England please? <3"
    Becky Alyssa CBecky Alyssa C · Dezember 13, 2011
    · Orlando, USA
    "Check out the upcoming workshops - doesn't matter if you're not a super-talented artist, everyone is there to have fun and meet new people."
    Becky Alyssa CBecky Alyssa C · Dezember 13, 2011
    · Orlando, USA