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Genesis F.

Genesis F.


San Francisco, CA
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San Francisco
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New York
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1 Liste erstellt · 1 Tipp
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Mexico City
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Los Angeles
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Genesis F.
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Genesis F.
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Genesis F.
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Genesis F.
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Genesis F.
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Genesis F.
1 aktualisierte Orte November 9, 2017
1 Ort einschließlich Mirazur
    Aktuelle Tipps von Genesis
    "Can't beat the lunch combod on the order to go menu. Great price point for the quantity and quality of food!"
    Genesis F.Genesis F. · Januar 9, 2019
    Dim Sum
    · San Francisco, USA
    "The srvc & srv'ng sizes exceeded expectations. I kept hoping that the issues I encountered with the meals would improve with the next item, it did not. Mostly overcooked, cold, or overly rich items."
    Genesis F.Genesis F. · Februar 10, 2017
    Südstaaten / Soul
    · New Orleans, USA
    "Ju-Ni another restaurant by way of a Sushi Ran alum, Kusakabe is the other! The ambience is very clean, yet has a more modern touch. One thing to admire is Geoffrey-san's diligent nature to his art."
    Genesis F.Genesis F. · Mai 5, 2016
    · San Francisco, USA
    "As you enter expect to be greeted by the delicious smell of waffles! You'll find a variety of modern day Hong Kong style desserts, prepare for disappointment though if you're in pursuit of birds nest."
    Genesis F.Genesis F. · April 25, 2016
    · Millbrae, USA
    "What was lacking in flavour was made up for in service. If you have a palate for lightly seasoned and mild to bland spices you'll enjoy Mingalaba. Additionally, the prices won't break the bank."
    Genesis F.Genesis F. · April 25, 2016
    · Burlingame, USA
    "So many restaurants seem to take the service and timing between meals for granted, Hananmi is one! If you are looking for a place to be seen as well as to watch the sunset then here is perfect for it!"
    Genesis F.Genesis F. · März 26, 2016
    · Oslo, Norwegen