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Paul Kardous

Paul Kardous


Good Design, Gin, Travel, Trivia, and Auburn Football.

New York, NY · Superuser icon?Superuser Level 5
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New York
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Lake Buena Vista
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Camden Town
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New Orleans
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Paul Kardous
61 aktualisierte Orte Januar 5, 2020
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Paul Kardous
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Paul Kardous
17 aktualisierte Orte Juni 11, 2019
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Paul Kardous
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Paul Kardous
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Paul Kardous
0 aktualisierte Orte März 20, 2017
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    Aktuelle Tipps von Paul
    "Great daily flavors and a friendly family owned place. Slipped into first place of best ice cream on the island!"
    Paul KardousPaul Kardous · Mai 28
    · Sanibel, USA
    "Fried Chicken is solid, but the collards are excellent."
    Paul KardousPaul Kardous · Mai 24
    Südstaaten / Soul
    · Sanibel, USA
    "Brussel Sprouts are fantastic, as are the glass noodles. Definitely skip the Okonomiyaki which is as far from real Okonomiyaki as you can get."
    Paul KardousPaul Kardous · Mai 17
    · Charlotte, USA
    "Shrimp Po Boy has no lettuce and no tomato and has an Italian dressing type sauce."
    Paul KardousPaul Kardous · September 3, 2020
    · Charlotte, USA
    "Average burger, fries are mediocre, and the onion straws just aren’t very good. Has all the ingredients to be great but just isn’t."
    Paul KardousPaul Kardous · Januar 5, 2020
    · Charlotte, USA
    "Tacos are fun but not extraordinary, tortillas are bland and cold. Queso is a pass, not warm enough and no red curry flavor at all."
    Paul KardousPaul Kardous · Dezember 12, 2019
    · Charlotte, USA