Oslo Airport (OSL)

Flughafen Oslo (OSL)

(Oslo Lufthavn)
Internationaler Flughafen
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  • Christian G.
    Christian GinsigJuly 30, 2012
    Unbedingt bei der Ankunft noch vor den Zoll eine Flasche Alkohol kaufen. Innerhalb Norwegens sind Bier, Wein oder Spirituosen sehr teuer.
    Apr 4 positiv bewertet
  • Gerald S.
    Gerald SchneiderFebruar 5, 2015
    Schon mehr als 5 Mal hier gewesen
    Auf dem gesamten Flughafen gibt es eduroam
  • Dmitrii B.
    Dmitrii BondarenkoNovember 13, 2016
    If you wanna get to Oslo, the best option is to buy ticket to the NSB train by application Ruter or NSB. In this case you spend almost twice less than by Flytoget and get free ticket in Oslo for 2,5h.
    vor 2 Wochen positiv bewertet
  • JB D.Herz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    JB DI RaffaeleNovember 28, 2017
    One of the best airport, very modern, calm and easy to reach from Oslo within 25min. We had to stand up for security check before departure making the situation a bit less pleasant.
    Mar 19 positiv bewertet
  • Cenker K.Herz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    Cenker KöseMai 12, 2018
    No need to go for express train, since the city centre is just 2 stops (~25 min) from the airport with regular line and half price of the express.
    vor 1 Woche positiv bewertet
  • Jonathan K.
    Jonathan KhooMai 3, 2014
    Check the bottoms of seats for plugs (some have them), also found by wall at Gate 39 by the Yo Sushi
    vor 2 Wochen positiv bewertet
  • Ingvild M.Herz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    Ingvild M. PlosivJanuar 5, 2011
    Schon mehr als 100 Mal hier gewesen
    The local NSB-train is less expencive than "Flytoget" and taxi, and it often gets you to the center Oslo about as fast as the "Flytog".
  • Henrikas
    HenrikasJanuar 19, 2018
    Nice place to do some work with laptop - near gate D2b, there is small row of seats with power sockets behind them, and it is usually quiet there.
  • Lisa S.Herz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    Lisa StarbucksMärz 3, 2018
    Super modern and clean airport. It looks like a organic hotel with lots of wood 🤩
    Apr 28 positiv bewertet
  • Hans Petter F.Herz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    Hans Petter FossengOktober 18, 2018
    Schon mehr als 50 Mal hier gewesen
    Tap water is just as good as bottled. Bring an empty bottle and go to the water stations at gates A10, B2, C4, D4, E12 or F17/F19.
  • Anton Z.Herz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    Anton ZhuravkovJuly 8, 2017
    Футуристично в плане поголовного самообслуживания. Сам себя зарегил, распечатал посадочные, отправил чемоданы на ленту при помощи робота. Пожилым людям в силу непривычности может быть сложновато.
  • Madeleine H.
    Madeleine HolbyeJanuar 31, 2013
    Schon mehr als 100 Mal hier gewesen
    Top tip for budget/water: bring an empty bottle through security (allowed) and fill it with water in the restrooms. The first taps u get to have ajustable water temperature :)
  • Kamil S.
    Kamil SözenJuly 12, 2013
    Schon mehr als 10 Mal hier gewesen
    SAS la ucuyorsaniz herseyi kendiniz yapmalisiniz. Check in, bagaj etiketi basma, yapistirma, konveyore goturme, barkodu okutma, bavula el sallama. Hic insan gormeden ucaga bindim. Nerede guvenlik?
  • Jordi H.
    Jordi Hernando CastellsAugust 18, 2014
    Schon mehr als 5 Mal hier gewesen
    Muchos servicios tanto en la parte de vuelos nacionales como internacionales. Los precios son aceptables para ser Oslo. Cómodo y tranquilo incluso en los días más fríos.
  • Marina A.Herz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    Marina AzariaJuly 30, 2017
    Очень не обычный, просторный. Такое сочетание современного и деревенского, но в этом свой шарм. А зелёная приветственная надпись просто класс
  • 🌟iCarlitos Jr. N.Herz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    Pequeño, muy bien señalizado y con wifi libre para conectarte y avisar que el vuelo estuvo genial jajaja con una estación de tren que conecta a Oslo central, súper bien 👍
  • Murat K.
    Murat KarakaşMai 26, 2016
    Oslo merkeze ulaşmak için NSB trenini tercih edin. Merkeze 30 dakikada ve %50 ucuza giderbilirsiniz. NSB tren Bileti şuan 90 kron.
  • Renato F.Herz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    Renato FernandesMai 10, 2017
    Use the NSB train to get to city centre in only 25 minutes. It is cheaper than Flytoget and runs with a good frequency.
  • Ariston A.
    Ariston AristarkhovAugust 10, 2013
    С вокзала Осло в аэропорт можно выехать за час(!) до вылета и вы всё равно успеете. Ещё и ждать будете. Вот что значит слаженная и качественная работа аэропортовых служб. Контроли проходятся быстро.
  • Gonny Z.
    Gonny Zwaag, van derSeptember 23, 2018
    This airport is far (really far!) from Oslo. Fortunately there's a fast train (6x per hour) to the city center, which takes only half an hour. Also connections to Lillehammer and Trondheim.
  • Marcos P.
    Marcos PlaconaJuni 21, 2015
    Schon mehr als 10 Mal hier gewesen
    Not a bad airport. There are two lounges after security, and the gates are organised. Getting there is definitely made easy by the airport express train, which takes only 20 minutes from the city.
  • Phillipe C.Herz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    Other than the fact that this airport is not travel-cheap friendly, the airport is quite nice and clean, lots of good restaurants and places to hang out. Get the shuttle train to the city, worth it.
  • Deniz A.Herz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    Deniz AcilanMärz 13, 2018
    Gördüğüm en temiz, en düzenli ve ferah havaalanı 👌🏼
  • Tero A.Herz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    Tero AngeriaMärz 10, 2018
    Operates even when the weather is really rough. Take the train to Oslo Center. Way cheaper than taxi, and much faster.
  • Till C. L.Herz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    Till C. LechDezember 9, 2013
    Schon mehr als 100 Mal hier gewesen
    If you want to ride on an airplane, try one of the gates. A very effective way of boarding and quite terrific.
  • Patrick S.Herz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    Patrick Svenning-MøllerJuly 22, 2017
    Schon mehr als 50 Mal hier gewesen
    A compact airport in Scandinavian style architecture.
  • Jonas S.
    Jonas SöderströmMärz 17, 2013
    Schon mehr als 10 Mal hier gewesen
    Sushi at the Yo! conveyer-belt sushi restaurant in the international departure hall (close to gates 38-39) was very, very good. And expensive, but so is everything in Norway.
  • Vitor Coutinho @.Herz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    Um dos Aeroportos mais bonitos que já vi. É lógico que é o mais caro do mundo!!! Nem o de Tóquio é tão caro.
  • Lilli F.
    Lilli F.Januar 4, 2022
    Schon mehr als 10 Mal hier gewesen
    Easy to get around, not too large Airport with clear signs anywhere you need to go. Expensive food & drink. Free WiFi via Avinor for 4 hrs. Use the Vy app for easy train ticket control, has english.
  • Nina N.
    Nina NordboDezember 5, 2010
    Schon mehr als 25 Mal hier gewesen
    Best place to work is at Sinnstaggen, second floor in the restaurant to the left after security. Usually quiet, for an airport
  • Anton H.
    Anton HermDezember 15, 2014
    Schon mehr als 10 Mal hier gewesen
    A well organised airport. If you are a smoker - bad news, only outside. Best way to get to and from town is Flytog. Taxi is expensive. Flytog stops also at Lilleström. Convenient for expo visitors.
  • Roberto A.Herz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    Roberto ArpinJuly 9, 2018
    Muy buena wifi libre, excelente aeropuerto, muy organizado y moderno...
  • Konstantin H.
    Konstantin HaaseAugust 21, 2016
    When arriving from an intercontinental flight connecting to some other Schengen country (EU/CH) and you have carry on only, short cut through "domestic connections".
  • KostasHerz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    KostasAugust 15, 2022
    The normal public transport train to Oslo is as fast as Flytoget but cheaper. Two water fountains after one of the security check points to refill your water bottle.
  • Stephen S.Herz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    Stephen SollidJanuar 10, 2019
    Schon mehr als 100 Mal hier gewesen
    Nice and clean, Nordic style. Easy to get around. Shops, bars and diners both domestic and international terminal, but Norwegian prices. Get a cheap haircut in the domestic terminal.
  • Luiz Alberto D.
    Luiz Alberto DiasOktober 3, 2013
    De 20 em 20 min parte um trem superconfortável do Aeroporto de Oslo para o centro da cidade. Preço 170,00 NOK.
  • helen k.
    helen keeganMai 28, 2014
    Bring an empty water bottle through security and you can fill it with water from the water fountain before going through customs. Tap water ftw!
  • Anica S.Herz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    Anica SamMärz 24, 2015
    Schon mehr als 5 Mal hier gewesen
    Don't waste money on the Airport express train - regional trains depart towards the city center frequently, are just as fast and cost almost half the price. Staff at the NSB counter is happy to help.
  • Andrey M.Herz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    Andrey McFebruar 6, 2020
    Прилёт в будний день отличный, людей не много. На контроле придётся рассказать про планы и показать обратный билет. На обратном пути сложности с Аэрофлотом - работают 2 стойки, очереди простояли 30мин
  • Mikke M.Herz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    Mikke MusMai 30, 2018
    Efficient, orderly, modern and relatively relaxed atmosphere. One of the better airports, however when it comes to airports the smaller the better.
  • Paolo L.Herz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    Paolo LimJuni 24, 2014
    Schon mehr als 5 Mal hier gewesen
    If you are a student of an institution that uses an eduroam hotspot, you may be able to get some signal here. That way you don't need to log-on to other hotspots.
    Mar 21 positiv bewertet
  • Alice S.Herz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    Alice SeoyeonJuni 20, 2017
    노르웨이 입국할 때도 면세점 이용 가능. 특히 술과 담배는 인당 쿼터가 있으니 꼭 확인해야함. 시내보다는 훨씬 저렴함.
  • Adam N.Herz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    Adam NowekJanuar 15, 2016
    Schon mehr als 5 Mal hier gewesen
    Beautiful airport with some really good food options all over the place. Unless you're leaving for northern Norway.
  • Serkan B.Herz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    Serkan BalcıFebruar 23, 2015
    Oldukça sakin ve düzenli havalımanı ama erken geldıgımden checkin daha acılmadı beklemek için W.B.SAMSON Cafeden başka bir yer göremedim..wifi free mailinizi girdikten sonra 2 saat kullanabilirsiniz.
  • MuratHerz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    MuratMärz 2, 2023
    Passanger friendly, spacious, peaceful. Fairly small airport, but good enough. Officers at security and passport control are very kind and friendly. Food options are limited, but fine.
  • Michael M.Herz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    Lovely airport logistics are a bit hectic but we persevered! Lovely Oslo. Always ask for help could be a faster times through the queues so it seems
  • Lina N.
    Lina NagyDezember 11, 2018
    No playground in the EU zone! As we arrived after a 10 hours flight from the States it would be a must to have some fun and relax on the playground for the kids...
  • Sigbjørn D.Herz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    Sigbjørn DOktober 19, 2019
    Schon mehr als 50 Mal hier gewesen
    Open and spacious terminal makes flying a pleasant experience. This starts when you enter the terminal and follows you all the way to the plane. Unless you're at a bus-gate, that is.
  • Piotr S.
    Piotr SkorackiMärz 4, 2013
    ISIC cards are acknowledged on the Flytoget express train. With the student's discount price you can get to the centre of Oslo in <20 minutes for 85 NOK. Plugs are available on board of the train. Mehr erfahren
  • Kseniya P.Herz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    Kseniya PodolyakSeptember 26, 2017
    Очень все удобно, современно, только не понятные скульптуры) долго гадала что же это такое))
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