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Terri N.

Terri N.


New York, NY
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New York
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Terri N.
1 aktualisierte Orte Oktober 29, 2016
1 Ort einschließlich Sky Garden
Terri N.
1 aktualisierte Orte März 11, 2015
1 Ort einschließlich Kex Hostel
Terri N.
5 aktualisierte Orte März 11, 2015
5 Orte einschließlich Bonafini, LARK, Brooklyn Commune, Chick P
Terri N.
14 aktualisierte Orte July 10, 2017
A list of places that I've never been to in NYC that I want to visit.
Terri N.
7 aktualisierte Orte
7 Orte einschließlich Juliette, Spitalfields Arts Market, Honest Burgers, The Association
Terri N.
11 aktualisierte Orte
11 Orte einschließlich Dongdaemun Design Plaza, Dongdaemun Market, Yeouido Hangang Park, Sainsbury's
    "Service was goid but the prices were ridiculous! I was charged $12 for a medium sized packing box. Shipping for 3 pillows was $42. Use your own box or ship via the P.O. if you can help it."
    Terri N.Terri N. · Dezember 26, 2014
    · Atlanta, USA
    "Was a little annoyed that the sales people followed me around the store. So much so that I left without purchasing anything. If you need to watch people you can do iy from a distance...."
    Terri N.Terri N. · März 18, 2013
    · New York City, USA