Nolio is one of Krakow.

1. Nolio

Krakowska 27 (Skałeczna), Krakau, Woiwodschaft Kleinpolen
Pizzeria · Kazimierz · 77 Tipps und Bewertungen

Gregory B.Gregory Brożyna: Epic cheesecake, very good pastas, pizza was very good (top notch ingredients), although not best in town. Please bear in mind you have to like this kind pizza. Book your table before arrival.

Pizzatopia is one of Krakow.

2. Pizzatopia

Szewska 22, Kraków, Lesser Poland
Pizzeria · Stare Miasto · 59 Tipps und Bewertungen

Kacka O.Kacka O: Love the "make your own pizza" concept, they have 2 kinds of their 48h dough, ingrdients up to you, pizza is ready in 3mins. Nice friendly staff, very cool place. Worth the price of 24zl (even more)!

Mamma Mia is one of Krakow.

3. Mamma Mia

Karmelicka 14, Krakau, Woiwodschaft Kleinpolen
Italienisches Restaurant · Stare Miasto · 150 Tipps und Bewertungen

Like A Local GuideLike A Local Guide: Great pizzas, main dishes and wines coupled with a good quality of service, a very pleasant atmosphere and matching decor. They start serving breakfast at 7:45AM. Mehr erfahren.

Pizzeria Cyklop is one of Krakow.

4. Pizzeria Cyklop

Mikołajska 16, Krakau, Woiwodschaft Kleinpolen
Italienisches Restaurant · Stare Miasto · 47 Tipps und Bewertungen

Wojciech Z.Wojciech Zalot: Definitely one of the best places to eat pizza in Krakow, but you to have to be prepared to wait for a table but it's worth to do that!

Pizzeria 00 is one of Krakow.

5. Pizzeria 00

Kalwaryjska 32, Krakow, Malopolska
Pizzeria · Stare Podgórze · 5 Tipps und Bewertungen

KarolinaKarolina: The best Neapolitan pizza in Krakow, end of. The Quattro formaggi was the nicest I’ve ever had!

Pizza Garden is one of Krakow.

6. Pizza Garden

Konopnickiej 11, Krakau, Woiwodschaft Kleinpolen
Pizzeria · Dębniki · 96 Tipps und Bewertungen

Douglas F.Douglas Flowers: Intimate setting with an rustic look. Great selection of bottled beers. Pizza is an awesome thin crust style. Very good service.

Hala Główna is one of Krakow.

7. Hala Główna

Dolnych Młynów 10/2b, Krakau, Woiwodschaft Kleinpolen
Nachtclub · Stare Miasto · 5 Tipps und Bewertungen

Marcin W.Marcin Wołkoun: Great party place

Warsztat is one of Krakow.

8. Warsztat

Izaaka 3, Krakau, Woiwodschaft Kleinpolen
Italienisches Restaurant · Kazimierz · 61 Tipps und Bewertungen

Krzysztof W.Krzysztof Wende: Cheese soup, lasagna and pizza were great. Cheese soup definitely worth trying

Nowy Warsztat is one of Krakow.

9. Nowy Warsztat

Józefa Dietla 51 (Bożego Ciała), Krakau, Woiwodschaft Kleinpolen
Italienisches Restaurant · Kazimierz · 57 Tipps und Bewertungen

Michał B.Michał Brzeziński: Delicious pizza and big pasta portions

Bar Italiano is one of Krakow.

10. Bar Italiano

Sienna 6, Krakau, Woiwodschaft Kleinpolen
Pizzeria · Stare Miasto · 14 Tipps und Bewertungen

Matthew W.Matthew Wadham: Best pizza in Krakow, fantastic service and an excellent wine selection

MoaBurger is one of Krakow.

11. MoaBurger

Mikołajska 3, Krakau, Woiwodschaft Kleinpolen
Burger-Imbiss · Stare Miasto · 361 Tipps und Bewertungen

Rodrиго Р.Rodrиго Ривера: Very centric location. Large selection of big burgers, milkshakes of different flavors and good prices. Friendly service. Recommended

Burgerplatz is one of Krakow.

12. Burgerplatz

Plac Nowy 4B/19, Krakau, Woiwodschaft Kleinpolen
Burger-Imbiss · Kazimierz · 14 Tipps und Bewertungen

Leo M.Leo Marious: Delicious burgers, huge portions (you can share with your friends). I ordered steak and it was perfectly cooked. Great place.

ssf kiosk is one of Krakow.

13. ssf kiosk

Burger-Imbiss · Zwierzyniec · 3 Tipps und Bewertungen

Alex F.Alex Fedoriv: huge awesome burgers.

V. G. Food Kumpir&Burger is one of Krakow.

14. V. G. Food Kumpir&Burger

Imbisswagen · Prądnik Biały · 3 Tipps und Bewertungen
Streat Slow Food is one of Krakow.

15. Streat Slow Food

Kupa 10, Krakau, Woiwodschaft Kleinpolen
Imbisswagen · Kazimierz · 44 Tipps und Bewertungen

Olga P.Olga Pilat: Best burgers in town. One with beetroot has awesome chutney, sweet potato version is always a good choice. Ask about "speciality" of the day.

Craftownia is one of Krakow.

16. Craftownia

Św. Wawrzyńca 22, Krakau, Woiwodschaft Kleinpolen
Bierstube · Kazimierz · 12 Tipps und Bewertungen
Weźże Krafta is one of Krakow.

17. Weźże Krafta

Dolnych Młynów 10, Krakau, Woiwodschaft Kleinpolen
Bierstube · Stare Miasto · 38 Tipps und Bewertungen

Sergiusz P.Sergiusz Połuchtowicz-Hański: Great selection of Polish and foreign craft beers. Superb set and setting, post-industrial (in a former tobacco foctory), heart of Cracow but isolated from sounds of the City.

Multi Qlti Tap Bar is one of Krakow.

18. Multi Qlti Tap Bar

ul. Szewska 21, Krakau, Woiwodschaft Kleinpolen
Bierstube · Stare Miasto · 87 Tipps und Bewertungen

MarkMark: The largest and best selection of craft beer in Krakow. 20 beers on tap, most of which are from Polish microbreweries and even more in the fridges. Beers are available in 0.15, 0.3 and 0.5 servings.

Omerta is one of Krakow.

19. Omerta

Kupa 3 (Izaaka), Krakau, Woiwodschaft Kleinpolen
Bar · Kazimierz · 86 Tipps und Bewertungen

Theo G.Theo Geni: Maybe the best pub in town. English style and more than 20 taps. Great local beers and a good selection of international beers including some of the best. Prices are low. You can taste before order

Viva la PINTA is one of Krakow.

20. Viva la PINTA

Floriańska 13,, Krakau, Woiwodschaft Kleinpolen
Bierstube · Stare Miasto · 48 Tipps und Bewertungen

Mariah M.Mariah Marconi: Great craft beer selection. Casual, comfy atmosphere

Strefa Piwa (Beer Zone) is one of Krakow.

21. Strefa Piwa (Beer Zone)

Krowoderska 37, Krakow, Lesser Poland
Spirituosenhandlung · Stare Miasto · 2 Tipps und Bewertungen

Michal S.Michal S: Try Lubuskie, Weizen Honig and Ciechan Miodowy :)

House of Beer is one of Krakow.

22. House of Beer

Świętego Tomasza 35 (Świętego Krzyża), Krakau, Woiwodschaft Kleinpolen
Bierstube · Stare Miasto · 139 Tipps und Bewertungen

Szabolcs 'csapos' P.Szabolcs 'csapos' Perlaki: Awesome selection of local microbrew, craft beer, just a few blocks from the main square, but still not too crowded. Really recommended!

Miejscówka is one of Krakow.

23. Miejscówka

Józefińska 4 (Brodzińskiego), Krakau
Bierstube · Stare Podgórze · 22 Tipps und Bewertungen

Joakim O.Joakim Olander: Nice place with great craft beers

Kufle i widelce is one of Krakow.

24. Kufle i widelce

Czysta 3, Krakau, Woiwodschaft Kleinpolen
Restaurant · Stare Miasto · 4 Tipps und Bewertungen
Domówka Cafe is one of Krakow.

25. Domówka Cafe

Miodowa 28a, Krakau, Woiwodschaft Kleinpolen
Bar · Kazimierz · 21 Tipps und Bewertungen
CK Browar is one of Krakow.

26. CK Browar

Podwale 7, Krakau, Woiwodschaft Kleinpolen
Kneipe · Stare Miasto · 77 Tipps und Bewertungen

Ihor H.Ihor Holoveshko: Good weizen beer. Recommend. Koshuk pivnuy also good as starter.

Radocha is one of Krakow.

27. Radocha

Świętego Sebastiana 6, Krakau, Woiwodschaft Kleinpolen
Bierstube · Stare Miasto · 4 Tipps und Bewertungen
Strefa Piwa is one of Krakow.

28. Strefa Piwa

Józefa 6, Krakau, Woiwodschaft Kleinpolen
Bierstube · Kazimierz · 24 Tipps und Bewertungen

Anna M.Anna Molly: Great place with friendly bartender and great beer choice

T.E.A. TIME Brewpub is one of Krakow.

29. T.E.A. TIME Brewpub

Dietla 1, Krakau, Woiwodschaft Kleinpolen
Kneipe · Kazimierz · 36 Tipps und Bewertungen
Browar Lubicz is one of Krakow.

30. Browar Lubicz

Lublicz 17J (Strzelecka), Krakau, Woiwodschaft Kleinpolen
Brauerei · Grzegórzki · 24 Tipps und Bewertungen

Dmytro S.Dmytro Shvets: Good burgers. 50% discount on wheat beer on Monday.

R77 Cafe is one of Krakow.

31. R77 Cafe

Walerego Eljasza Radzikowskiego 77, Krakau, Woiwodschaft Kleinpolen
Café · Prądnik Biały · 18 Tipps und Bewertungen

Kse L.Kse Lew: Apart of great coffee, they albo have healthy and yummy fresh juices. My favourite one is brave apple ;) sounds tasty, dont you think? :)

Stara Zajezdnia is one of Krakow.

32. Stara Zajezdnia

Świętego Wawrzyńca 12, Krakau, Woiwodschaft Kleinpolen
Brauerei · Kazimierz · 63 Tipps und Bewertungen

Pawel P.Pawel Poland, CRACOW: You can try beer from their own brewery. ;-)

Miód Malina is one of Krakow.

33. Miód Malina

Grodzka 40, Krakau, Woiwodschaft Kleinpolen
Polnisches Restaurant · Stare Miasto · 104 Tipps und Bewertungen

Frau G.Frau Gryl: Definitely the best polish restaurant in Cracow. Food is amazing and the service impeccable. Couldn't recommend enough.

Miodova is one of Krakow.

34. Miodova

Szeroka 3, Krakau, Woiwodschaft Kleinpolen
Polnisches Restaurant · Kazimierz · 60 Tipps und Bewertungen

Mohammed A.Mohammed Aljalahma: Very nice and tasty traditional polish food,I had pierogi z bundzem with highlander cheese and amazing lemonade juice with mints ,staff lovely and helpful,price is reasonable

Morskie Oko is one of Krakow.

35. Morskie Oko

Plac Szczepański 8, Krakau, Woiwodschaft Kleinpolen
Polnisches Restaurant · Stare Miasto · 83 Tipps und Bewertungen

Borja V.Borja Villarroel: Delicious typical polish food😋 the service was perfect and the atmosphere so cozy. Recomended!

Pod Wawelem - Kompania Kuflowa is one of Krakow.

36. Pod Wawelem - Kompania Kuflowa

Św. Gertrudy 26-29, Krakau, Woiwodschaft Kleinpolen
Polnisches Restaurant · Stare Miasto · 278 Tipps und Bewertungen

Jaide C.Jaide Coulam: Fantastic traditional polish food and atmosphere. Friendly waitstaff. Extra special if celebrating a birthday.

Szalone Widelce is one of Krakow.

37. Szalone Widelce

Szpitalna 40 (Pijarska), Krakau, Woiwodschaft Kleinpolen
Polnisches Restaurant · Stare Miasto · 41 Tipps und Bewertungen

Anastasis K.Anastasis Ksouzafeiris: Fantastic and cozy place with really good food. Worth to try the dumplings with meat and the beef on fire.

Dawno Temu Na Kazimierzu is one of Krakow.

38. Dawno Temu Na Kazimierzu

Szeroka 1, Krakau, Woiwodschaft Kleinpolen
Polnisches Restaurant · Kazimierz · 22 Tipps und Bewertungen

Jamie G.Jamie Goh: The decor, vibes, live band, company. I love it! A lovely experience.

Ogniem i Mieczem is one of Krakow.

39. Ogniem i Mieczem

Plac Serkowskiego, 7, Cracow, Lesser Poland
Polnisches Restaurant · Stare Podgórze · 25 Tipps und Bewertungen

ibisibis: Excellent authentic Polish food in a beautiful location. Far from the usual turistic area. Absolutely recommended! 👍🏻

Kuchnia Domowa is one of Krakow.

40. Kuchnia Domowa

Miodowa 25, Krakau, Woiwodschaft Kleinpolen
Polnisches Restaurant · Kazimierz · 7 Tipps und Bewertungen

LorenaLorena: The best home made Polish food in Kraków! Don't miss pierogi kapusta!! Yummy 😋

Youmiko Sushi is one of Krakow.

41. Youmiko Sushi

Józefa 2, Krakau, Woiwodschaft Kleinpolen
Sushi-Bar · Kazimierz · 90 Tipps und Bewertungen

Maria S.Maria Sampaio: Best vegan sushi I have eaten!!! Amazing place, superior quality and great music. Staff super friendly!!

Nago Sushi & Sake is one of Krakow.

42. Nago Sushi & Sake

Świętej Gertrudy 7, Krakau, Woiwodschaft Kleinpolen
Sushi-Bar · Stare Miasto · 21 Tipps und Bewertungen

Mariana L.Mariana Lanfranchi: Very good sushi restaurant! The fish is very fresh! Expensive but worth to go in special occasions 😊