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La Taqueria

La Taqueria

Burrito-Restaurant, Taco-Restaurant und Mexikanisches Restaurant$$$$
Mission District, San Francisco
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  • Justinian
    JustinianMärz 24, 2018
    Man sagt, die besten Tacos San Franciscos. Mindestens. Sie waren lecker! Der Besuch lohnt, auch wenn es - wie immer - voll ist. Es geht schnell.
  • Thomas H.Herz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    Thomas HaukJuni 9, 2017
    Super lecker, sehr schnell und immer voll mit Gästen. Klar, bei dem guten Essen. Wir würden mehrere Male hier essen, wenn wir nur könnten.
  • DensHerz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    DensMai 28, 2015
    Bring a friend and do a spiltty-split with a crispy burrito & some crispy tacos. MAKE SURE YOU ASK FOR CRISPY! So good. ps. if you grab a seat outside near windows you can watch them cut up the pork!
  • SFist
    SFistMärz 12, 2015
    The restaurant's policy of using no rice in their burritos produces a streamlined, taste-concentrated slab... and that taste is good, good, good. Their carne asada super burrito is like a religion. Mehr erfahren
  • Noah W.Herz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    Noah WeissOktober 16, 2014
    Schon mehr als 10 Mal hier gewesen
    Fivethirtyeight burrito bracket put this #1, and they were right. The carnitas are good, but the carne asada is better. Crispy style is a must, though not on the menu.
  • Eater
    EaterJuly 28, 2016
    La Taq's has a world-beating carnitas burrito, served with the perfect liquidy ratio of beans and salsa (but no rice) in a warm tortilla. There's a reason this won America's Best Burrito. Mehr erfahren
  • Josh F.Herz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    Josh FerraraApril 21, 2017
    Welcome to Mecca. Get the Super Burrito, your choice of meat (I recommend carne asada or carnitas), and get the burrito Dorado style — AKA thrown on the grill till the tortilla has a nice crisp to it)
  • Justin M.Herz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    Justin McKissickJuly 6, 2018
    ABSURD lines, super crowded, but absolutely worth it. Getting a seat by the window to watch orders being made is a great way to pass the time.
  • Giulia F.
    Giulia FerreroAugust 17, 2014
    Amazing tacos! Definitely worth going for the super version with additional avocado, cheese, and sour cream. Take the pork (carnita) and you will not be disappointed! Cherry on top: cheap and fast!
  • Stephen C.Herz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    Stephen ChangOktober 7, 2016
    Schon mehr als 10 Mal hier gewesen
    Get your burrito "El Dorado" and they'll fry it up on the griddle after it's rolled!
  • Mike W.
    Mike WinstonAugust 29, 2018
    Let's get one thing straight. This is not the best burrito in the country. Not even the best in SF. The filling is fairly bland, but that griddled tortilla is totally amazing.
  • David P.Herz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    David PoulsenJanuar 23, 2016
    Hands down one of my favorite taco places in the Mission District! Order the off menu Dorado taco with Carne Asada or they have the best Lengua tacos in the City. You can't go wrong eating here!
  • Mohit S.
    Mohit SMai 27, 2016
    You want a super burrito and you want it "dorado style". They'll make your burrito, then put it back on the grill for the perfect tortilla.
  • Cole K.Herz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    Cole KennedyOktober 28, 2018
    The burrito is definitely better than anything you can get in NYC, but I still prefer mine with rice.
  • Steven W.Herz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    Steven WakuuMai 18, 2018
    Schon mehr als 5 Mal hier gewesen
    Yes, believe the hype. This place is that good. Lines get long, but totally worth it. The tacos have huge portions - so order accordingly. Carne asada and beef tongue were so good!
  • Grace S.Herz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    Grace S.Dezember 3, 2015
    Best Carne Asada taco in the city! Carne Asada is cut in long strips and has a nice charred flavor. Fillings are plentiful and pico de gallo topping is super fresh and delicious!
  • Chefs Feed
    Chefs FeedApril 5, 2017
    La Taqueria's burritos are delicious, and my favorite protein is their chicken. It's so moist and fresh. You must get this burrito with their hot sauce. Mehr erfahren
  • SFist
    SFistAugust 4, 2016
    Yes, that's correct, we're saying skip the burrito at La Taq and go for the tacos. We can't emphasize enough that you need the SUPER and DORADO style. Mehr erfahren
  • Hinh T.Herz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    Hinh TranJuly 1, 2016
    Schon mehr als 5 Mal hier gewesen
    So good - have to get your burrito Dorado style. I like mine with half lengua for the extra richness. Get an agua Fresca too.
  • Eater
    EaterApril 12, 2016
    It wouldn’t be San Francisco without The Mission’s squadron of gut-busting taquerias. This one continues to lead the pack with unwavering rave reviews for its sublime, spot-on Mexico staples. Mehr erfahren
  • jiresellHerz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    jiresellOktober 5, 2016
    The line can go out the door, but moves quickly. Simply delicious! Be sure to get you burrito "Dorado" style, i.e. Grilled!
  • Calin D.Herz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    Calin DaianFebruar 15, 2015
    Any burrito and taco is amazing here! The best texture, the best sauce. Order the pickled carrots and pepper with the meal, they're free. They also toast the wrapped burrito upon request
  • BommyHerz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    BommyFebruar 5, 2018
    Hefty and delicious vegetarian tacos. There will most likely always be a line, even at 11:30am on a sunday. Cash only.
  • Tony X.
    Tony XerriMai 23, 2013
    Im the biggest lengua snob in the world. This place, has AMAZING lengua. Make sure you get the burrito because they will stack it to no end and fill your ass up good. Negro Modello for beer of choice.
  • Yera H.Herz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    Yera HaOktober 13, 2015
    Cash only! Here's your exact order: super carne asada crispy style burrito. Don't forget to drown in the green sauce and grab LOTS of napkins.
  • Vivian W.Herz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    Vivian WangJuly 5, 2015
    Tacos with everything! Love their two layers of shell, one soft one slightly crunchy. Loaded with cheese, avocado and meat.
  • hiroticks
    hiroticksMai 5, 2018
    It's cash-only, so be prepared. Also, the place gets packed around lunch, but it's a fast line. The trick is scoring seats. Just be nice to people and generally, someone will share tables.
  • Johnny A.Herz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    Johnny AppleseedSeptember 28, 2015
    La Taqueria is an amazing place for burritos deep into the SF mission district. The seating isn't too great but the food is amazing. My favorite Mexican takeout in San Francisco!
  • Eric D.
    Eric DJuni 17, 2018
    Schon mehr als 100 Mal hier gewesen
    Two cabeza tacos. Add cheese. Get them dorado (crispy). If the line is too long, walk to Taqueria Guadalajara and get the carnitas tacos.
  • SFGate
    SFGateSeptember 10, 2014
    La Taqueria in the Mission has been declared to have America’s Best Burrito by ESPN’s FiveThirtyEight. Head over and try it today! Mehr erfahren
  • Alexa (@ladylexy) A.
    Try the Tacos Dorados - These are the crispy style tacos. Soft on the outside, crispy on the inside and stuffed with tasty grilled fillings. How have I missed these all this time??
  • Ellen M.Herz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    Ellen McGrodyJanuar 28, 2016
    It's good! I don't know if it's worthy of the immense amount of hype, but the green sauce is delicious, and the carnitas is a must try.
  • Paull Y.Herz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    Paull YoungSeptember 27, 2017
    Schon mehr als 5 Mal hier gewesen
    My tip for best burrito on earth. No rice, quality ingredients & a long term locally owned business that treats staff well 👌👌👌
  • Justin K.
    Justin KadisNovember 17, 2014
    Lots of tips say lots of things. All you need to know: order a dorado style super carnitas burrito. Two words: life changing
  • NicoleHerz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    NicoleOktober 9, 2022
    Perhaps the best burrito in all of California. Order carne asada el dorado style. 🥇🥇
  • Annie B.
    Annie B.August 10, 2014
    Solid, no-nonsense Mexican food. The burritos are good, but the tacos steal the show. Can't go wrong with the Carnitas crispy style taco.
  • Petr J.Herz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    Petr J.November 4, 2018
    I have never seen so well organized and efficient kitchen crew. Crowds of people entering every minute, but your order is still prepared within minutes...
  • Ines C.Herz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    Ines ChanJuni 15, 2018
    This is the only super burrito I’d pay $12 for, hands down. Get it dorado style like everyone else (and the hot sauce is a nice touch). What a game changer.
  • RosalineHerz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    RosalineNovember 7, 2015
    Worth the line up. Burritos are small so super size and order them crispy. Green sauce at the table is spicy! Drinks can be skipped - I've had a better horchata
  • Mark K.Herz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    Mark KupasrimonkolJuly 14, 2015
    Great burrito! Drench it with there amazing green sauce and keep your eyes on the prize, you really don't want to see how much oil it takes to fry these suckers.
  • Tania M.Herz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    Tania MartinezAugust 8, 2016
    Los tacos de chorizo y de carne asada (bistec para los defeños) están buenísimos. Vienen con doble tortilla, 1 cucharada de frijoles y pico de gallo. Las tortillas están feas pero cumplen su función.
  • Jose P.Herz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    Jose PalomaresAugust 26, 2016
    The carnitas burrito is superbly juicy, better than any other carnitas I've tried. Get it super, and when bored, maybe try the carne asada, also goood
  • Brian S.Herz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    Brian StraussApril 19, 2017
    The carne asada is amazing: big, gristle free chunks. No rice in the burritos or anywhere on the premises makes burrito a fairly juicy affair.
  • Varun S.
    Varun ShettyJuly 8, 2015
    The carne asada super burrito could easily replace one of the members of the holy trinity. That's how good it is.
  • Cory O.Herz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    Cory O'BrienMärz 11, 2016
    You can't go wrong with an al pastor super burrito. And don't miss the strawberry agua fresca! 🌯🍓
  • Chantal C.Herz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    Chantal CoxSeptember 25, 2014
    Great food. Packed most of the time. Expect to stay in line 15 mn aprox and 15 mn to get your food. The place is not the cutest place to eat but it is quite clean
  • Ina L.Herz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    Ina LiMärz 20, 2015
    Their taco has one crunchy layer and one soft layer of tortilla. Only 3-5 dollars. So delicious! Cash only!
  • _Herz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    _July 11, 2015
    One of the best in SF! No rice burrito! Get the carne asada super burrito, or tacos, or anything! Everything here is so good. Cash only though.
  • Darlene Y.Herz-Symbol auf Nutzerbild
    Darlene YeeOktober 7, 2016
    Schon mehr als 5 Mal hier gewesen
    Flour cheese quesadilla is out of this world. Traditional burrito without rice is packed full of tastiness. The Fresca and horchata are delicious too.
  • Epicurious
    EpicuriousJanuar 22, 2015
    Unlike many Mission spots, La Taqueria closes at 9 p.m., so it's not a late-night destination for the lubricated. Instead, it's one for those who appreciate cheap eats that aren't cheaply made. Mehr erfahren
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