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Kristen Vasan
2 aktualisierte Orte Oktober 12, 2017
list of favorite bbq in nyc
Kristen Vasan
2 aktualisierte Orte November 22, 2017
2 Orte einschließlich Tokyo Record Bar, Retroclubnyc
Kristen Vasan
1 aktualisierte Orte Mai 2, 2016
1 Ort einschließlich The Jetty
Kristen Vasan
10 aktualisierte Orte Oktober 5, 2017
10 Orte einschließlich Brew Bistro, 1824 Whiskey Bar and Lounge, Abyssinia, Asmara Bar & Restaurant
Kristen Vasan
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Kristen Vasan
2 aktualisierte Orte Mai 8, 2014
2 Orte einschließlich The Optimist, Antico Pizza Napoletana
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    "What a secret and fun find! Great views. Very chill vibe daytime. Lots of snack and drink options. I ordered a cold Sagres here and watched the boats sail by from the patio."
    Kristen VasanKristen Vasan · August 23
    · Lissabon, Portugal
    "Hotel, which is still used as a farm. Was once inhabited by the poor when the palace up above was inhabited by the rich. Incredibly lush and serene. Very clean and close to everything."
    Kristen VasanKristen Vasan · August 17
    · Sintra, Portugal
    "Agrotourist hotel. Super relaxing and peaceful. Each room has a beautiful view! Upon arrival we were greeted with a drink and told to chill by Claudia. Just the medicine we needed coming from NYC!"
    Kristen VasanKristen Vasan · August 17
    · Monchique, Portugal
    "Amazing view. Lovely seafood!"
    Kristen VasanKristen Vasan · August 17
    Fisch & Meeresfrüchte
    · Vila Nova de Milfontes, Portugal
    "If it’s summer, order the iced oat milk dude. Clove syrup made in-house, which has a nice kick. Ask them to make it with less syrup if you don’t want it too sweet."
    Kristen VasanKristen Vasan · Mai 31
    Coffee Shop
    · New York City, USA
    "Try the crab salad! It comes with plenty of crab, in addition to avocado and grapefruit. Good choice if you’re trying to be healthy, but if not then you should also order a side of fries 😬"
    Kristen VasanKristen Vasan · Mai 10
    Fisch & Meeresfrüchte
    · SeaTac, USA