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Jon Blaj

Jon Blaj


Documentarian & Photographer. jonblaj.tumblr.com Equally empty, equally to be loved, equally a coming Buddha.

San Diego, Ca · Superuser icon?Superuser Level 3
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San Diego
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San Francisco
1 Liste erstellt · 12 Tipps
New York
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Aktuelle Listen von Jon
Jon Blaj
25 aktualisierte Orte Oktober 17, 2014
25 Orte einschließlich Twist & Shout Records, Roostercat Coffee House, TRVE Brewing Co., Moontower Tacos
Jon Blaj
5 aktualisierte Orte August 24, 2013
5 Orte einschließlich BrainWash Cafe & Laundromat, Lancers Cocktail Lounge, Zeitgeist, Bar Pink
Jon Blaj
4 aktualisierte Orte Januar 11, 2013
4 Orte einschließlich Depeche Mode Baar, "Upe" mūzikas ierakstu veikals, RANDOMS Music Store, Biit Me Record Store / Oü Biitmii
Jon Blaj
34 aktualisierte Orte Februar 14, 2020
Places to keep in mind for a new england adventure.
Jon Blaj
35 aktualisierte Orte
35 Orte einschließlich Cerveseria Catalana, Fàbrica Moritz Barcelona, Hops & Barley, Eschenbräu
Jon Blaj
10 aktualisierte Orte
10 Orte einschließlich The Porch, Los Panchos, Turf Supper Club, Caffé Calabria
    Aktuelle Tipps von Jon
    "Malfunction! 25 yrs hasn't been too kind to the F-14 Tom Cat table here at this aviation themed dive. It takes tokens (get em from the bar), but shhh, it only takes 1 (~25¢) per play. Glitches galore!"
    Jon BlajJon Blaj · August 24, 2013
    Whisky Bar
    · San Diego, USA
    "Kill the Swordsman! Get yer late night pinball fix w/ a $2.50 well drink in hand & a couple bucks loaded in the Indiana Jones table. Quick & easy 4,000,000 gets ya an extra ball! 50¢ a play/$2 fer 5."
    Jon BlajJon Blaj · August 23, 2013
    · San Diego, USA
    "So youve got that extra buck after a $3 cocktail and the requisite tip, why not throw it into the glitzy Roller Coaster Tycoon table for only 50¢ a play / $2 for five! Tip: Skill shot for extra balls!"
    Jon BlajJon Blaj · August 20, 2013
    · San Diego, USA
    "Hammer in some ultra bonuses w/ Slayer at yer back and a double whiskey coke in yer head, impressing all the punks and hard fuckers on the Attack From Mars and World Cup Soccer tables. 75¢ a play!"
    Jon BlajJon Blaj · April 18, 2013
    · San Francisco, USA
    "If ya wanna cash in on some old digs: grab a number, open a book, and be prepared to hang tight fer a bit. Long wait, but they generally pick up more things than the location in tha Mission."
    Jon BlajJon Blaj · Februar 10, 2013
    Secondhand / Vintage
    · San Francisco, USA
    "This place always smells like pizza and I LOVE it!"
    Jon BlajJon Blaj · Januar 15, 2013
    · San Francisco, USA