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John Cassillo

John Cassillo


Syracuse alum, #disloyalidiot, managing editor at http://NunesMagician.com

Redondo Beach, CA
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  • San Francisco
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San Francisco
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Los Angeles
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16 Tipps
Redondo Beach
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2 Listen erstellt · 9 Tipps
El Segundo
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Hermosa Beach
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Oklahoma City
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San Diego
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    Aktuelle Tipps von John
    "Excellent buffet, and a fantastic place to grab lunch. Some of the best Indian food I’ve had on the Westside."
    John CassilloJohn Cassillo · April 15, 2020
    · Culver City, USA
    "Nice, spacious park and it’s right next to Highland Park Brewery’s Chinatown location - so easy to stop in after (or before) being outside for an afternoon."
    John CassilloJohn Cassillo · April 15, 2020
    · Los Angeles, USA
    "I’d argue HPB is the best brewery in LA, and this is one of the best venues for beer in LA too. Food’s excellent too, and there’s plenty to buy to go."
    John CassilloJohn Cassillo · April 15, 2020
    · Los Angeles, USA
    "Service is average, and food’s awful. Got the Farm Lover and it was basically a pile of raw, uncut (and barely seasoned) vegetables in a bowl."
    John CassilloJohn Cassillo · März 6, 2020
    · Glendale, USA
    "They don’t put much effort into accommodating allergies, which is problematic. It’s easy enough to account for most limitations... if you want to."
    John CassilloJohn Cassillo · März 6, 2020
    · Phoenix, USA
    "Quality local beer selection, plus if it’s empty or you reserve the room, you can also play some darts. Fun spot to grab a drink either way."
    John CassilloJohn Cassillo · Januar 25, 2020
    · Chicago, USA