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Roter Platz is one of Russia.

1. Roter Platz

(Красная площадь)
Красная пл., Moskau, Moskau
Platz · Красная площадь · 922 Tipps und Bewertungen
Basilius-Kathedrale is one of Russia.

2. Basilius-Kathedrale

(Храм Василия Блаженного)
Красная пл. (пл. Васильевский Спуск), Moskau, Moskau
Kirche · Красная площадь · 133 Tipps und Bewertungen

GarikTravelsGarikTravels: Was founded in 1555 to commemorate the capture of Kazan and Astrakhan. They say that the architect was blinded, so he couldn't create another masterpiece like this one.

Kreml is one of Russia.

3. Kreml

Красная пл., Moskau, Moskau
Regierungsgebäude · Красная площадь · 226 Tipps und Bewertungen

Darius A.Darius A: The Moscow Kremlin

Observation Deck is one of Russia.

4. Observation Deck

(Смотровая площадка)
ул. Косыгина (Университетская пл.), Moskau, Moskau
Aussichtspunkt · МГУ · 312 Tipps und Bewertungen

We heart MoscowWe heart Moscow: Besides the great view it's a meeting point for motorcycle clubs and street racers. There's a walkway down to the Moskva River only a few hundred meters away to the right.

Flughafen Moskau-Domodedovo (DME) is one of Russia.

5. Flughafen Moskau-Domodedovo (DME)

(Международный аэропорт Домодедово)
Domodedowo, Московская обл.
Flughafen · 3470 Tipps und Bewertungen

We heart MoscowWe heart Moscow: Welcome to Domodedovo, largest airport in Russia. Find out places to eat or buy local sim-card in our airport guide: http://weheart.moscow/dme/

Bunker-42 is one of Russia.

6. Bunker-42

5-й Котельнический пер., 11 (Гончарная ул.), Moskau, Moskau
Geschichtsmuseum · Таганский · 102 Tipps und Bewertungen

We heart MoscowWe heart Moscow: Constructed in 1956 as a Soviet army command centre and nuclear bomb shelter, the location of this top-secret bunker was only revealed in 2006 when it became a museum. Book tickets in advance via web.

Frendy's Diner is one of Russia.

7. Frendy's Diner

ул. Покровка, 28, Moskau, Moskau
Diner · Басманный · 164 Tipps und Bewertungen

We heart MoscowWe heart Moscow: Tiny american diner with huge american burgers. One of those hidden places you never visit by just walking nearby.

The Apothecaries' Garden is one of Russia.

8. The Apothecaries' Garden

(Ботанический сад МГУ «Аптекарский огород»)
просп. Мира, 26, стр. 1, Moskau, Moskau
Botanischer Garten · Мещанский · 435 Tipps und Bewertungen

We heart MoscowWe heart Moscow: Perhaps the cosiest park in the city centre. This oldest botanical garden was created in 1706 according to decree of Peter I and was used for cultivation of medicinal herbs.

Gastronome № 1 is one of Russia.

9. Gastronome № 1

(Гастроном № 1)
Красная пл., 3, Moskau, Moskau
Lebensmittelgeschäft · Китай-город · 134 Tipps und Bewertungen

We heart MoscowWe heart Moscow: Opened in 1953, this place shows us how every grocery store in Moscow might have looked like today if the Soviet Union still existed.

Coffeemania is one of Russia.

10. Coffeemania

Трубная пл., 2, Moskau, Moskau
Coffee Shop · Мещанский · 337 Tipps und Bewertungen

We heart MoscowWe heart Moscow: Some say it's overpriced. Others believe it's the best coffee-shop chain in town. At Coffeemania they make excellent coffee and regularly win awards at barista international championships.

Roter Platz is one of Russia.

11. Roter Platz

(Красная площадь)
Красная пл., Moskau, Moskau
Platz · Красная площадь · 922 Tipps und Bewertungen

We heart MoscowWe heart Moscow: Sunset is a perfect time to take in the great views of the Kremlin, GUM and Saint Basil's Cathedral, as the last rays of the sun cast reflections over this legendary area.

Vogue Café is one of Russia.

12. Vogue Café

ул. Кузнецкий Мост, 7, Moskau, Moskau
Café · Тверской · 265 Tipps und Bewertungen

We heart MoscowWe heart Moscow: Through the years Vogue Café has managed to maintain its reputation of one of the most chic places in the city. Gastronomic happiness, brightness of living, and inevitable of meeting anyone.

Fresh is one of Russia.

13. Fresh

ул. Большая Дмитровка, 11, Moskau, Moskau
Vegetarisches / Veganes Restaurant · Тверской · 446 Tipps und Bewertungen

We heart MoscowWe heart Moscow: The Fresh concept of vegetarian cuisine is more than just natural, farm-fresh produce. They don't use butter, dairy, eggs, honey or any animal products in their food.

Christ-Erlöser-Kathedrale is one of Russia.

14. Christ-Erlöser-Kathedrale

(Храм Христа Спасителя)
ул. Волхонка, 15, Moskau, Moskau
Kirche · Хамовники · 147 Tipps und Bewertungen

We heart MoscowWe heart Moscow: Tourists come to the cathedral for its impressive architecture and design, as well as for it's equally impressive (and strange) history. There's a nice pedestrian bridge at the back of the building.

Cafe Pushkin is one of Russia.

15. Cafe Pushkin

(Кафе Пушкинъ)
Тверской бул., 26а (Тверская ул.), Moskau, Moskau
Russisches Restaurant · Пресненский · 765 Tipps und Bewertungen

We heart MoscowWe heart Moscow: Opened in 1999, the restaurant is situated in a building that was renovated to look exactly like a Russian aristocrat's home circa 1825. Rated 5 of 5 at TripAdvisor.

Gorki-Park is one of Russia.

16. Gorki-Park

(ЦПКиО им. Горького)
ул. Крымский Вал, 9, Moskau, Moskau
Park · Парк Горького · 1796 Tipps und Bewertungen

We heart MoscowWe heart Moscow: After a major reconstruction in 2011, Gorky Park became the most popular place to go for a stroll in Moscow. There's a plethora of cafes, restaurants and activities. Free Wi-Fi is available.

Улица Остоженка is one of Russia.

17. Улица Остоженка

ул. Остоженка, Moskau, Moskau
Straße · Хамовники · 14 Tipps und Bewertungen

We heart MoscowWe heart Moscow: Ostozhenka always listed in top 10 most expensive streets in the world. Gorgeous Art Nouveau buildings show how Moscow would've looked like if the Soviet Era never started in Russia.

Multimedia Art Museum is one of Russia.

18. Multimedia Art Museum

(Мультимедиа арт-музей / Московский дом фотографии)
ул. Остоженка, 16 (Лопухинский пер.), Moskau, Moskau
Kunstmuseum · Хамовники · 633 Tipps und Bewertungen

We heart MoscowWe heart Moscow: MAMM's current position as one of the city’s most respected and popular art spaces is the result of years of careful operation and ambitious, long-running and perfectly balanced exhibitions.

Patriarchenteiche is one of Russia.

19. Patriarchenteiche

(Патриаршие пруды)
Малая Бронная ул. (Большой Патриарший пер.), Moskau, Moskau
Park · Патриаршие пруды · 482 Tipps und Bewertungen

We heart MoscowWe heart Moscow: Surrounded by modern restaurants like Uilliam's, «I Love Cake» and Pavilion, Patriarch Ponds area is also one of the main settings of Mikhail Bulgakov's novel The Master and Margarita.

20. Black Market

ул. Усачева, 2, корп. 1, Moskau, Moskau
Amerikanisches Restaurant · Хамовники · 511 Tipps und Bewertungen
Flotilla «Radisson Royal» is one of Russia.

21. Flotilla «Radisson Royal»

(Флотилия «Рэдиссон Ройал»)
наб. Тараса Шевченко (причал «Гостиница Украина»), Moskau, Moskau
Kreuzfahrtschiff · Дорогомилово · 193 Tipps und Bewertungen

We heart MoscowWe heart Moscow: It's a captivating two-hour cruise on the Moskva River aboard a modern 50-metre yacht. Two promenade decks offer panoramic visibility of Moscow and large restaurant and bar available on board.

Palace Square is one of Russia.

22. Palace Square

(Дворцовая площадь)
Дворцовая пл. (Невский просп.), Sankt Petersburg, Санкт-Петербург
Platz · Исторический центр · 523 Tipps und Bewertungen

sergune4kasergune4ka: кататься на лонгбордах, скейтах, роликах и на прочей атрибутике - здесь самое то)

Moskovsky Railway Station is one of Russia.

23. Moskovsky Railway Station

(Московский вокзал)
Невский просп., 85 (Лиговский просп.), Sankt Petersburg, Санкт-Петербург
Bahnhof · Округ Лиговка-Ямская · 710 Tipps und Bewertungen

Russian RailwaysRussian Railways: The station building is a twin of the Leningradsky railway station in Moscow.

Spit of Vasilievsky Island is one of Russia.

24. Spit of Vasilievsky Island

(Стрелка Васильевского острова)
Биржевая пл., Sankt Petersburg, Санкт-Петербург
Aussichtspunkt · Округ № 7 · 186 Tipps und Bewertungen

NeKiPiSHuiNeKiPiSHui: The tip of Vasilievsky island is decorated with pretty floral arrangements and a great view towards Peter-Paul Fortress and the Neva embankment.

Smolny Cathedral is one of Russia.

25. Smolny Cathedral

(Смольный собор)
пл. Растрелли, 1, лит. А, Sankt Petersburg, Санкт-Петербург
Kirche · Округ Смольнинское · 104 Tipps und Bewertungen

NeKiPiSHuiNeKiPiSHui: Smolniy used to be a monastery, but now it houses many faculties of the State University. You can still visit the cathedral and go up to see a view accross the city.

Alexander Nevsky Lavra is one of Russia.

26. Alexander Nevsky Lavra

(Александро-Невская лавра)
наб. р. Монастырки, 1, Sankt Petersburg, Санкт-Петербург
Kloster · Округ Лиговка-Ямская · 69 Tipps und Bewertungen

NeKiPiSHuiNeKiPiSHui: The botanical garden is nice to walk around on a hot summer day. Next to it is a graveyard with many famous Russians from earlier centuries.

The Catherine Palace is one of Russia.

27. The Catherine Palace

(Екатерининский дворец)
Екатерининский парк (Садовая ул., 7), Puschkin, Санкт-Петербург
Schloss · 202 Tipps und Bewertungen

NeKiPiSHuiNeKiPiSHui: My favourite of the palace areas outside of the city. The palace is slightly less glittery than Peterhof, and the gardens are huge and beautiful.

Pulkovo International Airport (LED) is one of Russia.

28. Pulkovo International Airport (LED)

(Международный аэропорт Пулково)
Пулковское ш., 41, лит. ЗА, Sankt Petersburg, Санкт-Петербург
Flughafen · Округ Пулковский меридиан · 2028 Tipps und Bewertungen

KseniKseni: Worst airport ever - no service, impolite staff, awful cafes.

The Kazan Cathedral is one of Russia.

29. The Kazan Cathedral

(Казанский собор)
Казанская пл., 2, Sankt Petersburg, Санкт-Петербург
Tempel · Округ № 78 · 158 Tipps und Bewertungen

NeKiPiSHuiNeKiPiSHui: The cathedral is right in the centre and has free entrance, so there is no reason to skip a visit. You'll see some orthodox traditions, as people come here to light candles and pray to the icons.

Saint Isaac's Cathedral is one of Russia.

30. Saint Isaac's Cathedral

(Исаакиевский собор)
Исаакиевская пл., 4, Sankt Petersburg, Санкт-Петербург
Kirche · Адмиралтейский округ · 329 Tipps und Bewertungen

FilmsquareFilmsquare: James Bond drives past St Isaac's Cathedral in a T-80BV (T-55) tank chasing Gen Ourumov in Goldeneye (1995). The tank used rubber tracks from a British Chieftain to protect the Russian streets. Mehr erfahren.

Erlöser-Kirche auf dem Blut is one of Russia.

31. Erlöser-Kirche auf dem Blut

(Храм Спаса на Крови)
наб. канала Грибоедова, 2а, Sankt Petersburg, Санкт-Петербург
Kirche · Дворцовый округ · 303 Tipps und Bewertungen

Dmitry D.Dmitry Dwarf: http://eng.cathedral.ru/ - official site of 4th cathedrals.(St Isaac's Cathedral, Savior on the Spilled Blood, Smolny and St Sampson's Cathedral ) No online tickets. 250 Rub-day, 350rub-night time.

Eremitage is one of Russia.

32. Eremitage

(Государственный Эрмитаж)
Дворцовая наб., 34 (Дворцовая пл.), Sankt Petersburg, Санкт-Петербург
Kunstmuseum · Исторический центр · 1105 Tipps und Bewertungen

Sony Xperia™ FootballSony Xperia™ Football: There are more than 2.7 million exhibits on show, so feast your eyes!

The Catherine Palace is one of Russia.

33. The Catherine Palace

(Екатерининский дворец)
Екатерининский парк (Садовая ул., 7), Puschkin, Санкт-Петербург
Schloss · 202 Tipps und Bewertungen

XandeXande: Incredible!! VERY beautiful and rich interior!

Peterhof Museum Reserve is one of Russia.

34. Peterhof Museum Reserve

(Музей-заповедник «Петергоф»)
Разводная ул., 2 (Санкт-Петербургский просп.), Peterhof, Санкт-Петербург
Historischer Ort · 446 Tipps und Bewertungen

NeKiPiSHuiNeKiPiSHui: Famous for its fountains, parks and the overly golden palace, the tsar's summer residence is best to visit at summer, when the fountains are working and you can walk around in the park.

Tretyakov Gallery is one of Russia.

35. Tretyakov Gallery

(Третьяковская галерея)
Лаврушинский пер., 10 (Большой Толмачёвский пер.), Moskau, Moskau
Kunstmuseum · Якиманка · 529 Tipps und Bewertungen

WowMoscowWowMoscow: A gem of Russian Art, the State Tretyakov Gallery hosts a collection of famous Russian icons and masterpieces by world known Russian artists Repin, Vrubel, Kandinsky, Malevich and others.

Leningrader Bahnhof (ZKD) is one of Russia.

36. Leningrader Bahnhof (ZKD)

(Ленинградский вокзал)
Комсомольская пл., 3, Moskau, Moskau
Bahnhof · Красносельский · 883 Tipps und Bewertungen

Russian RailwaysRussian Railways: The oldest railway station in Moscow and a twin of the Moskovsky railway station in St.Petersburg.

Peter-und-Paul-Festung is one of Russia.

37. Peter-und-Paul-Festung

(Петропавловская крепость)
Заячий о., Sankt Petersburg, Санкт-Петербург
Historischer Ort · Округ Кронверкское · 428 Tipps und Bewertungen

NeKiPiSHuiNeKiPiSHui: You can walk around the fortress or visit some of the many small museums there, such as the cosmonaut museum or the bastion prison. Surprisingly, there are actually people still living on the island.

Erlöser-Kirche auf dem Blut is one of Russia.

38. Erlöser-Kirche auf dem Blut

(Храм Спаса на Крови)
наб. канала Грибоедова, 2а, Sankt Petersburg, Санкт-Петербург
Kirche · Дворцовый округ · 303 Tipps und Bewertungen

Luciana C.Luciana Cerqueira: This is one of the most impressive churches I have ever seen!!! Absolutely amazing!

39. Moskau

Großstadt · 196 Tipps und Bewertungen

Anna O.Anna Orlenok: Moscow is a wonder where you can start to discover Russia. Just be possitive in thinking and you'll be able to take up the energy of the city

40. Courtyard Moscow Paveletskaya

Кожевническая ул., 8, стр. 3 (Летниковская ул.), Moskau, Moskau
Hotel · Замоскворечье · 54 Tipps und Bewertungen

Валерий Л.Валерий Лелюк: Very beautiful hotel grounds, where Is located a few others. Here's my favorite Torro Grill, which is also located on the Lesnaya st. as a very beautiful area. Perfect!

Courtyard by Marriott is one of Russia.

41. Courtyard by Marriott

Вознесенский пер., 7, Moskau, Moskau
Hotel · Пресненский · 63 Tipps und Bewertungen

Elena R.Elena Rodríguez Hernández: Good place!!!!!!

El Gaucho is one of Russia.

42. El Gaucho

(Эль Гаучо)
ул. Зацепский Вал, 6, Moskau, Moskau
Argentinisches Restaurant · Замоскворечье · 145 Tipps und Bewertungen

Dmitry “mff” M.Dmitry “mff” Malov: Haven't seen a better steak-house in Moscow (yet)

Paulaner Brauhaus is one of Russia.

43. Paulaner Brauhaus

Шлюзовая наб., 2/1, стр. 1, Moskau, Moskau
Brauerei · Замоскворечье · 467 Tipps und Bewertungen

Ozgur Y.Ozgur Yoral: Good wiener schnitzel. Good beer. Free wifi. Average prices according to the moscow standards. Service is good. Very good interier design

The Konstantin Palace (The National Congress Palace) is one of Russia.

44. The Konstantin Palace (The National Congress Palace)

(Константиновский дворец (Дворец Конгрессов))
Березовая алл., 3, Стрельна, Санкт-Петербург
Schloss · 65 Tipps und Bewertungen

The White HouseThe White House: President Obama participated in his 7th G-20 and consulted with Leaders of the world’s largest economies on their shared interest in growth, job creation and financial stability. Mehr erfahren.

People’s Friendship Fountain is one of Russia.

45. People’s Friendship Fountain

(Фонтан «Дружба народов»)
ВДНХ, Moskau, Moskau
Springbrunnen · Останкинский · 73 Tipps und Bewertungen

Maxim M.Maxim Matveyko: Nice place to visit late spring and summer.

Tretyakovsky-Brücke is one of Russia.

46. Tretyakovsky-Brücke

(Лужков мост)
Болотная пл. (Кадашевская наб.), Moskau, Moskau
Brücke · Якиманка · 40 Tipps und Bewertungen

MikeMike: it is the same bridge in Paris (Pont des Arts), but with the charm of Russia! Love it ))) Merci @Marina / Спасибо марина )))

metro Mayakovskaya is one of Russia.

47. metro Mayakovskaya

(Метро Маяковская)
Тверская ул. (Триумфальная пл.), Moskau, Moskau
U-Bahnhof · Тверской · 65 Tipps und Bewertungen

Hendy O.Hendy Ongkodjojo: In my view, the most beautiful subway stations in Moscow. Absolutely gorgeous.

Lenin's Mausoleum is one of Russia.

48. Lenin's Mausoleum

(Мавзолей В. И. Ленина)
Красная пл., Moskau, Moskau
Museum · Красная площадь · 93 Tipps und Bewertungen

GarikTravelsGarikTravels: Lenin is still there - believe it or not. A bit scary yet worth visiting... however this experience is not for everyone.

GUM is one of Russia.

49. GUM

Красная пл., 3, Moskau, Moskau
Einkaufszentrum · Китай-город · 1033 Tipps und Bewertungen

GarikTravelsGarikTravels: One of the fanciest department stores in Moscow. Located right on the Red Square. Check out Gastronom N1 - grocery store with a great variety of Russian foods. It's on the ground floor

(VDNKh) Vystavka Dostizheniy Narodnogo Khozyaystva is one of Russia.

50. (VDNKh) Vystavka Dostizheniy Narodnogo Khozyaystva

(ВДНХ (Выставка достижений народного хозяйства))
просп. Мира, 119, Moskau, Moskau
Park · Останкинский · 823 Tipps und Bewertungen

Gunel B.Gunel Bagirzadeh: Great on non working days:)

Mariinsky Theatre is one of Russia.

51. Mariinsky Theatre

(Мариинский театр)
Театральная пл., 1 (ул. Глинки), Sankt Petersburg, Санкт-Петербург
Opernhaus · Адмиралтейский округ · 523 Tipps und Bewertungen

NeKiPiSHuiNeKiPiSHui: The best classical ballet ever! Somebody has said that in Mariinsky even the dancers fingertips are strictly controlled.

Mariinsky Theatre II is one of Russia.

52. Mariinsky Theatre II

(Мариинский театр. Вторая сцена)
ул. Декабристов, 34 (ул. Глинки), Sankt Petersburg, Санкт-Петербург
Opernhaus · Округ Коломна · 533 Tipps und Bewertungen

Julia B.Julia Balachonskaya: Ну и где обещанные синхронные субтитры к итальянским операм?Техническая сторона пока страдает!

Баклажан is one of Russia.

53. Баклажан

ТРК «Галерея» (Лиговский просп., 30А), Sankt Petersburg, Санкт-Петербург
Orientalisches Restaurant · Округ Лиговка-Ямская · 1191 Tipps und Bewertungen

PereperchiliPereperchili: Nice restaurant in Galeria near Moskovskiy train station. Oriental and caucasian cuisine mostly. Fresh juices are great!

Nevsky Prospect is one of Russia.

54. Nevsky Prospect

(Невский проспект)
Невский просп., Sankt Petersburg, Санкт-Петербург
Straße · Округ № 78 · 321 Tipps und Bewertungen

ClaasClaas: Most needed phrase here: "njet spassibo" ('no thanks'). Learn that and you'll get around quite easy...

Palace Square is one of Russia.

55. Palace Square

(Дворцовая площадь)
Дворцовая пл. (Невский просп.), Sankt Petersburg, Санкт-Петербург
Platz · Исторический центр · 523 Tipps und Bewertungen

Stepan C.Stepan Chizhov: The whole historic center of Saint-Petersburg is a UNESCO World Heritage Site along with some of suburbs

Vosstaniya Square is one of Russia.

56. Vosstaniya Square

(Площадь Восстания)
пл. Восстания, Sankt Petersburg, Санкт-Петербург
Platz · Округ Смольнинское · 239 Tipps und Bewertungen

Oleg A.Oleg Anisimov: Translation of the title: Leningrad is a Hero City

Beach of Peter and Paul Fortress is one of Russia.

57. Beach of Peter and Paul Fortress

(Пляж Петропавловской крепости)
Заячий остров, Sankt Petersburg, Санкт-Петербург
Strand · Округ Кронверкское · 74 Tipps und Bewertungen

NeKiPiSHuiNeKiPiSHui: The beach of Peter and Paul Fortress serves at summers as a place for sunbathing, sand sculptures and movie festival.

Galeria Shopping Mall is one of Russia.

58. Galeria Shopping Mall

(ТРЦ «Галерея»)
Лиговский просп., З0а (пл. Восстания), Sankt Petersburg, Санкт-Петербург
Einkaufszentrum · Округ Лиговка-Ямская · 1498 Tipps und Bewertungen

Maria K.Maria Kotova-Benelfoul: Huge huge huge. Baklajan restaurant is a very good one. H&M is amazing

Bronze Horseman is one of Russia.

59. Bronze Horseman

(Медный всадник)
Адмиралтейская наб., 16 (пл. Декабристов), Sankt Petersburg, Санкт-Петербург
Denkmal / Wahrzeichen · Адмиралтейский округ · 86 Tipps und Bewertungen

John B.John Boyer: Check out Peter. Word on the street is he is really Great. Like Frosted Flakes.

Eliseevs Merchants' Shop is one of Russia.

60. Eliseevs Merchants' Shop

(Магазин Купцов Елисеевых)
Невский просп., 56 (Малая Садовая ул.), Sankt Petersburg, Санкт-Петербург
Feinschmeckerladen · Дворцовый округ · 539 Tipps und Bewertungen

Hendy O.Hendy Ongkodjojo: Everything from eclairs to macarons to caviars to choc-iars to Beluga vodkas are available here. Heaven for foodies alike. Highly recommended.

Alexander Park is one of Russia.

61. Alexander Park

(Александровский парк)
Кронверкский просп. (Кронверская наб.), Sankt Petersburg, Санкт-Петербург
Park · Округ Кронверкское · 143 Tipps und Bewertungen

Bob R.Bob Rutledge: See the collection of ~8 human scale brass models of monuments from around St Petersburg.

Alexandergarten is one of Russia.

62. Alexandergarten

(Александровский сад)
Манежная ул., Moskau, Moskau
Park · Манежная площадь · 250 Tipps und Bewertungen

InterContinental Hotels & ResortsInterContinental Hotels & Resorts: Fifth stop of your Perfect Day: as the Kremlin Clock’s bell tolling, head to Alexander Garden to catch the ceremonial changing of the guards at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Mehr erfahren.

Marsfeld is one of Russia.

63. Marsfeld

(Марсово поле)
Марсово поле, Sankt Petersburg, Санкт-Петербург
Platz · Марсово поле · 267 Tipps und Bewertungen

Михаил Г.Михаил Горемыкин: mast see in St. Pete I love to see panoramic

64. Stockmann

ТК «Невский Центр» (Невский просп., 114-116), Sankt Petersburg, Санкт-Петербург
Kaufhaus · Литейный округ · 664 Tipps und Bewertungen

Hendy O.Hendy Ongkodjojo: Love the food hall at Стокманн / Stockmann, great range of freshly baked pastries, salad and hot food and also a large selection of everyday grocery items.

Saint Isaac’s Square is one of Russia.

65. Saint Isaac’s Square

(Исаакиевская площадь)
Исаакиевская пл., Sankt Petersburg, Санкт-Петербург
Platz · Адмиралтейский округ · 202 Tipps und Bewertungen

HistagramHistagram: The Monument to Nicholas I is aligned with the statue of the Bronze Horseman, and are almost an identical distance from Saint Isaac's Cathedral [photo: 1900].

Москва is one of Russia.

66. Москва

ТК «Невский Центр» (Невский просп., 114-116), Sankt Petersburg, Санкт-Петербург
Osteuropäisches Restaurant · Литейный округ · 1342 Tipps und Bewertungen

Matej K.Matej Kracun: superb view on Moskovski prospekt and Railway Station from the terrace, excellent service