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Dave Mc

Dave Mc


Bostonian living in China for more than a decade. Foursquare Super-User. If have any issues with venues in China, please DM @FoursquareChina on Twitter.

Shanghai, China · Superuser icon?Superuser Level 9
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Suzhou, Jiangsu Sheng, China
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Dave Mc
5 aktualisierte Orte August 7, 2019
If you haven't tried it, you have to...
Dave Mc
193 aktualisierte Orte August 7, 2019
Shanghai has a lot of public parks. Play with the kids, relax in nature, maybe even see a bird...
Dave Mc
10 aktualisierte Orte August 1, 2019
Yeah, you have the machine, now where can you buy the insanely expensive pods for it? Honestly, if you're not in a Tier 1 city, the answer is Taobao!
Dave Mc
83 aktualisierte Orte July 31, 2019
All the Bellagio Restaurants (鹿港小鎮) that I could find in China!
Dave Mc
28 aktualisierte Orte September 5, 2019
All of the Baker & Spice shops that I could find in China.
Dave Mc
52 aktualisierte Orte July 26, 2019
All the Pepper Lunch shops that I could find in China!
    Aktuelle Tipps von Dave
    "Looks kind of ratty from the outside, but I can always seem to find what I’m looking for and I’ve been happy with what I bought."
    Dave McDave Mc · vor 17 Stunden
    · Changning, China
    "Not bad. They have some heathy options too like Fresh Milk with clear bubbles for the kids! 🥛"
    Dave McDave Mc · vor 19 Stunden
    Bubble Tea
    · Jing’an, China
    "This is literally the slowest coffee shop I have ever seen. 4 girls + 1 Coffee = 1/2 Hour. 👭👭➕☕️🔜🤬"
    Dave McDave Mc · vor 19 Stunden
    · Jing’an, China
    "China is very practical with its laws. I wish they’d pass one that if you order scalding hot coffee and the lid is leaky, you get to throw it at the mouth breather who installed it. ☕️"
    Dave McDave Mc · vor 19 Stunden
    · Jing’an, China
    "The whole 6th floor is restaurants and most people don’t notice this place on the 5th floor, so you can almost always get a table here even though they have surprisingly good food. 🍕"
    Dave McDave Mc · vor 1 Tag
    · Xuhui, China
    "Kind of expensive unless you buy a multi-pass card, but it’s not crowded and kids love it - they can spend hours here - they’ll come out pretty sweaty though! 💦"
    Dave McDave Mc · vor 1 Tag
    · Changning, China