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      Asha Tea Housevor 1 Woche
      • San Francisco, USA

      Asha Tea House, whose combination of old- and new-school tea service has proved popular with old and young alike, using fine looseleaf tea and fruit syrups made from scratch. Mehr Infos

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      Jun-Men Ramen Barvor 1 Woche
      • New York City, USA

      A ramen-ya that's small in size but big in flavor, creating a melting pot of Japanese, Korean, American and Italian flavors, from more traditional Pork Bone Ramen to another ramen made with Kimchi. Mehr Infos

      2 Mal gespeichert
      Yaso Tangbaovor 1 Woche
      • Brooklyn, USA

      A restaurant specializing in xiao long bao, Yaso Tangbao ("Uncle's soup dumplings"), serves delectable gravy-filled dumplings native to the Shanghai region. a restaurant specializing in xiao long bao. Mehr Infos

      3 Mal gespeichert
      Stay Classy New Yorkvor 1 Woche
      • New York City, USA

      The bar serves as one giant, Catalina wine mixer-flavored love letter to the cinematic works of Ferrell. It includes a quote-saturated cocktail menu (Milk Was A Bad Choice and You're My Boy Blue). Mehr Infos

      1 Speicherung
      MatchaBarvor 1 Woche
      • New York City, USA

      Tea drinks including hot and iced matcha teas, iced specialty drinks, and Matchaccino, a matcha "cappuccino" made with almond milk and vanilla powder that tastes like a remarkably creamy. Mehr Infos

      2 Mal gespeichert
      Arepa Factoryvor 1 Woche
      • New York City, USA

      A cozy new restaurant on Avenue A, where they're offering four different types of arepas plus 20 ingredients and 11 sauces. Mehr Infos

      The Doughnut Projectvor 1 Woche
      • New York City, USA

      Banana curry, halva, prosciutto—today's doughnuts aren't resting on their glazed laurels alone. The newest of NYC's outside-the-box doughnut shops has been stealthily slinging their yeasty wares. Mehr Infos

      1 Speicherung
      Turntable 5060vor 1 Woche
      • New York City, USA

      All you really need to know about this place is: Korean Fried Chicken. Turntable 5060 is solid choice for some Alphabet City food and fun. Mehr Infos

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