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Vorschläge für Buchhandlung in der Nähe von Bixby Knolls, Long Beach

    • ?
      484 W. Willow St. (Magnolia), Long Beach
      • Ryan P.

        Ryan P. • July 24, 2015FREE books every first Friday of the month!

    • 8.6
      Coffee Shop$$$$Menü anzeigen
      4406 Atlantic Avenue, Long Beach
      • Kristen W.

        Kristen W. • Januar 22, 2012If you like lattes, get the double shot.. It's a little more coffee than milk, but generally a whole lot cheaper. I just get extra sugar free syrup to offset the bitterness :)

    • 8.1
      Coffee Shop$$$$
      4105 Atlantic Ave Ste A (at Carson St.), Long Beach
      • Lisa C.

        Lisa C. • Mai 7, 2013I love this place. Friendly staff and good quality coffee and tea. Also a great place to study, catch up with friends and just relax. I make sure to stop everytime I pass through!

    • 7.3
      Coffee Shop$$$$
      4121 Long Beach Blvd (San Antonio Dr), Long Beach
      • Sheryl S.

        Sheryl S. • July 29, 2017The Cinnamon Buns are divine and uniquely sourdough. This quaint spot is a must stop.

    • 5.7
      Coffee Shop$$$$
      Long Beach
      • Jase L.

        Jase L. • Dezember 9, 2016Chai tea latte had some good spice to it

    • 8.4
      4020 Atlantic Ave, Long Beach
      • Justin O.

        Justin O. • Juni 15, 2018They have a large variety of German beers and domestic beers. The happy hour is good with lots of beer food. There are a lot of board games and a nice outdoor patio.

    • 8.1
      1901 E Carson St (at Gardenia Ave), Long Beach
      • Alicia L.

        Alicia L. • August 22, 2012Really good food & nice employees! The person who said outside eating area was dirty- how about asking them to wipe it down?? I like the nachos best but everything I've had is good. Asasa is delicious

    • 8.0
      2292 E Carson St, Long Beach
      • Meredith

        Meredith • July 2, 2015I like the spicy mayo poke! 🐠🐟🐠🐙🐟

    • 7.9
      4354 Atlantic Ave, Long Beach
      • Kayla N.

        Kayla N. • Mai 11, 2017Come during Social Hour (3-7PM) - the pineapple cider, Korean steak tacos, and calamari are delicious. Classic cheesecake and bomba for dessert were yummy.

    • 7.7
      Eiscreme$$$$Menü anzeigen
      4247 Atlantic Ave,, Long Beach
      • Jennifer M.

        Jennifer M. • August 5, 2014Mud Pie Mojo is delicious!

    • 7.7
      Feinkost / Weinkeller$$$$
      4280 Atlantic Ave (Burlinghall Dr), Long Beach
      • Gary C.

        Gary C. • April 17, 2015I tried the Pastrami on Rye with a side of Cole Slaw and one of their Creme Sodas. It was a really good sandwich and the portion was manageable. And the Creme Soda was delightful

    • 7.6
      Diner$$$$Menü anzeigen
      3850 Atlantic Ave Ste B (Roosevelt Rd), Long Beach
      • Monsieur W.

        Monsieur W. • September 2, 2011The turkey burger is so good me and my fiancé alway order that. And the owner makes you feel like you been going for years.

    • 7.5
      Thailändisch$$$$Menü anzeigen
      4085 Atlantic Ave Ste C (at Carson), Long Beach
      • Zoe F.

        Zoe F. • April 2, 2012i like the pad thai, panang, pineapple fried rice, and satay. the weekly chef's specials always look creative and yummy. fyi i usually get medium spicy and here it felt more like spicy/thai spicy.

    • 7.2
      1154 E San Antonio Dr (Orange), Long Beach
      • Nyssa

        Nyssa • July 14, 2010Open late (til midnight/1am) on weekends. Try the tasty seafood dishes, and most on the menu has big portions.

    • 7.1
      Falafel$$$$Menü anzeigen
      539 E Bixby Rd (Bixby Road & Atlantic Avenue), Long Beach
      • Justin O.

        Justin O. • Februar 28, 2015The cream dessert was like a room temperature ice cream. The honey and pistachio complemented the cream.

    • 7.1
      Mediterranisch$$$$Menü anzeigen
      4276 Atlantic Ave (Burlington Dr.), Long Beach
      • Dave H.

        Dave H. • Juni 24, 2012Wonderful experience! Try the garlic potatoes. And Gina (sp?) was amazing. We'll be back.

    • 6.8
      4085 Atlantic Ave (at Carson St.), Long Beach
      • Ashley M.

        Ashley M. • September 29, 2012They have beer, gelato, little tvs at your booth, & numerous types of pizza to enjoy, as well as salads & sandwiches. & now they deliver! Gold star to you, Bella Pizza!

    • 6.6
      Amerikanisch$$$$Menü anzeigen
      4306 Atlantic Ave (Atlantic & Burmingham), Long Beach
      • Ana B.

        Ana B. • July 18, 2016Love the Salmon entrée, Gorgonzola Fries and wings!! E.J. has a great vibe and is a tradition in our community.

    • 6.6

      19. SUBWAY

      Sandwiches$$$$Menü anzeigen
      4267 Atlantic Ave, Long Beach
      • Sheralyn B.

        Sheralyn B. • Januar 17, 2014They offer fresh cilantro! Yum! Very friendly staff!

    • 6.1
      606 E 46th St, Long Beach
      • Justin O.

        Justin O. • August 29, 2014Very good produce including Asian vegetables. They also have tamales and sometimes barbecue.

    • 5.9
      Fastfood$$$$Menü anzeigen
      2120 E Carson St (at Cherry Ave), Long Beach
      • Viciously M.

        Viciously M. • September 21, 2013The Grilled Chicken Taco & Burrito are AWESOME...Don't forget the Del Scorcho hot sauce! Yummy

    • 5.8
      Hot Dogs$$$$
      4901 Cherry Ave (San Antonio), Long Beach
      • Viciously M.

        Viciously M. • Februar 9, 2014The Chili Cheese Fries are BOMB

    • ?
      Pizza$$$$Menü anzeigen
      1948 E Del Amo Blvd (at Gardenia Ave), Long Beach
    • 5.4
      Mexikanisch$$$$Menü anzeigen
      3819 Atlantic Ave Long Beach, CA 90807, Long Beach
      • Justin O.

        Justin O. • Dezember 30, 2015Great value, the torta ahogada is very spicy. Nice outside patio. There is only street parking,it's a busy street and parking in the back.

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