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      MAX's Wine Dive AustinFebruar 28, 2012
      • Austin, USA

      Competitively priced wines, mouth-wateringly good fried foods & a motto that reads: "Fried Chicken & Champagne After Midnight-Why the Hell Not?" Get Pan Borracho, Fried Chicken and Alligator Beignets.

      15 Mal gespeichert
      CazamanceFebruar 28, 2012
      • Austin, USA

      A fusion of flavors and styles influenced by Co-Owner and Head Chef's West African upbringing, as well as his experiences living in France, New York, and Austin. Try the Seared Yassa Chicken.

      17 Mal gespeichert
      Chilantro BBQFebruar 28, 2012
      • Austin, USA

      This mobile truck serves Korean-Mexican inspired tacos, burritos, quesadillas and burgers, and zests things up with a little cilantro in nearly every dish. We suggest the Hawaiian Bulgogi Burger.

      Experte in Sachen Imbisswagen
      16 Mal gespeichert
      Cuban Sandwich CafeFebruar 28, 2012
      • Austin, USA

      Enrique left Regla, Cuba at the age of five, and now owns this Cuban bakery in Austin. Don't miss the café con leche with cuban coffee, espresso, milk, and sugar or the Pastelito de Queso.

      9 Mal gespeichert
      El NaranjoFebruar 28, 2012
      • Austin, USA

      Acclaimed chef Iliana de la Vega serves up authentic Oaxacan cuisine at her El Naranjo mobile trailer in Austin, Texas. We suggest the Mole Rojo.

      11 Mal gespeichert
      Franklin BarbecueFebruar 28, 2012
      • Austin, USA

      This roadside mobile restaurant doesn't merely churn out some of the best barbecue on the block, it makes some of the best brisket, ribs and pulled pork in the entire country. Fatty Brisket is a must.

      16 Mal gespeichert
      Gourdough'sFebruar 28, 2012
      • Austin, USA

      With baked goods as unique as Austin itself, this little specialty shop doles out some of the most lavish and indulgent doughnuts you may ever encounter. We recommend the PB&J and the Mother Clucker.

      20 Mal gespeichert
      G'Raj Mahal CafeFebruar 28, 2012
      • Austin, USA

      Eclectic and artsy stationary trailer that serves naan freshly baked in their tandoori oven, as well as other authentic Goan dishes from Goa, India. We suggest the Rechard Masala Shrimp.

      14 Mal gespeichert
      Holy CacaoFebruar 28, 2012
      • Austin, USA

      Hot chocolate, cool cake shakes, and cake balls on a stick are the highlights at this food truck that encourages indulgence in manageable portions. Try a cake shake or Frozen Mexican Hot Chocolate.

      Experte in Sachen Imbisswagen
      12 Mal gespeichert
      Mellizoz TacosFebruar 28, 2012
      • Austin, USA

      42 foot stationary trailer that prides itself on family tradition and using fresh ingredients. Get the Padre Taco.

      10 Mal gespeichert
      The Jalopy Rotisserie and PressFebruar 28, 2012
      • Austin, USA

      Homemade sauces and home-pickled vegetables, all on a rotisserie chicken sandwich. We recommend The Caprese.

      13 Mal gespeichert
      The Mighty ConeFebruar 28, 2012
      • Austin, USA

      They're known for their tortilla cones which they fill with crispy chicken, deep fried avocado, crispy shrimps - the list goes on! We suggest: Deep Fried Avocado or Hot & Crunchy Chicken Cones.

      Experte in Sachen Imbisswagen
      15 Mal gespeichert
      OliviaFebruar 28, 2012
      • Austin, USA

      Chef James Holmes made sure his menu included a treatise about buying from local farms, foragers and ranchers, and it shows with his fresh and changing takes on Texas-style cuisine. Get the S.O.S.

      Experte in Sachen Amerikanische Restaurants
      7 Mal gespeichert
      PhoeniciaFebruar 28, 2012
      • Austin, USA

      Swing by for Mediterranean specialties, but make sure you don't leave without trying their homemade breaks and baklava. We also recommend the Zatar Bread.

      7 Mal gespeichert
      Pig ViciousFebruar 28, 2012
      • Austin, USA

      All about delicious and innovative ways to serve tasty pig, we recommend The Heartstopper Club and bacon milkshake.

      Experte in Sachen Amerikanische Restaurants
      11 Mal gespeichert
      Dallas Farmers MarketSeptember 7, 2011
      • Dallas, USA

      Get free Kaurina's Frozen Yogurt and fun prizes at Cooking Channel’s Frozen Treat Truck on Sun. 9/11 from 10:30am-4:30pm!

      Experte in Sachen Bauernmärkte
      6 Mal gespeichert
      Canino Produce Co.September 7, 2011
      • Houston, USA

      Get free Good Pops and fun prizes at Cooking Channel’s Frozen Treat Truck on Tues. 9/13 from 11am-4:30pm!

      Experte in Sachen Bauernmärkte
      1 Speicherung
      The Original Farmers MarketSeptember 7, 2011
      • Los Angeles, USA

      Free Bennett's ice cream at Cooking Channel’s Frozen Treat Truck on Thurs. 9/8 (11am-5pm) and meet Debi Mazar & Gabriele Corcos from Extra Virgin who will be stopping by!

      Experte in Sachen Bauernmärkte
      7 Mal gespeichert
      Ferry BuildingSeptember 7, 2011
      • San Francisco, USA

      Free sorbet at Cooking Channel’s Frozen Treat Truck on Wed. 9/7 (11am-3pm) and meet Jeffrey Saad from United Tastes of America who will be stopping by!

      4 Mal gespeichert
      Reading Terminal MarketJuly 26, 2011
      • Philadelphia, USA

      Our Frozen Treat truck will be at Reading Terminal Market on July 27th from 12pm to 5pm. Come and get some tasty, free ice cream!

      10 Mal gespeichert