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Christopher Cantwell

Christopher Cantwell


A fourth year medical student with a penchant for food, photography, and well-brewed espresso

Miami, FL
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  • New York
  • Miami
  • Brooklyn
  • Seattle
  • Coral Gables
  • Miami Beach
  • Coconut Grove
  • Doral
  • Boston
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Top-Städte von Christopher
New York
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5 Listen erstellt
3 Listen erstellt · 1 Tipp
3 Listen erstellt · 1 Tipp
Coral Gables
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Miami Beach
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Coconut Grove
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Aktuelle Listen von Christopher
Christopher Cantwell
15 aktualisierte Orte Januar 17, 2018
Butter, Eggs, Flour, repeat
Christopher Cantwell
74 aktualisierte Orte März 15, 2018
Nature's Fuel
Christopher Cantwell
15 aktualisierte Orte Januar 17, 2018
Mrs. George: [serving the Plastics fruit drinks] Hey, you guys! Happy hour is from four to six! Cady: Um, is there alcohol in this?
Christopher Cantwell
69 aktualisierte Orte Oktober 21, 2016
Fine dining to drive ins. Gustatory adventures abound.
Christopher Cantwell
19 aktualisierte Orte März 13, 2016
Spirits, Tonics, Tinctures for all.
Christopher Cantwell
53 aktualisierte Orte
53 Orte einschließlich fooq's, B Bistro + Bakery, Buena Vista Deli, SwitchBox Craft Coffees
    Aktuelle Tipps von Christopher
    "Hands down the best bagels in Denver, and this is coming from someone born and raised in New Jersey."
    "The tater tots were so-so, but the real star was the grilled goat cheese and tomato jam on locally made brioche. Hands down the best grilled cheese sandwich I've ever eaten."
    Christopher CantwellChristopher Cantwell · Dezember 31, 2014
    · Seattle, USA
    "Food = A; Aesthetics = A+; Hospitality = A++; appetizers are VERY large so split one w/ 3+ people; kudos for making an authentic carbonara--NO CREAM, only egg yolks, parmesan, black pepper, & pancetta"
    Christopher CantwellChristopher Cantwell · July 16, 2014
    · Coral Gables, USA
    "I had the New Yorker with regular fries and the PB&J shake. My experience in one word: forgettable. Nothing wowed me like I had hoped. Save your money and walk 10 blocks south to Shake Shack."
    Christopher CantwellChristopher Cantwell · Mai 24, 2014
    · New York City, USA
    "Grab a cup of the cold brew and pull a chair up to the gorgeous front windows. Soak up the sun, people watch, repeat."
    Christopher CantwellChristopher Cantwell · April 13, 2014
    Coffee Shop
    · Brooklyn, USA
    "This location is pleasantly not crowded early weekday mornings (5:30 AM - 7:00 AM). Little to no cell service on the basement weight floor. No WiFi either."
    Christopher CantwellChristopher Cantwell · April 9, 2014
    · New York City, USA