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"Jack" Barton Lewis

"Jack" Barton Lewis


I escaped LA and went to NYU. Now temporarily settled in Boston. I'm a student of music, politics, pizza, and life in general.

Cardiff, Wales
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Top-Städte von "Jack" Barton
New York
3 Listen erstellt · 13 Tipps
Los Angeles
3 Listen erstellt · 12 Tipps
Marina del Rey
2 Listen erstellt · 11 Tipps
Beverly Hills
1 Liste erstellt · 5 Tipps
1 Liste erstellt · 5 Tipps
1 Liste erstellt · 3 Tipps
2 Listen erstellt · 1 Tipp
1 Liste erstellt · 1 Tipp
1 Liste erstellt · 1 Tipp
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Aktuelle Listen von "Jack" Barton
"Jack" Barton Lewis
3 aktualisierte Orte Mai 3, 2014
3 Orte einschließlich Empire Garden, Renee's Cafe, An American Bed and Breakfast, The Governor Brackett House
"Jack" Barton Lewis
2 aktualisierte Orte Mai 4, 2014
2 Orte einschließlich Jing Star Restaurant, Washington Square Park
"Jack" Barton Lewis
5 aktualisierte Orte April 11, 2013
5 Orte einschließlich Jule's Sanctuary, The Sweatshop Rehearsal & Recording Studios, Marlow & Sons, Danny's Pizzeria
"Jack" Barton Lewis
11 aktualisierte Orte April 11, 2013
11 Orte einschließlich Terri, Gramercy Green Gym, High Line, Stella Adler Studio of Acting
"Jack" Barton Lewis
1 aktualisierte Orte Dezember 19, 2012
1 Ort einschließlich Penguin's Frozen Yogurt
"Jack" Barton Lewis
4 aktualisierte Orte Dezember 7, 2012
4 Orte einschließlich 800 Degrees, Westwood Hall, Under The Tree, Frat 8
    Aktuelle Tipps von "Jack" Barton
    "This place needs to stop housing "residents" on a quasi-legal loophole. It is an historic residence and should remain as such -- for historic tours, and perhaps site-specific performance opportunities"
    "Jack" Barton Lewis"Jack" Barton Lewis · Mai 3, 2014
    "beware: CASH ONLY. the sign on the door is faded and obscure. the food is great but the waitress gave me a hard time.... the Manager took care of things. Can YOU spot the "cash only?""
    "Jack" Barton Lewis"Jack" Barton Lewis · März 21, 2014
    · Somerville, USA
    "Check out the design (mosaic?) on the walls facing the park. The location and architecture of this building is really fascinating. I'd be interested to know more about it at some point....."
    "Jack" Barton Lewis"Jack" Barton Lewis · März 15, 2014
    · Boston, USA
    "Great café and great venue with great music the first Friday of every month. Wish they had more music!!!!!"
    "Jack" Barton Lewis"Jack" Barton Lewis · März 15, 2014
    · Arlington, USA
    "The bagel sandwich is fantastic. There's an open mic the first friday of every month, but I hope to bring in local and visiting NYC students and musicians to play more often and have actual concerts."
    "Jack" Barton Lewis"Jack" Barton Lewis · März 5, 2014
    · Arlington, USA
    "Mike Maughan = best bartender"
    "Jack" Barton Lewis"Jack" Barton Lewis · September 15, 2013
    · Marina del Rey, USA