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      AccorHotels ArenaFebruar 19, 2013
      • Paris, Frankreich

      This venue is in one of the most romantic parts of Paris! Take a stroll through Parc de Bercy on your way to the side entrance. The gardens are beautiful!!!

      Experte in Sachen Musikvenue
      117 Mal gespeichert
      Salle des EtoilesFebruar 19, 2013
      • Monaco

      This place has amazing art at the Maretti Arte Monaco! Can’t wait to check out the exhibits when I perform at Salle Des Etoiles on June 21st!

      30 Mal gespeichert
      HallenstadionFebruar 19, 2013
      • Zürich, Schweiz

      Did you know this place is over 65 years old?! Can’t wait to perform here on June 15th and be surrounded by all the incredible history!

      Experte in Sachen Musikvenue
      30 Mal gespeichert
      Stadthalle TernitzFebruar 19, 2013
      • Ternitz, Österreich

      This venue is super close to the museum quarter in Vienna! Make sure to check out all of the exhibits before my show on June 13th!

      13 Mal gespeichert
      Barclaycard ArenaFebruar 19, 2013
      • Hamburg, Deutschland

      Bringing Germany a great show on June 10th! Go for a brisk walk along the harbor at the Landungsbrücken to explore before the concert!

      Experte in Sachen Stadien
      16 Mal gespeichert
      Ziggo DomeFebruar 19, 2013
      • Amsterdam, Niederlande

      Love that this place has lockers so you can store your belongings! Need to see you all dancing when I’m here on June 7th and not worrying about those jackets!

      Experte in Sachen Musikvenue
      14 Mal gespeichert
      FesthalleFebruar 19, 2013
      • Frankfurt am Main, Deutschland

      I can’t wait to perform here - I can’t believe that Festhalle is over 100 years old! Hope you’ll come celebrate “Grand Dame” and its history with me on June 4th!

      Experte in Sachen Musikvenue
      15 Mal gespeichert
      RockhalFebruar 19, 2013
      • Esch-an-der-Alzig, Luxemburg

      I love the guest lounge inside the Rockhall to unwind after a show! Make sure to check it out after my show on June 2nd.

      Experte in Sachen Musikvenue
      13 Mal gespeichert
      Capital FM ArenaFebruar 19, 2013
      • Nottingham, Vereinigtes Königreich

      The T&D Café inside this venue is amazing!!! I might grab a bite here before my Set the World on Fire tour on May 28th!

      Experte in Sachen Musikvenue
      7 Mal gespeichert
      Barclaycard ArenaFebruar 19, 2013
      • Birmingham, Vereinigtes Königreich

      Excited to perform for my Brummie fam on May 25th! Walk down the Brindleyplace canal to get here and enjoy the scenery!

      Experte in Sachen Musikvenue
      11 Mal gespeichert
      Manchester ArenaFebruar 19, 2013
      • Manchester, Vereinigtes Königreich

      Hope you all come check out my show on May 24th here! If you’re having a date night make reservations at The View and enjoy a romantic night :-)

      Experte in Sachen Musikvenue
      9 Mal gespeichert
      3ArenaFebruar 19, 2013
      • Dublin, Irland

      Can’t wait for my show here on May 22nd! Love Gaucho’s in the Entertainment Avenue, a quiet place away from the bustle of the arena!

      Experte in Sachen Musikvenue
      7 Mal gespeichert
      The SSE ArenaFebruar 19, 2013
      • Belfast, Vereinigtes Königreich

      If you like seafood you have to stop at Tedford’s before coming to my show on May 21st! No reservations but worth the wait!

      6 Mal gespeichert
      Metro Radio ArenaFebruar 19, 2013
      • Newcastle upon Tyne, Vereinigtes Königreich

      I’m coming to Newcastle on May 19th and can’t wait to take a walk down the Tyne River! I hope to see you here for my Set the World on Fire tour!

      Experte in Sachen Musikvenue
      7 Mal gespeichert
      Echo Arena LiverpoolFebruar 19, 2013
      • Liverpool, Vereinigtes Königreich

      I’ve got a great show planned for my British fam on May 18th! Make sure to get a drink at Panoramic 34 before you come – amazing views!

      Experte in Sachen Musikvenue
      5 Mal gespeichert
      Atlantis Paradise Island Casino & ResortFebruar 19, 2013
      • Paradise Island, Bahamas

      This is such a beautiful and magical resort - can’t wait to be here on April 20th! Dip your toes in the water and enjoy the beach before checking out my show! I know I will!! ;-)

      6 Mal gespeichert
      United CenterFebruar 19, 2013
      • Chicago, USA

      So excited to perform here on April 18th with my Set the World on Fire tour! Gotta take a photo with the Michael Jordan statue out front!

      Experte in Sachen Stadien
      4 Mal gespeichert
      Joe Louis ArenaFebruar 19, 2013
      • Detroit, USA

      There’s not a bad seat in the house so you’ll all have a good view for my show on April 17th! Cant wait!!

      Experte in Sachen Stadien
      4 Mal gespeichert
      Verizon CenterFebruar 19, 2013
      • Washington, USA

      Excited to perform at our nation’s capital on April 14th! This place is on the edge of Chinatown, a perfect place to soak up some culture!

      Experte in Sachen Stadien
      3 Mal gespeichert
      Madison Square GardenFebruar 19, 2013
      • New York City, USA

      Nothing compares to performing for a crowd in my hometown!! I Promise!!! ;-) Can’t wait to be back on April 11th. Maybe you can get a drink and some pizza at Café 31 before the show!

      Experte in Sachen Stadien
      12 Mal gespeichert