T Marbouta is one of Lebanon.

1. T Marbouta

Hamra St., Beirut, محافظة بيروت
Orientalisches Restaurant · 84 Tipps und Bewertungen

Ali L.Ali Latifi: This is my favorite cafe on Hamra. The food is great (the chicken and rice with the cucumber yoghurt is awesome), the coffees are good and the atmosphere is really fun. GO HERE.

Intercontinental Phoenicia is one of Lebanon.

2. Intercontinental Phoenicia

Ain Mreysseh, Beirut, محافظة بيروت
Hotel · 55 Tipps und Bewertungen
Ferdinand is one of Lebanon.

3. Ferdinand

Mahatma Gandhi, Hamra, Nabatieh
Kneipe · 28 Tipps und Bewertungen

Ali L.Ali Latifi: This place is very crowded, so get there early. The atmosphere is really good and the service is good. The drinks are good here too. It's famous for its burger.

Zaitunay Bay is one of Lebanon.

4. Zaitunay Bay

Beirut Marina (Wafic Sinno Ave.), Beirut, محافظة بيروت
Yachthafen · 97 Tipps und Bewertungen

Ali L.Ali Latifi: It's a good place to spend a lazy Sunday having lunch and meandering. From there you can walk to the rest of downtown, but it's a nice place to just chill for a few hours.

Sip is one of Lebanon.

5. Sip

Beirut, محافظة بيروت
Coffee Shop · 9 Tipps und Bewertungen
Three O Nine Hotel is one of Lebanon.

6. Three O Nine Hotel

Hotel · 2 Tipps und Bewertungen
Crowne Plaza is one of Lebanon.

7. Crowne Plaza

Hamra Main Street (Hamra Street), Beirut, محافظة بيروت
Hotel · 26 Tipps und Bewertungen