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Albino From About

Albino From About


Just a fun loving fox who has lived all over the USA. Feel free to contact me. Just recently moved to Seattle, WA to start a new job. ^_^

Seattle, WA
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San Diego
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Los Angeles
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Little Rock
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Chula Vista
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Albino From About
19 aktualisierte Orte November 6, 2019
19 Orte einschließlich Drae's Lake Route, Sizzle&Crunch, Carnitas Michoacan, Rain City Burgers
Albino From About
4 aktualisierte Orte Juni 10, 2013
4 Orte einschließlich Broken Yolk Cafe, Dragon's Den, San Diego Convention Center, Dick's Last Resort
Albino From About
9 aktualisierte Orte Mai 3, 2015
9 Orte einschließlich Kula Revolving Sushi Bar, Carnitas' Snack Shack, Abbey'S Real Texas Bbq, Richard Walker's Pancake House San Diego
Albino From About
5 aktualisierte Orte
5 Orte einschließlich 25 Degrees, The Growler Guys, Regal Carlsbad, Reading Cinemas - Town Square 14
Albino From About
567 aktualisierte Orte
567 Orte einschließlich Old Stove Brewing Co - Marketfront, McMenamins Six Arms, Flatstick Pub, Northgate West
    "This one has a better view if you want a quick bite but the one by Bezos giant glass balls has a better selection."
    Albino From AboutAlbino From About · September 16, 2019
    · Seattle, USA
    "When it comes to food always check the specials. I've rarely been disappointed by the food here and most things I haven't even had twice. They also have a wonderful selection of beers that rotate."
    Albino From AboutAlbino From About · Dezember 17, 2017
    · Seattle, USA
    "If you have a coupon or even a PROMO GIFT CARD don't bother with this location as they "don't take coupons"."
    Albino From AboutAlbino From About · Juni 13, 2017
    · Seattle, USA
    "Judging by the previous tips either they have either changed or cut staff. It's not that the food or staff was bad, but both times I have been here I have gotten cold food or someone at my table has."
    Albino From AboutAlbino From About · Oktober 19, 2016
    · Phoenix, USA
    "Great little jewelry place. Good service and they were able to fix it right away. I donated $10 for the great service."
    Albino From AboutAlbino From About · August 8, 2016
    · Chula Vista, USA
    "Staff is always nice, but last time I was there the shuttle took 2 hours to pick me up from Plaza Bonita after I was told my car was done, so keep that in mind before going anywhere."
    Albino From AboutAlbino From About · Juni 6, 2016
    · Chula Vista, USA